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The Best OPI Gel Nail Polish Reviews 2019

Gorgeous nails not only make every woman look and feel sexier, but it also makes her look more confident. It adds beauty and grace that you can wear and make you feel the day will be a lot better. Having a super glossy finish that will make such a statement takes time to do, nonetheless. For those who have the time and the money to spend, a few trips to the salon will always be a pleasant part of their weekly routines. Not everyone has the luxury to do that, though.


Fortunately, there are so many nail polish types that can give even the novice nail enthusiasts that charming newly polished nails look without even having to leave the house. You can even wear it longer than having ordinary nail coatings without the fear of having your polish chipped or your nails broken.


With the gel nail polish alternatives, you can wear colorful nails with a high gloss finish for up to two weeks. They can easily be done at home, and you won’t need expensive additives to make the polish to last longer on your nails. With a high-quality gel polish, you can have the perfectly manicured nails that will even grow healthier with every application.


How does a gel polish differ from your regular nail polish?


The brand offers more than a hundred stunning shades that will provide you with endless inspiration for a perfect look. In addition to that, you will get to enjoy a high-shine and super strong finish longer that you end up saving time and money.


Thinking of using one of the gorgeous colors by OPI? Here are the best OPI gel nail polish shades that we recommend:


OPI the Man with the Golden Gun


In celebration of the 50th years of James Bond OPI created ‘The Man with the Golden Gun’ together with the 12 fabulous shades of ‘The Skyfall Collection’ (part 1 & part 2). This a totally fun flaky topcoat made with real flecks of 18K gold. It comes pack with a sophisticatedly-looking opaque and brilliant gold collectible bottle housed in a black silk-screened box. Each golden flake is incredibly rich and vibrant, hence it will definitely not fail to enhance any shade you’ll place it on. Adding a layer of this top coat will not only seal everything in, but it also brings out the drama that comes with the golden flakes. For an even application, shake the bottle before applying on the nails. 


The Best Lilacs

   a. GC102A Pastel Do You Lilac It? Exude a sense of style with this soft purple shade. It’s subtle yet charming shade gives you the beauty with an attitude. It applies smoothly and dries as quickly as you would want it to. Give it a try and see how many compliments you will receive.

   b. GCB61A OPI Ink. Spell magic and mystery in a mini-bottle of OPI Ink. This shade is a definite eye-catcher. It is a blend of deep and stunning purple hue with a hint of blue mixed sparingly into it. It leaves a glittery royal purple finish that will leave anyone who gazes on it spell-bound.


Get That Hot Pink Shade

  a. GCB56A Mod About You. This is one of the most popular OPI pink shades. It a summery pretty pink color that you can wear with just about any outfit and at any time of the year. If you are looking for the perfect pastel color, Mod About You is the best option.

  b. GCE44A Pink Flamenco. Let your nails do the talking with OPI’s Pink Flamenco. This bright, juicy pink shade oozes with confidence and will just be right for almost all skin tones. It’s vibrant, but won’t be overpowering if you have a fair complexion.


Let Red Reign

   a. GCC13A Coca-Cola Red. This classic red shade will be the perfect complement to your summertime trend. This creamy red nail polish color will blend well with any skin tone. Wear this shade and feel like you are always ready for about anything.

   b. GCH02A Chick Flick Cherry. Do you prefer a bright red shade that says you are up for all the fun and excitement? OPI Chick Flick Cherry will make that statement crystal clear. It’s a fabulous deep red color that leaves a super shiny finish on your nails that you can wear for weeks and still look fab.


Cheer Up With An Orange

   a. GCF81A Live. Love. Carnaval. Live. Love. Carnaval is from OPI’s Spring 2018 Brazil collection. It’s a festive shade of orange that reminds you of the touch of vibrant colors of the warm sandy beaches on your toes and nails. Boring will never be in existence when your nails can dance with the wind with a cheery hue of orange covering them.

   b. GCH47A A Good Man Man-Darin Is Hard To Find. This is an appealing shade of orange with a blend of red. If you are looking for some perky nail polish shade, I’m sure you will love this hue.



   a. GLA65A I Just Can’t Cope-Acabana. This bright sunshine yellow cream nail polish will lighten up the day. If you’re in a jolly mood and up for some cheery days ahead, have your nails covered with OPI’s I Just Can’t Cope-Acabana.

   b. GLF91A Exotic Birds Do Not Tweet. Here’s another cheery hue-- one with a golden glow. Exotic Birds Do Not Tweet is a hint darker than I Just Can’t Cope-Acabana, but if you’re raving for a shade that’s fun, this one won’t disappoint.


