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Best Nail Dipping System Review 2018

As best dip nail system has been rapidly gaining in popularity to all the nail manicure lovers, a bunch of brands has started to jump into this game. Now, there’re countless brands developing and launching a separate line for dipping powder. The more new dipping brands appear in the nail industry, the more choices you have. It’s a good sign that indicates something worth trying, but it also means that you have too many options to compare. Here, we’re listing our top 5 trusted brands to help you finalize your last choice.


SNS Dipping PowderStudent Kit

sns dipping powder - student kit 3

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SNS is the first company inventing the system of dipping powder. With its core focus is its users’ health and benefits, SNS challenges the issue of damaged nails. SNS dipping powder contains a source of nourishing nutrients essential that promise a healthy and long-lasting manicure. This brand has been gaining more trust in its customers.


If this is the first time you are trying nail dipping technique, the Student Kit 3 is a perfect choice to do a French manicure. This set includes 7 essential liquids, 3 Pink & White shades and a French dip molding to create a beautiful smiling tip.


Healthy - SNS dipping powder is fused with Vitamin E and Calcium to help nails grow stronger and healthier.


Natural Look - The powder formula is much thinner, so it doesn’t feel like you have anything on your nails.


Glossy Finish – Your manicure will look shiny and healthy with this glossy finish.


Odor Free – SNS products do not contain toxins, so they don’t have any chemical smells like other


Safety – The SNS products, fused with nourishing vitamins, are safe and easy to use for both professionals and home users.


Ease of Use – This Student Kit 3 is an ideal choice for all professional salons; it’s also easy to handle for all beginners since it does not contain any toxins.


Durability – Even though the dip powder feels lightweight on your nails, SNS Nails products promise to keep your manicures last up to 21 days without chipping.


Price - The price is in mid-range. The SNS products are not the cheapest one, but they are affordable. Plus, if high quality and healthy are what you care for, these products definitely live up to their status.


Products included in the package:

SNS dip molding



Natural Set

Natural Pink

French White



Gel Base

Brush Saver

Sealer Dry

Brush on Glue

Gelous Base

Gel Top

Vitamin Oil


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OPI Dipping Powder Starter Kit

Powder Perfection Pink & White Trio Kit + Liquid Kit 3

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OPI is one of the most well known brands in the nail industry. When this company launches its new dipping powder line, there’s a higher hope for that. Again, OPI totally wins this competition. This best dip nail system line is a perfect alternative for the traditional gel or acrylic manicure. OPI powder formula makes your nail look stronger and thicker, but it doesn’t feel heavy on your nails.


The combination of the Powder Perfection Pink & White Trio Kit and the Liquid Kit 3 is all what you really need to achieve a gorgeous French manicure. Both sets include 3 Pink & White powders and 3 essential liquids.


HealthyOPI dipping powder is odor-free that promotes a clean-air environment. The bonus point is that it also adds strength and durability to your nails.


Glossy FinishOPI formula offers incredible shine.


Odor FreeOPI products don’t produce any harsh chemical odors.


Safety – With a high quality, OPI dipping powder is definitely safe to use at salons or at home.


Ease of Use – These two kits are the top choice for all professional salons. Plus, home users can certainly trust these products if they want their manicure look as amazing as of how a nail technician does it.


DurabilityOPI powder formula has the best-lasting power, which offers weeks of wear.


Price – The price is more expensive compared to other brands. However, its high quality speaks for itself. You cannot deny how gorgeous your French manicure will turn out each time.


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Products included in the package:



4.25oz Alpine Snow

4.25oz Bubble Bath

4.25oz Clear



Base Coat


Top Coat


NUGENESIS Dipping PowderStarter Kit

nugenesis dipping powder - starter kit 2


NuGenesis dipping powder is enriched with Calcium and Vitamin E for nail to give you a strong, healthy. The powder formula is lightweight, non-toxic and odor free. They offer a long-lasting manicure and create a durable glossy finish.


The NuGenesis Starter Kit 2 sets up a perfect dipping powder system with 5 essential liquids, 3 Pink & White powders, and a French dip molding.


HealthyNuGenesis powder is enriched with Calcium and Vitamin E to give your nails a shiny, healthy look


Odor FreeNuGenesis products are both non-toxic and odor free.


Safety – Safety is NuGenesis’s top priority, so it’s surely safe and easy to handle for both professionals and home users.  


Ease of Use – Both professionals and home users can believe in this NuGenesis dipping powder system with its easy application.


Durability – With NuGenesis dipping powder, you don’t need to worry about your nails chipping in the next 3 weeks.


Price – The price for NuGenesis Dipping Powder Starter Kit is really reasonable for what it offers.



Products included in the package:

French dip molding



Prep Liquid

Base Gel

Activator Liquid

Finish Gel



2oz Crystal Clear

2oz French White

2oz Pink I


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KIARA SKY Dipping PowderStarter Kit

kiara sky dipping powder - starter kit

Buy Kiara Sky Starter Kit in here

Since Kiara Sky launched their dip powder line, it has taken all over the Internet. Kiara Sky promises that its dipping powders do not contain any harsh chemicals. More than that, the nail powders formula is odorless and fused with nail-nourishing vitamins. It’s safe and healthy; what more could we ask for?


