Top 10 Best Toenail Clippers for Thick Nails Reviews 2020

Most of us do not consider clipping toenails to be a difficult task. As a matter of fact, it is simply a part of our habitual grooming. We do not even think twice about cutting or clipping our nails once they get too long for vanity or comfort purposes.


However, it is a different matter for individuals with thick, yellow toenails. Ordinary nail clippers might do the job however they need to find the right pair of toenail clippers in order to get the job properly done.


Thick toenails can be the result of anything from a fungal infection to genetic dispositions that can cause the nails to grow harder and thicker. Whatever the cause, a standard clipper cannot cut cleanly through the nails and are proven to be ineffective, sometimes even painful to use.


People with thicker toenails are mostly recommended to see a podiatrist in order to get their toenails clipped. Fortunately, there are now professional-grade toenail clippers available on the market that works perfectly on these hard, thick nails.


Such products can keep you from visiting a foot doctor and spending more money and helps you maintain grooming habits and proper hygiene from the comforts of your home.


Toenail Clippers: Are They Important?


When it comes to treating and preventing thick toenails with regular clipping, any ordinary, old clipper you have will do, right?


It is quite important to use the right clippers for thicker nails. If you use the wrong tool in clipping thick toenails, it could result to an even more serious damage to your nails, leaving them open to infections as well as causing ingrown which sometimes needs surgery to correct.


Furthermore, a good clipper for thick toenails helps prevent injuries. They are sharp and sturdy which ensures clipping toenails in a quick and clean manner without slipping.


A Guide to Choosing the Best Toenail Clipper


You probably know this, but the market is filled with countless brands and varieties of toenail clippers. Some are respected names that have been in this industry for decades, while some provide low-quality items which only takes your money.

So, how do you filter out the best toenail clipper for you with a good value for your money?

Here are some considerations you need to watch out for in order to make sure that the clipper you are looking for is the right one


Sharp Blades


The very purpose of a toenail clipper is to cut and trim. So, make sure to find a toenail clipper that is sharp enough to trim your thick toenails without requiring you to make a substantial amount of effort.

Remember that if the blades are not that sharp, then you need to exert more effort into the trimming process and can increase your chances of getting injured.


Durable Materials


We all want something strong and sturdy. The same goes to toenail clippers especially if you need it for trimming your thick nails. A good quality toenail clipper is made of high-quality surgical stainless steel which is very strong and guaranteed to last longer. This will also be easier to clean after every use with just the help of an alcohol to disinfect.


Thick Jaws


You will need a toenail clipper that has thick jaws that can cut and trim thick and tough toenails without any struggle.


Ergonomic Design


It is very important to consider the design of a toenail clipper. Look for a toenail clipper with a better grip design on its handles and comfortably rests in your palms for easier trimming.




Although this is not really important, surely you don’t want to buy a toenail clipper just because it can get the job done. You also need to get a toenail clipper that can mix beauty with functionality.



Top 10 Best Toenail Clippers for Thick Nails


1. Kohm KP- 700 Toenail Clipper

This Toenail Clipper From Kohm is the perfect nipper/clipper for ingrown or thick toenails. It is 5-inches long and comes with a safety tip cover as well as a storage pouch.

The Kohm KP-700 Toenail Clipper is made of high-quality stainless steel and is a perfect tool to cut thick toenails since its blades open up a little over 1 inch and the blades itself are curved to contour around the nails.

Also, this toenail clipper has a comfortable an easy grip with ridges on the handle specifically designed for the sole purpose of preventing any slippage. It is very easy to clean with the help of alcohol and the company offers a full money-back guarantee.


2. Seki Edge Toenail Clipper

The Seki Edge Toenail Clipper has this textured handle for a better grip strength which allows you to apply a more natural pressure to the nail that you are clipping. This guarantees safety and ensures that your hand will not slip when cutting. Moreover, it also provides you with more leverage to easily cut through tough, thick toenails.

This toenail clipper has a jaw opening that spreads about 3/8 inches and a very sharp stainless steel blade that makes clipping hard and thick nails an easy task. The strength of this toenail clippers offer clean, precision cutting.

It features a cutting edge that is hand-grinded. This guarantees that this toenail clipper stays sharp and will not dull over time.


3. Harpenton Nippit Toenail Clipper

This toenail clipper from Harpenton Nippit has a unique handle design that gives it a comfortable and firm grip with a non-slip material coating to prevent any slippage while trimming.

This toenail clipper can easily trim down thick or ingrown toenails from any angle, avoiding any cuts and nicks. Its blade edges are hand finished in order to ensure a clean meeting point so it only requires the least effort to trim even the hardest, most difficult toenails.

