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The 10 Best Fake Nails at Home Reviews 2019

Ladies love the look on their nails when they have their favorite nail color, nail shape and nail art embellishment on them. But giving the nails the perfect look with all the details on them is really time taking. When you need a quick solution to all your nail art needs, you must be looking for the best fake nails at home. Though people may prefer preparing and decorating their own fake nails at home, sometimes they might invest in decorated and colored nails to minimize their effort and get the perfect glittery look and shiny colors within seconds.


Fake nails come in various shapes and types. People can get transparent nail tips without any color so that they can put on the color they like and change whenever they need. They may also get colored, decorated fake nails depending on their preference.


No matter which type of nails you are looking for, we have sorted a complete collection of the best fake nails that you can try today at home without going to a salon and get a professional nail look within minutes.


Top 10 Best Fake Nails at Home


ECBASKET Coffin Nails Ballerina Fake Nail

These strong, shiny, lasting nails are made up of high-end ABS materials which are environmentally friendly and maintain the shape and color for up to 1-3 weeks depending on the use and exposure to different factors. These are toxin free, without any odors and other issues.

The shape and sizes are perfect for the average natural nails and these fake nail tips stay sturdy on the nails without getting damaged. These nails come with 10 different sizes to match your needs so you don’t have to worry about the shape of your fingers. These are marked with numbers in order to help the user to make sure they place all nails correctly. You can create your own masterpiece design on the nails with easy application and lasting looks.


Natural Coffin Fake Nails

These coffin shaped well-formed nails that are good for shorter nails. With this nail design, you can create longer and slender shaped finger looks. These nails are made to match today’s needs of having well-formed nails which keep the color of your choice and help in making your nails look in perfect shape for as long as you need.

These nails are made of high-quality ABS materials which assure odor-free and hazard free composition to suit the needs of all users.

The shape and sizes are defined to give easier application and the nails fit on the natural nails quite easily. Overall these are perfectly designed to give an easier solution for nail art and application of nail color that lasts for up to 1 to 3 weeks.


Tip Beauty White Black Nail Kit

There are a total of 28 beautiful nails included in this kit that offer long-lasting nail base and glittery, chic design that only take 5 minutes to be put on your nails. You can mix and match the 15 different colors and design to match your needs so that to give a unique look as per your style preferences.

The nails can stay up to 1 week without getting damaged. The pre-designed nails allow easier and quicker application without any further need to get the complete look on them that saves a lot of time for busy users.

These can be cut easily to give the shape you need and get the customized appearance and promise perfectly manicured nails within minutes.


JINDIN Short Fake Nails

JNDIN offers 24 pieces short fake nails that are charmingly designed to give perfect medium length to your nails with the nail tips that fit fine on natural nails. These fake nails are suitable for the users who are in need of well-designed nails that will retain their shape and shine without losing their looks.

These are easy to apply and the set comes with manicure stick so that you can apply them within minutes without any hassle.

With easy to apply design and application process, they are also easily trimmed and filed so that you can get a customized shape and look overall.


MEMEDA 12 Sizes Rude Matte Long Full Cover 24pcs False Nails

These are well-designed, colored fake nails which offer an effortless solution for those who are always in a hurry but still need manicured nails without going to a salon. There are 12 different sized in the total of 24 total fake nails pcs that are designed to match the needs of the user.

You can choose the desired size easily and apply with the help of adhesive that comes with the nails. You will not have to work out a lot of things and still get the desired color and shape on your nails which will not chip or break for days.


Mirror Fake Acrylic Nails

These mirror nails come with a non-toxic formula that assures your nails will remain protected against damages. There is no hazardous chemical involved in the making of these nails.

The nails offer an excellent and perfect finish with full nail design with mirror finishing and a perfect length to carry on the natural nails which do not exceed the desired length and still give the fingers the length and shape that users need.

Users may also cut and file the nails to match their needs so that they can give a unique touch on the nails.


Dongcrystal 24pc 3D Bride Wedding Pearl Art Nail Fake

Brides and party lovers are always looking for easy going, quick nail makeovers. These rhinestone laden fake nails are great for a perfect bridal look. The high-quality nail base offers the easier application on the natural nails and stays on them for as long as you need to wear the fancy nail tips.

There are 24 different sized pcs providing an excellent luxury look without any use of toxins. The nails are environmentally friendly and make sure to give a dazzling shone on the nails for your perfect bridal or party looks.


Aaviland French Ballerina Coffin Pink Nude White False Nails

Sometimes there is a need to have a natural look on the nails rather than the glittery luxury shine on them. With perfectly shiny white, pink and nude shades on the nails, these ballerina nails with coffin shape make sure to provide an excellent manicured look on the nails. These nails are suitable for daily use or casual wear because they can improve the overall look and give the shine that you need on your nails.

The full designed nails offer practically usable length so that the nails may not hinder your everyday tasks but still offer a reasonable length to help make your fingers look slender and beautiful. These nails fit on most of the fingernail sizes to provide a professional finish on them.

With high-quality ingredients, environmentally friendly compounds and perfect shine, the nails offer a quality experience for the user.


UV Gel Cover Candy False Nails

False nails that are easily applied on natural nails are always a need for the ladies who don’t have much time to spend in salons. These fake nails are easy to apply and can be used at home with perfect UV gel finish on the nails.

Despite the fact that UV gel polishes take a lot of time, you can get the same look with the help of these UV gel finished fake nails at home.

The nails can be used for up to 1-3 weeks and are non-toxic harmless and healthy to use on nails for better protection and looks.


Kiss 100 Full Cover Nails Short Square

100 pcs fake nails with 6 different shapes with the adhesive glue for easier and a better application for all users. These fake nails are easy to apply at home and can be customized as per the shape you need. The perfect length and suitable sizes allow easy adjustment on the natural nails. The texture and finishing help in keeping the color and the nail art embellishments for days so that you don’t have to worry about the overall finishing and looks on the fake nails you have put on.


Overall, the best fake nails at home that you should rely on should be harmless, non-toxic and offer easier customization where necessary. High-quality fake nails make sure to adjust on the natural nails quite easily as they usually match the natural shape and form of the average nail structure. Furthermore, the fake nails which can keep up with the nail color, and nail art essentials are usually preferred so that you don’t have to restrict your nail art and decoration options in case if you are looking for fancy and luxurious nails. For those who are in need of luxuriously beautified nails, there are pre-designed nails which offer perfect designs and nail art and need only a few minutes to put on the nails and enjoy the look like never before.



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