With this Kiara Sky Starter Kit, you can easily achieve a French manicure looking professional as a salon does in less time than traditional acrylic application. This kit includes 6 essential liquids, 5 Pink & White powders, and a dip case.


Healthy – Kiara Sky dipping powder system, filled with essential vitamins, is a good alternative for nail enhancement. 


Ease of Use – This is the easiest kit to achieve a perfect French manicure for beginners.


Safety – Kiara Sky products are formulated without any harsh chemicals, so they’re definitely safe for your nail beds.


Durability – Unlike other brands, Kiara Sky dipping powder contains complex bonds that keep your nails from chipping, discoloring and lifting for the next 3 weeks.


Price – This starter kit is affordable for what it can offer. And honestly, the packaging is what really draws everyone’s attention.



Products included in the package:

Kiara Sky Dip Case





Seal Protect


Nourish Oil

Brush Saver



Natural Powder

Pure White

Light Pink Powder

Medium Pink Powder

Dark Pink Powder

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ANC Professional Nail Dip System Kit

anc professional nail dip system kit

ANC dipping powder is still a brand-new name to the majority of people, but with its high quality, ANC products should be acknowledged more. Just like other popular brands, ANC powder formula is also odor free, lightweight and healthy for your natural nails. Plus, if you worry about the sustainability, these products are environmentally friendly.


ANC Professional Nail Dip System Kit includes 6 necessary liquids, 3 jars of Pink & White powder, and a French dip nail container for a perfect Persian Pink & White manicure.


Healthy – ANC products, added Calcium and Vitamin E, claims to provide a durable glossy finish for your nails.


Ease of Use – This ANC kit is awesome to all beginners, who are interested in this new dipping method. They don’t have to worry whether they have experiences or not. In the kit, there’s an instructional DVD showing users how to apply each product in depth.


Safety – The ANC products are odorless and lightweight, so they are flexible to handle by both professionals and home users.


Durability – Even though ANC products are environmentally friendly, they have a great lasting power, which could last for 19 days without chipping.


Price – The price is still acceptable compared to what it offers.



Products included in the package:

Dip nail container




Gel Base


Finished Gel

Nail Nourisher

Brush Cleaner



3 Jars of 2 oz. Powder


What is the Most Favorite Product?

It’s a tough decision when we can only choose one dipping powder kit out of these bestsellers. SNS Dipping Powder Student Kit 3 is the winner, obviously. This brand stands highly for its high quality. It offers everything that we could ever ask for. Lightweight. Durable. Long lasting. Shiny looking. Enriched with numerous nail-nourishing vitamins. How could we resist it? Not to mention about the price, you get 7 essential liquids, 3 Pink & White shades and a French dip molding for under $170. That’s an amazing deal!


Is It Easy to Use Dipping Powder?

The whole process is pretty simple. Especially, dipping powder is the brilliant option for at-home manicures. While you have to be very careful and detailed to do a gel manicure, it is way easier to apply the dipping powder since you basically just dip your nails in powder during the entire process. The powder for, compared to the gel liquid form, is a bonus plus as it will dry faster and won’t stick everywhere.


Why is Dipping Powder Safe?

If you’re a nail-manicure lover, you’re too familiar with the drying process under UV/LED lamp whenever you’re getting the traditional acrylic or gel nails. The amount of UV radiation in UV/LED lamp is not strong enough to cause skin cancer, but it could dry out your hand skin if your skin is sensitive. If it’s one of your main concerns, nail dipping powder system creates a brilliant solution since it doesn’t require UV lights for the drying process.


In addition to that, dipping powders are usually formulated with some nail-nourishing vitamins providing your nails a healthy, shiny look. They don’t contain any harsh chemicals, so they’re totally odor free. They’re gentler on your nail beds since the powder formula is much thinner. On top of that, they don’t require a lot of filing, which means less drilling and less dust produced during the process, like the traditional acrylic gel. 


Cleaning Dipping Powder with Ease?

If this is your first time attempting to remove dipping powder by yourself, it could get a bit tricky. Everything needs practice. After repeating 2 or 3 times, you will get a hang of it. The removal process is easier than what you’ve imagined, and it only takes about 15 minutes. It’s pretty similar to the process of removing gel polish.


You’ll need: Nail file, 10 rectangular pieces of foil, 10 cotton balls, cuticle pusher tool and 100% Acetone


Step 1: Use a hand nail file and file the top layer of the nail to remove the shiny layer.

Step 2: Soak cotton balls in 100% Acetone.

Step 3: Place the cotton balls on top of each nail and wrap the foil around your fingers.

Step 4: Wait for about 15 minutes and then remove the foil

Step 5: Push everything off with a cuticle pusher tool


With our list of top 5 dipping powder brands, it will give you a hint of what is going on in the nail dipping industry. And from here, you can decide which dipping powder kit is a perfect match for your need. 




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