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The 14 Best Nail Art Trends for Fall 2020

Fall Nail art trends for 2020 are a combination of excess and subtle. Imagine having pearls on your nude nails or metallic stripes on a matte base. There are lots of beautiful trendy nail arts suitable for the season that make a statement for you.


Our manicures change alongside the changing leaves, and in most cases, it uses the same color combination. There are lots of stylish and classy fall nail designs your nail artist can try out for you. You can recreate one of these for yourself.


These designs can be floral designs- perfect for fall, or a beautiful jewel tone polish. Have you ever heard of the classics? They are designs such as pumpkins, animal skin art, and others like stripe tape nails and marbled nails.


If you're not a fan of glossy nails, you don't have to worry. There are non-glossy art styles, with some matte fall designs. We're here to help you bring your fall nail design dream to reality. You're sure to find one that's perfect for you.


In all, fall designs shouldn't be limited to a particular style. You can slay these designs as you like without running out of nail art ideas to your list. You'll see various ways to wear these fall designs in multiple shades and intricate designs as you read on. Here are the best nail art trends for fall.


Best Nail Art Trends for Fall 2020


Leopard Print Fall Nails



Are you a lover of animal prints? Get ready to be wowed by this nail art. The leopard skin art keeps a calm yet outstanding look. Sprinkle this print on your nail edges or tips, and you'll love your new manicure. Simple and chic!


Spotted Fall Nails



Remember the polka dots pattern you wore as a kid? Those dots are great, but this fall trend is nothing like polka dots. The sizes vary, with a unique spacing of the dots. You can create one of these using a dotting tool or a toothpick with a blunt tip. Press the black spots gently over white polish, playing with the shapes, so they don't seem so equal.


Gradient Fall Nails



Summer gradient trends aren't phasing off; they have a switch of colors to suit Fall. Rather than use yellow, green, and pinks, try a glitter gradient with mixed-metal color shades.


Cutout Nails for Fall



Cutout nails are a new fall trend you shouldn't miss. Look at it as the" lite" softer type of negative-space nails. This nail art pattern features nails with bare sides. The sides will take in the bright-red nails. A cool nail looks for Fall.


Classic Copper Fall Nails



Simple art designs make the statement as much as sophisticated designs. An autumnal coppery design is proof of this. The classic copper-nail art is a bronze metallic design with red undertones. This style is similar to leaves in fall and a shimmering twist.


Tortoise shell Fall Nail art



The tortoiseshell nail art trend is a favorite for an all-year classic look. There's an essential aspect of this design that emphasizes the fall or autumn look. This effect is probably because of the earnest school vibe and academic look it exudes.


Magenta Ombré Fall design



The magenta shades are a classic for autumn, with these gradient manicures give you a beautiful expression of the season. To get one of these, blend three beautiful gel color shades and express our dreams in art.


Timeless Tan Fall Nails



The timeless tan is a trendy nail art trend with a neutral shade of light brown on the nails. A little stripe with the yellow-gold foil shade screams sophisticated in a simple manner, but not too glitzy.


70s Stripes Fall Nails



Nail artists are familiar with this art trend. These are warm tones with a blend of orange, burgundy, and yellow stripes. Not only is it inspired by the '70s groove, but it is perfect for fall.  

You can add a bit of another era, like the 50's modern manicure trend. Try out various matte shades, like football shapes on your nails or geometric designs. The result is negative space on the cuticle.


Glossy Moss Fall Nail Art



You don't have to be a pro nail art to get a refreshing mix of metal and a fall-friendly shade. The moss green is a must-have. It is a high-shine, shimmer design for you and your squad. The name isn't for the Halloween season but has an in-built golden glitter. A no-brainer for Fall!


Rainbow stripes Fall Nails



Have you been dreaming of having rainbow nail art on your nails? Have you ever wondered how to get this nail design? It is simple. With darker shades of neon and pastel, you can create one of these beautiful designs. This geometric pattern is a modern twist to the traditional French manicure you love. One of these on your nail tips are fun and great for the fall season.


Crescent Moon Fall Nail Art



The crescent moon design is effortless to create. However, it does speak volumes. As a nail lover, you'll love one of these for this fall season. It is spooky, yet classy, and chic.


Modern French Manicure Fall Nails



This nail trend is a touch of class and beauty to the conventional French pattern. It consists of a geometric pattern on your nail tips: a fun and underrated twist to the nail art.


Fall Nail stickers Design



Why not try a bit of the Fall feels to your nails. These nail stickers are an excellent addition to your nail color. Some of these colors are orange, yellow, and navy.




Many changes occur during Fall, such as leaf change, drying up of plants, shorter days, and extended periods of cold temperature. During the fall season, you should prepare your nails and keep it beautiful all-year-round.

We have mentioned the best nail art trends to keep your nails so elegant and lovely. Cool, isn't it! Rock one of these beautiful nail art trends today. Make a nail statement and show off on your art on social media. Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below.



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