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The 10 Best Shellac Nail Polish Reviews 2021

Shellac nail polish by CND is one of the best one available on the market with shinier, glossier nails with deeper, better colors and more coverage on the nails while avoiding ridges, smudges, and stroke line. The colors stay and last for a longer period of time without damaging or harming the true surface of the nails.


So, whether you need a light tone on your nails with glossy, mirror-like finish or you are looking for darker tones for a party time finishing on the nails with a smooth and shiny surface that lasts longer than days, Shellac provides all that you need.


Top 10 shellac Best Nail Polish Colors


The most popular available Shellac nail polish colors that you would find for your use are:


1. CND Shellac  gel nail polish, Blue Moon

This perfect blue nail color gel from CND shellac wild earth collection is the perfect shiny electrifying blue color that offers beauty and style at its best.


You may wear it on top of your nails for a long-lasting effect with shinier, glossier and mirror-like effect on the nails. The gel nail polish is perfect with the base coat, color and top coat system to give the perfect look on the nail that stays on them without damaging or discoloring the nails. For curing nails the CND lamp may help perfectly to give the exact look in minutes.


It offers a two-week stability on the nails while providing the lush look on the nails with the best-finished shine that is easy to apply and offers no hassle while getting it off the nails.


2. CND Shellac Brimstone

This CND Brimstone nail color gel Shellac nail polish is another perfect nail color in the wild earth collection offered by CND Shellac line. For creating a smooth, soft and shiny nail color, this one is superb when you are looking for a casual wear or a color that matches your working day needs.


Since it lasts longer than 2 weeks, it stays on your nails without getting chipped off or damaged and also promise not to damage your nails and keep them protected.


All you need to do is to apply it using the top coat, and base coat system with sufficient curing time and you get these perfect looking nails in minutes.


The color gives a lasting impact with a rich and deep tone which can be applied in simple and easy steps and can also be removed when necessary without harming nails.


3. CND Shellac Arrowhead

Another perfect shiny color that is available in the Shellac wild Earth range is this dark, rusty brown with deeper tones gel nail polish. The CND arrowhead makes sure you get deep tones, shiny and flawlessly covered nails in an effortless way.


The gel nail polish works fine with the basic gel nail polish system i.e if applied using a base coat, a color coat and a top coat, this gel nail polish gives perfect mirror-like finish on your nails that promise to stay for about 2 weeks without harming the nails at all. Also, if you want to take it off, it also assures easier and better take off than other such nail polishes.


4. CND Shellac Dream Catcher

This dream catcher color is no doubt a color of your dreams. It offers perfection in the nails as you get no smudged no strikes line and the gel goes smoothly covering the nails in a very smooth and perfect manner. The end results are flawless shine that keeps your nails protected for up to two weeks while giving them the mirror-like shine all day long without any damages. The deep, glossy shade is perfect for party wear and for daily wear as well.


5. CND Shellac Spear

This CND wild earth collection exclusive color offers smooth, shiny nails with perfect pink-peach nail color in gel nail polish. The nail polish gives the shiny and glossy looks that last for up to 2 weeks when used with the gel nail polish system including a base coat, a color coat, and the top coat and cured under the nail curing lamp.


If applied with all the necessary essentials, the color stays on the nails for a long time without chipping or cracking, it is easy to apply and can be taken off easily with no harm to the nails.


6. CND Shellac Element

Bright red nail colors are always in fashion no matter if you need them on your nails for a party, for casual wear or you need them as an everyday nail color for office use, these work fine with gloss and shine that gives an added beauty touch on the nails.


This Shellac exclusive gel nail color in the wild earth collection is a true element in nature that gives fuller color, deeper shine, and a perfect coating when used with the gel nail color system.


The color lasts longer and makes no harm to the nails so that the nails are protected without any problems.


7. Creative Nail Design UV Shellac Color Coat

This is by far one of the best and the most popular among the Shellac nail color system. This nail color coat comes with the perfect red tint and UV color coat that proves to be a creative accessory for those who need an added style on their nails. This works perfectly fine by giving fuller coverage and perfectly smooth and shiny finish on the nails.


The nail color is safe for the nails and provide better and easier cover on the nails to protect and can be taken off easily as well.


8. CND Shellac Power Polish

CND Shellac nail color system offers easier application and smoother results that last more than 2 weeks. This power polish also comes with the best nail color with a glitzy shin in mauve pink.


It is named as Patina Buckle color coat that allows smooth nails with one coat and makes sure to offer long-lasting cover that stay on the nails when applied with perfect impact on nails that does not harm nails rather give it full coverage that makes them look shinier and prettier over time.


9. CND Shellac Color Coat Winter Glow

No matter if you are looking for perfect shiny nails in any season, CND has the perfect color for you in every season and with every shade, you could ever need on your nails.


This nail color coat offers longer wear for up to two week’s time and offer a deeper and rich winter glow shine on your nail with a soft touch color and shades that match all your everyday needs.


All you need is to put up to 2-3 coats for richer and deeper color and smooth finish that leaves no flaw behind. For an effortless application, the nail color spreads over the nail easily so that you don’t have to struggle with the stokes every time you apply them.


10. CND Shellac Nail Polish color, Field Fox


This Field fox color coat from CND Shellac nail polish system is another popular color coat that offers smooth, shiny and long lasting wear on the nails.  You can apply using soft and smooth strokes with no lines and smudged at all. The overall coverage is also perfect to make sure the nails get the coats in a complete way.


It is easier to apply and make sure not to get chipped off easily for up to two weeks. It covers the nail completely while giving a deeper and richer color if applied appropriately and cured using the nail curing lamp.


The color is perfect for everyday wear and could be used with office outfit and casual wear as well while giving your nails neat and shiny looks all the way.


Shellac by CND is a perfectly top-notch nail polish line that has plenty of products in their available nail polish range. There are gel nail colors, base coats, and top coats, richer nail colors and nail lamp for curing the nails. These nail polishes promise to last for up to 2 weeks that is a unique feature provided by the Shellac nail color system with which you get flawless nails for more than 14 days. The nails stay unharmed and the nail color and polishes keep the nails protected against any kind of damages.


These nail polishes offer smooth, smudge-free complete nail cover with no chipping and damages done to the nails. The application is effortless as you can see the nail polish covering the nails without any issues and the flawless finish assure long-lasting shine as well.


For gel nail polishes you need to follow the gel nail system to get the perfect nails that would last up to 2 weeks and will maintain the look and shine on the nails. The removal of these nail polishes is also easier and smoother so you can put them off whenever you need a newer look on your nails.



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