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Best Nail Drill for Nail Technician review 2018

Nail drills can look quite intimidating at first, but we cannot doubt how fast and efficient nail drills are. Instead of spending hours to do a set of sculptured nails, nail technicians, with some patience and practices, now can save half of their time. They can use this handy tool to clean up the nail, cut and smooth the ridge of a tip, smooth and shape an acrylic overlay, and clean underneath the free edge. How awesome does it sound?


What is a Nail Drill?

Nail drill is definitely nail technicians’ best friend. It is a manicuring machine with a handpiece and replaceable bits. By applying rotating bits to nails, sidewalls, and cuticles, it helps you get a perfect manicure comfortably and efficiently.


How to Compare Nail Drill Brands?

It could be a bit stressful to find your suitable nail drill. There are 3 main factors, which are the rotational speed, measured in RPM (revolution per minute) and bit heads, to consider while comparing different brands. There are many bit heads differing in shape and size to let technicians perform a great number of manicuring tasks; they can be able to shape and buff nails, remove dead skins and cut cuticles, and even remove calluses and ingrown nails.


Besides that, it also depends on your need, whether you want an electric nail drill or a rechargeable one, in order to pick your perfect fit.


Luraco Pro – 30K


nail drill - luraco pro 30k


This Luraco Pro – 30K is trusted for dental, pedicure, and manicure professional use. This nail drill is portable and rechargeable with its stylish design, so it’s a perfect tool to carry around. An ergonomic charging indicator will tell you of the battery level. This nail drill claims to give you an excellent performance. The Luraco Pro – 30K is impeccable for polishing all nail types as well as ensuring an easy cuticle removing and nail buffing. It offers forward and reverse control with variable speeds.



Innovative design for dental, pedicure, and manicure professional use

Low vibration and low noise

Light weight and portable

Long life rechargeable lithium ion battery

Aluminum and stainless steel drill body

Smooth operation

Forward and reverse control with variable speeds

Buy Luraco Pro – 30K here



Makartt Electric Nail Drill

Makartt 30000RPM Nail Drill Machine Electric

Makartt Electric is one of the excellent nail drills that should be included in your list of consideration. It has a continuous variable speed, which can be customized from 0 to 30,000 RPM. Additionally, there is an option for forward or reverse rotation. To make it even more powerful, there are also high-speed bearings.

Another thing that makes this a well-loved option is the fact that it produces minimal noise and vibration. This means that you will be able to use it for an extended period while being guaranteed of your comfort. This is unlike many drills that can easily get hot.

Designed for professional use, this product comes with a LED display, which will make it easy to monitor the speed of the unit. There is also a sliding control that will make it easy to change the speed as desired. For your convenience, there is an option to use the foot pedal for hands-free operation of this nail drill.


Medicool 520: Professional Electric Filing System


nail drill - medicool 520

This Medicool 520 nail drill is a perfect choice for both acrylic and natural nail care. It’s smartly designed to sit perfectly in hand and not vibrate as much during operation, so performing manicure and pedicure becomes easier and smoother. With a twist locking chuck, it guarantees hustle-free operation. This also offers 2 other useful options for forward and reverse rotation modes. The Medicol 520 nail drill comes with 2 high-quality bits (a mandrel and a diamond cone), which are great for removing dead skin, cuticle, and calluses, as well as for cleaning under nails.  




Able to use on all nails of different texture and thickness

Sits well in hand

Not vibrate as much during operation

Hustle-free nail drill operation



Comes with 2 bits only



Belle Nail Drill Machine

Belle Nail Drill Machine

The powerful motor is one of the best assets of Belle Nail Drill Machine, making it possible to deliver a performance that is hard to find. The speed of the motor can reach a maximum of 30,000 rotations per minute. Don’t let that scare you! You can easily adjust the speed based on your personal reference and need.

For your safety, it should also be noted that it comes with high-quality components, which this product does state that. With that being said, the wires are UL-certified, which means that they offer overcurrent, voltage, internal temperature, and short circuit protection.

