The Best Nugenesis Nails Reviews 2020

Nugenesis introduces another innovation in the nail beauty industry, the Nugenesis dipping powder, an alternative to traditional acrylics and gel polish that require time and tools to do. Check out how Nugenesis differs from other polish available on the market, and where you can buy original Nugenesis products that will give you lasting gel-like finish anytime.


The nail dipping powder system has been around for decades. Lately, social media has been boosting its online presence and have gained even more popularity, not only because it is a fairly new system for many, but also for all the advantages it offers over its alternatives. There are a lot of nail coatings to choose from (the regular nail polish, gel, gel-type, and the powder dip polish), but as many gets to know more about this innovative nail coating system, so the number who patronizes the use of this nail polish alternative increases.


How Does Nugenesis Dipping Powder System Differs from Other Nail Coatings?


The dipping powder by Nugenesis is organically processed and is combined with liquids that are enriched with Calcium and Vitamin E to keep the nails flexible, durable, and with a shine that lasts longer than regular, even gel polish. It is non-toxic, odor free, and does not contain any health hazards like primers. It can easily be air dried, unlike a gel polish that requires a UV or a LED lamp to cure.


As it is long lasting, it promotes the health and growth of the nails and the nail beds. With a dipping powder like Nugenesis, many nail enthusiasts have observed that their nails look stronger become more natural looking after each application of the product. This is because the products are infused with ingredients that promote a healthy nail growth.


Is Nugenesis Easy to Manipulate?


Using Nugenesis dip powder is quite easy and can even be done by a non-professional user. This is how it is done:


Before applying the base coat, the hands and fingers need to be cleaned and filed to remove any dead cuticle or any remains of a previous nail painting/coating. Nails are then shaped and shortened as desired. Once all nail surfaces are ready, the Nugenesis Prep Liquid is applied to all nails and air-dried. The Nugenesis Nail Base Gel is next applied on the nail surface, then dipped into one of the Nugenesis dipping powder.


Make a second application of the base gel then dip into the bets nail dipping system. Make sure that all nails are covered with the powder. A third application of the base gel and the dipping powder is necessary for those who have softer nails. To create a shiny and finish and allow the dipping powder to bond together and hold firmly into the nails, apply the activator liquid on each of the nails and allow to dry for about 30 seconds. To finish off the application, the nails need to be buff then washed with water before applying a second coat of the activator liquid. The last thing to do is to apply the Nugenesis nail finish gel twice on the nails, then let dry for about two minutes.

Does Nugenesis Easily Be Cleaned?


With all these coatings and about four weeks sticking on the nails it may seem difficult to remove the nail coating. Actually, it is not. Even though the application time using Nugenesis dipping powder system is a bit like that of the gel nail polish (except that it requires less time for air drying compared to the curing time under a UV or LED light in the case of the gel polish), it is easier to take off.


A regular nail polish remover, either an acetone or a non-acetone base would do, foil, and some cotton will do the trick. Just wrap around each nail a piece of cotton soaked in a nail polish remover and some foil for about 10 to 15 minutes before the coatings will peel off the nail surfaces. You can check from time to time to see if the coatings have totally lifted. Apply some moisturizers on the hand and nails to moisten to replenish the lost moisture from the skin and nails because of the nail polish remover.


If you are looking for the place to buy one of the Nugenesis collections, better check out DTK Supply Inc., and choose from their wide range of Nugenesis dipping powder collections. Visit them now and if you are lucky, you may be the one of those who may have availed of their current deals and promotions.


Still undecided which dipping product to buy? Here are five Nugenesis dipping products you need to consider:


1. Nugenesis Colors

nugenensis color

 Buy one of the 210 Nugenesis colors available on DTK n.s. Each color sells at $18 ($7 off the regular price) but will cost a dollar less each when you buy a pack of 10, and two dollars less for a pack of 20. Choose one of the many colors including Nu 08 Queen Bee, Nu 09 Professor-nugenesis, Nu 10 Pink-Y Toe, Nu 13 Five Alarm Red, and many more. The wide range of colors available will give you countless of options for any occasion at with any get up.


2. Nugenesis Kit

nugenesis kit

 One of the Nugenesis Kits, the Dip Powder Starter Kit  (#NUSK) sells at $63 at the moment. and includes the following Nugenesis Dip Powder products: 5 Liquid Bottles (#1, #2, #3, #4, Brush Softner), 1 Crystal Clear (2 oz), and 1 Dip Powder Color (2 oz). Everything you need to get started with dip powder polish is included in this package. With this package, you can do try the pigmented powder dipping system using the Nugenesis products and compare the difference from an ordinary nail lacquer.


3. Nu Clear Base Pink and White

nu clear base pink and white

 Do you need to stock up on clear base either a pink or a white for a classic fingernail look? You can choose from 24 variations and sizes (choose 2 oz, 4 oz, and 16 oz) of these base applications. Pick one that best suits your need. Price starts at $20.


4. Nugenesis Liquids

nugenesis liquids

 Buy the NU Liquid Kit  (#NULK) for the price of $26, and you get all four liquids you need to prepare and to coat the dipping powder on your nails.


5. Nugenesis Holiday Colors

nugenesis holiday color

 Feeling ecstatic and would like to celebrate the festive air? Bring out the joy and color your nails with one of the exciting holiday colors from Nugenesis Holiday Color Collection. There are 106 colors to choose from in this category. Each bottle sells for $18, which is $7 off its regular price.


Nail Powder Dips have been trending for some time now. Have you been a part of it? Perhaps this is the first time you have encountered this innovative product. Why not try one of the Nugenesis dipping powder available at DTK Nail Supply and see the difference it makes on your fingernails.Don’t let your nails suffer from constant buffing since you are using regular acrylics that need to be cleaned and coated with fresh polish every few days. Pick one or a kit from those available here and let your nails shine in a shorter time, yet longer.



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