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Best Fitness Blogs To Follow in 2018

We all know there is a colossal measure of data about wellness on the Internet. Quite a lot!


Individuals who are as of now educated about wellness and lead a fit and sound way of life may deal with all the rubbish posts scattered all over the internet and filter the vital data. Nevertheless, amateurs can have difficulties with all the clashing guidance and get disappointed about where they should begin or what steps is the ideal one to. It is really a tedious task these days.


This is why you have us. We are here to guide you and ensure you choose the path that leads to achieving your aspirations and. We've reviewed the best wellness online journals and blogs from different wellness foundations and listed the best to getting fit, losing weight and building muscles.


Dai Manuel

dai manuel

Dai Manuel is a trainer and an affirmed nutritionist. He is famous for the five key pillars: fun, faith, finances, fitness and family, which he utilizes as a manual for motivation, instruct individuals on their wellness journey, and pass on significant information that will enable them to lead a sound life, free of illnesses and loaded with vitality.


Ross Enamait

ross enamait

Ross Enamait, a fitness coach and a boxing mentor, established The site specifically designed to condition overall physical development, enhance athletic performance and improve strength levels. Everyone needs a different approach to physical development and that’s a basic philosophy. This site gives scientifically backed advice based on your body measurement, physical history, specific sport, personal fitness goals etc., which will enable you to accomplish the best results. Just like a blog, the website is routinely updated and it has a forum section where people can post topics and ask questions when needed.  There is also a section specialized for articles and videos.


Sock Dock

sock dock

The site gives information on treatment of wounds naturally and how to prevent injuries through different treatments, accomplishing a fitter and healthier life and furthermore, turning you into a more grounded and more athletic individual. The founder of Sock Doc, Gangemi Stephen named his website “Sock Doc” because whenever he’s working in his chiropractor’s office, he either wears socks or goes barefooted. He has been trained in lifestyle modification, dietary modification, applied kinesiology, functional neurology, acupressure meridian as well as chemistry. His fundamental strategies are determining how his patients are working or not working and afterward, settle the hidden issues. His approach is comprehensive, both physical and mental.




Nerdfitness is a group of bodybuilding mutants, fitness underdogs and a community of misfits that wishes to guide you on your fitness journey. They will show you how little consistent and deliberate modifications can put you on the path fulfilling, fitter, happier and healthy lifestyle. Here you will learn how to recover quickly, learn basic clean food recipes and find out how to work ut without having to visit a gym or hire a fitness trainer. Also, you can change your life one step at a time by utilizing mindful techniques.


Dr. John Rusin

dr. John Rusin

Dr. John Rusin shares his encounters and guidance as a previous strength and conditioning mentor who has after some time transitioned into the field of sports performance and physical therapy. His clients have access to many customized programs. His principle objective is to close the consistently growing hole between first class level quality conditioning and performance and the most recent advances in recovery procedure for recreational fitness enthusiasts and elite strength athletes alike. His goal is to bring over years of training experiences to a fitness industry filled with lies and misleading information.


Muscle And Brawn

muscle and brawn

This is a superb source of data for athletes of different foundations. Here you can find nutrition articles on advice for strong men competitions, old school raining, powerlifting, bodybuilding and articles on training. It is outstanding source of the most famous strength and powerbuilding programs including 5/3/1, HIIT, HST, Texas Method, popular muscle building a several others.


Shot of Adrenaline

shot of adrenaline

Shot of Adrenaline is a site dedicated to shedding excess body fat, getting strong and exercising body weight to build muscles. Kuslikis Todd created the site. Kuslikis wasn’t eating properly as a child so this made him grow to be scrawny, being weak and skinny during his younger years. This made him get involved with kenpo, BJJ, Tai Chi and martial arts. During his Kenpo classes, he developed an interest in extreme calisthenics and it wasn’t long before it turned into a lifelong obsession for him. He was able to have a wonderful family by letting him find his wife and setting up his online business. Also, his body transformation gave him confidence in several areas of his life. He is of the opinion that bodyweight training is the ultimate test to mastering one’s self.


Fit Bottomed Girls

fit bottomed girls

Jennipher Walters and Erin Whitehead had a thought and this led to the creation of the Fit Bottomed Girls . Later on, Kristen Seymour joined them in the cause. The site does not encourage women to become superwomen but rather, it teaches them to embrace who they are. They realize that fitness and wellness can be accomplished by means of engaging in exercises that are fun and agreeable. They also teach women that they can undermine their eating routine and that it does not take a grueling exercise to achieve a lovely body.


Barbell Shrugged

barbell shrugged

Barbell Shrugged is a site that encourages gym owners, athletes and coaches to grow their overall knowledge and dominate their respective. The site's teams has been hosts to training camps and live seminars all over the country, have participated in several CrossFit and powerlifting competitions, have participated in weightlifting competitions, have several CrossFit boxes and have masters degrees in Kinesiology and Exercise Sports Science. Crossfitters will learn to value this site because it is loaded with lots of tricks and tips that make things easy for them.


Timothy Bell

timothy bell

Established by Timothy Bell, this blog is loaded with various opinions, tutorials and on how you can accomplish the most ideal state of your life and keep up that shape, by utilizing a curiously moderate way to deal with all territories of wellness. Tim himself has experimented on several of these minimalistic types of fitness and training over the years. With time, he learnt to customize it for himself and several other people from different backgrounds without the need to visit a gym. His entire training career has been spent in living rooms, balconies, parks, basements etc. He has still figured out how to give his customers top outcomes and does so without using gym equipment.



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