The design of the ergonomic grip will also be well-loved in this product. It is sleek and comes with a smooth pad, which is comfortable for holding for a long time. However, one problem is that the nail drill can probably get hot if you constantly use it for couple hours

This multi-purpose nail drill kit comes with 6 interchangeable bits, which can be used for filing, buffing, and smoothing nails. Even for the removal of calluses and excess cuticles, this can prove to be useful.



Vogue Professional 6700

nail drill - vogue professional 6700

This Vogue Professional 6700 offers a variable speed controls, which is perfect for both at home manicure and professional salon manicure. It allows a technician to handle delicate nail treatment like removing excess cuticles of nails with the speed of 500 RPM. Also, it could reach up to 35,000 RPM to treat even thick, hard toenails. This nail drill is lightweight enough to sit comfortably in your hand. With the design of a rubber ring on handle, it prevents slipping out of hands.



Variable speed control

Hustle-free operation

Long lifespan

Include high-quality diamond bits



Sliding switch


PureNails 7-piece Manicure and Pedicure System

ureNails 7-piece Professional Manicure

Versatility – this is the main reason why you should consider this product among its competitors. There are seven attachments, each is coated with sapphire. It can be used for filing, shortening, buffing, and shining nails. This product is excellent for both professional use and home users; it promises to provide a salon quality in the comfort of your own home.

Aside from having multiple functions, the two-speed setting is practical in providing you with the option to choose which one is suitable for a specific task. For the treatment of delicate areas, choose a low speed. For bulky, rough areas, on the other hand, choose a faster speed.

Plus, the LED light attachment is a great feature of this product. With the latter, it makes it easy to see every part of your nail, even if your working area does not have enough lightings.

There is an AC adapter included upon the purchase of the product, which means that there is no need to worry about having a drained battery. The power cord is long enough, so you do not have to worry that your movement would be limited.





In fact, knowing the work you have to do on the nail is critical when picking the correct bit for you. Before you proceed, you have to pick the coarseness and material and to confirm the bit is good with your nail drill shank size.

nail drill bits

Size of shank

3/32″ is the standard measurement for nail drill shank size. Bear in mind that the shank size of electric files that use crafts are normally 1/8″ and they won't fit into an expert electric file.



You can gauge the coarseness of your nail drill by the number of rough partials per square inch. The more partials you have, they are smaller so your bits will be perfect.

In Coarse bits, for instance, you will see expansive partials on the bit and the number of grits will be lower.


Top-notch bits

Purchase just only notch bits (not those 2$ bits) which really does the job with ease. At times, Low-quality bits may expel item unevenly and can be hard to work with. Ensure you are replacing your bits every few months depending on how much you use them and how many you actually own.




Adequate sanitation of instruments and bits is imperative whether it is for personal or public use. Great cleaning and sanitation will keep infections causing fungus, for example, growth. Do not work with a dirty instrument or tool. Make sure you legitimately sanitize and purify your tools after each customer.


There are a few ways you can sanitize your bits and nail treatment pieces. Take after these means and prepare your instruments clean and for work.


Initial step: Cleaning

The cleaning part is super essential as it really lessens the number of germs fundamentally. A small and clean brush soaked in a bowl with warm water can get the job done. You can scrub your tools with the brush to rid it of every dirt or visible debris.

Another approach to clean your metal nail instruments is to place them in acetone for a few minutes.


Second step: Disinfecting

The most effortless approach to sanitize your metal nail tools will be to utilize a fluid disinfectant. Pick a fluid disinfectant that is endorsed by your state and dip your metal tools and bits for the duration of time mentioned on the label of the disinfectant.

In the event that you have elastic bits, you need to remove the parts of bits that have been used. Be sure to use your electric nail drill with a coarse piece and gently take out the utilized piece of the elastic piece. After this is done, dip the elastic parts into a disinfectant and allow for a few minutes. Remember to use approved disinfectants always.



Nail drill is surely a handy tool for every nail technician from cleaning up the nails, smoothing and shaping an acrylic overlay, to cleaning underneath the free edge. Instead of spending hours to do a set of sculptured nails, you can now save half of that time and your energy to do something else.



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