The Harpenton Nippit Toenail Clipper comes with a lifetime replacement warranty and 100% satisfaction guarantee.


4. Equinox Toenail Clipper

The Toenail Clipper from Equinox is so strong that it is not only designed for personal home use but is also a clipper of choice used in most salons as well as podiatry offices.

The Equinox Toenail Clipper is made from surgical grade stainless steel that can easily trim down even the hardest, thickest toenail and make this clipper very easy to clean. With its ergonomic design, this clipper is very comfortable to hold and allows a better grip strength.

The hand-sharpened and tempered blades help ensure a clean, precise cut every time. Also, with a blade this sharp, you do not have to worry about your nails crumbling or splitting which can cause more damage.

Lastly, this toenail clipper features an easy-to-use locking key at the bottom for your own safety. If locked, its sharp blades will not be exposed thus reducing the risk of accidental scrapes and cuts.


5. Mehaz Toenail Clipper

The Mehaz Toenail Clipper is very effective, comfortable and easy to use. And with so many positive reviews on Amazon, more and more people learn just how powerful this toenail clipper is!

This clipper features a wide opening which is important for people with thick toenails. Its wide opening comes with a sharp stainless steel blade which allows an even, precise cutting. And since its cutting edge is angled, this clipper can even reach the most difficult areas of your toenails.

It also has a rubberized coating around its long 3.4 inches handle which provides comfort and slip-proof feature while trimming. The nails trimmed with this clippers are collected within the nipper, so you do not have to worry about a mess to clean up. This is a helpful feature, especially if you are dealing with toenail fungus and do not want to leave any trimmed toenails around.


6. Three Seven Large Toenail Clipper

This extra large toenail clipper from Three Seven is well suited for Athlete’s Foot and deformed toenails.  And with excellent reviews and ratings on Amazon, you can be sure that this nail clipper is worth the money.

It is 5.5 inches long and comes with a neat little box. You also get a separate cleaning brush and a nail file. This nail clipper has a strong grip that makes it easy to trim even the hardest, thickest nails.

The company also offers a lifetime guarantee against manufacturing defects.


7. Kohm CP-900 Toenail Clipper

With a design that is specific for older people, the Kohm CP-900 is a very popular clipper for thick and hard toenails.

This nail clipper has a long, soft and easy to grip handle so that older people will not hurt their weak and old hands when cutting. Also, its blade can be securely locked in order to prevent accidental injuries when not in use.

This clipper has a pointed tip with sharp blades that can help treat an ingrown toenail. Moreover, it can open up widely in order to provide a 1-inch jaw space that gives enough room to cut even the thickest toenails.


8. Zizzili Basics Toenail Clipper

The Zizzili Basics Toenail Clipper is ideal for ingrown or thick toenails due to fungus, aging, and other health concerns. It has a wide jaw that opens up to 1 inch so that you can easily trim even the thickest nails.

It has this easy, ergonomic design with soft grip rubber handle that perfectly fits your hand for an easier control when trimming. This toenail clipper has sharp, hand-sharpened cutting edge for a smooth, clean cut on tough, thick toenails. Not only that, its blade also has a slight curve to contour nails.

The blade has a pointed end which makes trimming of sensitive areas and ingrown easier and more efficiently.


9. Dr. Heally Toenail Clipper

This professional toenail clipper is designed to trim thick, ingrown toenails with ease. This nail clipper is made from high quality surgical stainless steel that is durable and non-toxic. In addition to its steel materials, this clippers is tough and resistant to mechanical damage for durability.

The surface of this clipper is free of micropores, thus germs and dirt have simply nowhere to accumulate. It meets all quality and hygiene standards and has an excellent resistance to chemicals. Also, this clipper prevents nail stratification, cracks or cuts and with a cut-off contour that is smooth and equal.

It has a comfortable handle for easier trimming and is most suitable for people with weak hand muscles and elders.


10. Fox Medical Equipment Toenail Clipper

Made from surgical grade stainless steel, this toenail clipper from Fox Medical Equipment ensure an easy, clean trimming of thick and hard toenails. It has a sharp hand-honed blade that will stay sharp for a long period of time. Not only that, the blade is carefully curved in order to provide an amazing nail cutting result.

This toenail clipper also features an ergonomic grip design that effortlessly trims down thick and hard nails without any discomfort. It has a proprietary soft-grip handle in order to maximize your comfort and grip even while wet.

Lastly, the company offers a lifetime replacement policy so you can buy with confidence.



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