A Hint of Beige

    a. GLH67A Do You Take Lei Away? A creamy nude that is just perfect for a sophisticated polished look, is OPI’s Do You Take Lei Away. For a pretty neutral shade that works well with a lighter skin tone, this is the shade you can opt for.

    b. GLF89A Coconuts Over OPI. Here’s a more natural tone that will complement any outfit and occasion. It is a creamy color that captures tones of the unspoiled natural beauty around. This is a brown hue with a blackish undertone, giving off a grayish cast or a taupe.


Shades of Blue

    a. GLF87A0 Super Trop-i-cali-fijistic. A beautiful blue that resembles the color of the deep sea. With an intense shine that remains full and scratch-free for up to 14 days, you will have endless hours to be in awe of this magical hue.

    b. GLF84A Do You Sea What I Sea. This will take your blues away. Like the endless sea that shimmers, OPI’s Do You Sea What I Sea will bring you memories of a perfect destination island to enjoy the exotic beauty of nature, including the majestic sea.


Up For Gray

    a. GCF86A I Can Never Hut Up. Here’s an interesting light shade of gray with a mesmerizing blend of fine turquoise shimmer in it. Feeling cool? Try this on your nails and how relaxing it will look on those nails.

    b. GCG05A DS Pewter. This granite inspired shade literally glitters. It looks like OPI put a thousand stars on every bottle of its DS Pewter. It is formulated with a metallic pewter gray base filled with different sizes of silver glitter. If you are thinking of going metallic, this will complete the look.


How To Apply OPI Gel Nail Polish


1. Prep your nails like you would for any manicure. Make sure your nails and hands are clean and dry. Use OPI PH Balancing Agent to dry out any excess moisture on your nails. You also need to buff each nail enough to allow the gel to bond to your nails easier and longer. Make sure not to over buff your nails as doing so will weaken your nails.


2. Apply the base coat. Coat the nails with a thin layer of the Gelcolor by OPI Base Coat. Paint all four fingers first with the base coat then place them under a UV or LED light for 30 seconds (the light will turn off automatically once the nails are cured). Do the same thing with the other four fingers on the other hand. You may need to paint and cure the two thumbs separately as all five fingers might not fit under your curing lamp.


3. Color your nails. Apply a thin and even layer of the shade of your choice on your nails. OPI offers hundreds of option. For sure you will find one that will suit your preference. Start from the bottom center of each nail. Push down gently to let the brush get close to your cuticle, then make upward strokes. Seal the top of each nail as well. Cure the nails for another 30 seconds before continuing with step number four.


4. Apply the color for the second time. Repeat step two or three times depending on the opaqueness of the color you want to see on your nails. Again, you have to cure the nails for thirty minutes under the gel nail lamp.


5. Apply the top coat. Apply the Gelcolor by OPI Top Coat and seal the top before curing your nails under the LED or UV light for the last time.


6. Do the finishing touches. Remove any excess gel with a nail cleanser using a cotton pad and wipe over each nail.


Viola! You now have gorgeous and compliment-worthy nails.


Nail polish, no matter how strong the formula sticks to your nails, will fade, break or would need to be changed. There are times, that it will peel off even earlier than expected, especially if the nails don’t get the treatment that they deserve once the polish is painted on them. Here are a few things you can do to make your nail polish last longer.0


1. Shape your nails following the shape of your cuticle. This will make the nails stronger as they could be properly supported by the nail bed, making it them bit more protected from breaking.


2. Use the recommended base coat so that the top coat will stick better and last longer on your nails.


3. Two coats on the tips of the nails will create more layers of protection for the nails, especially for those nails that are prone to chipping.


4. Prevent air bubbles from forming in the polish mixture. That will make the polish less durable when applied.


5. Have the whole nails covered with polish. Don’t leave the edges.


6. Refresh your nail polish by applying a top coat every few days. It will rejuvenate the shine on your nails and will make the polish more durable.


7. Keep your nails protected. If you need to work with your hands use hand gloves.


8. Rehydrate your nails after every polish. Put some cuticle oil on your nails after every manicure or pedicure.


9. Use cuticle oil to prepare the nails for painting instead of soaking your hands in water.


10. Make sure that your nails are totally clean (no residue left on them) before you cover them with nail polish. Properly prepared nails make a better base for a manicure or a pedicure.


Final Thoughts


Nothing can be worse than going to work with your natural nails peeking through your nail polish that just peel of or have cracked. With any of the OPI gel nail polish above, you can wear your color any time of the weak without having to worry if the color will stick just as you expect it to. You also won’t have to worry about your nails as every OPI nail polish is formulated with special ingredients that support nail growth and health.


Go ahead, get that shade you have been thinking to have on your nails for so long. If you are a DIY enthusiast, don’t forget that your polish will need that UV light for the color to cure. It’s actually a gel nail polish sole secret for its long-lasting power.





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