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The 5 Best Nail File For Natural Nails 2023

Just the right nail file can make or break a perfect manicure. It can help you define the shape of your nails, refine any course areas, and smoothen rough edges. Properly filed nails form the required base for a perfect manicure. Just as there are many different uses this handy tool performs, so are there many different types of nail files. What does grit or abrasive mean? If you are new to these, you should not be overwhelmed. To help you decide which would be the best nail file for natural nails you can use, we will provide you some basic facts about nail files and some of the best options you can choose from.

Best Nail File For Natural Nails


Whether you just need to keep your nails in good shape or to prevent them from breaking, an ever-handy nail file is to the rescue. How do you decide which should be used for a specific function?

Here Are the Six Different Types to Consider:

Emery Boards

These are the most common type of nail file available in the market today. The files which are attached to several layers of soft cardboards are made of two different grits that can serve several purposes and can be used for the natural nails as well. You can buy them at any beauty shop, supermarket, even in drug stores.

Wooden Nail Files

You can find wooden nail files that are available in various grits. However, most of them are usually made with lower grits or are coarse. They are commonly used for pedicures.

Glass or Crystal Nail Files

This type of nail file lasts longer than ordinary nail files. They can be sterilized and sanitized, hence more hygienic than most types of nail files. They are highly recommended as they can prevent the nails from breaking or chipping. They are gentle on natural nails and can help seal the edges of the nails as well.

Buffing Blocks

These are bulky square blocks made with files of a different grit on each side of the block. Each side serves a specific purpose and completes the whole process of shaping, buffing, smoothing, and shining off the base for a manicure or pedicure.

Metal Nail Files

These files are made of stainless steel and may not be suitable for your natural nails. It may even cause your nails to chip or break. We do not recommend this type of nail file.

Electric Nail Files

These are the most modern types of nail files. You powered by electricity so they really make filing nails easier and quicker. It takes practice to master the use of this kind of nail file, but once you get used to it, you can make some really nicely finished and smooth nails without the rough edges.

Abrasives For Nail Files

A nail file’s grit is determined by the grains of its abrasive per square inch. Lower grit values mean coarser files. Following are the different types of abrasives:

Silicon carbide: This is one of the hardest known substances. It helps file deeper faster than any other abrasive. However, it leaves black dust on the nails when used.

Aluminum oxide: This abrasive is a type of file that can be dyed in different colors. It has the same grit and pressure as the silicon carbide but it does not leave bits of the file or damage the natural nails.

Garnet: Garnet is most commonly used on wood files. It is long-lasting and also inexpensive.

Silicon carbide with zinc sterate coating (a.ka. zebra): This abrasive is sealed in a lubricant which prevents dust or any particle from clogging its grit.

Compressed aluminum oxide: This abrasive is found only in nail files with 180 and 220 grits only. It is used for shaping and smoothing natural nails. The filing stone is the most common file made of this abrasive. It is waterproof and can be used like a pumice stone to remove cuticles and dry skin.

All About File Grits

The grit is a nail file’s surface. It tells you how fine or coarse the file is and how rough it will feel on your nails. The lower the grit, the coarser the file is, and the higher the grit the smoother the nail file’s surface is.

Here is a quick summary of the grit levels:

80 grit: This is very coarse (rough) file and should never be used on natural nails. Some might use this on artificial or acrylic nail extensions but extra care must be considered when using it. It may also be still a little rough even for artificial nails.

100 grit: This grit is still a coarse file but can safely be used only on artificial nails.

180 grit: This is the lowest grit level and should be used on natural nails. However, if you have broken or damaged nails (or even nails that are prone to breakage), you need to use a file with a finer grit.

240 grit: A file with this grit level is often used to buff the nails to a smooth finish or to buff away stains/discolorations, small bumps, and to shape the free edges of the natural nails.

500 grit: This is a very fine grit and is quite soft, especially on nails and is usually only used to polish the nail.

There are finer grits (even up to 12,000 grits) which are used to soften and smoothen both artificial and natural nails.

1. OPI Crystal Nail File

OPI Crystal Nail File


From the maker of well-established nail polish brand, OPI, this crystal nail file offers a sanitizable, reusable, and travel-friendly nail enhancement tool. Its long-lasting abrasive surface is etched permanently on the surface of the glass. With this innovative nail file design, creating perfectly shaped natural nails won’t be a problem anymore. Even non-professionals have found the OPI Crystal Nail File to be a super handy tool when doing manicures and pedicures. With a brand name that you can trust, you wouldn’t have to worry whether you’ll be getting what you paid for.

2. Genuine Czech, Etched, Crystal Glass Nail File Set

Genuine Czech, Etched, Crystal Glass Nail File Set


The Genuine Czech crystal glass nail file is designed to be non-abrasive so it won’t harm or tear the skin. It is tempered and hardened to be highly durable and safe. It is also made to be 100% lead-free so it is nail-friendly. The file’s grit is etched on the crystal glass, so it won’t wear easily. The Genuine Czech crystal glass nail file can be used for both natural and artificial nails.

3. ClassyLady Professional Glass Nails File

ClassyLady Professional Glass Nails File


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This is one of the brand’s best-seller. It leaves perfectly shaped nails without breaking or damaging them. It is a double-sided nail file that does not absorb moisture. As it is made of glass, it can be sterilized and re-used for years without wearing out. Most professional nail technicians prefer this nail file for its high quality and durability. You get your money’s worth with every purchase of this professional glass nail file.

4. Malva Belle Glass Nail Files

Malva Belle Glass Nail Files


A slim and sleek glass nail file that is perfect to go wherever you may want to. This elegant Malva Belle Glass Nail File is highly durable and is made with a dual side file with the grits etched on the glass for better filing or smoothening of the nails. It’s also sanitizable and can easily be cleaned with warm water. It also comes with a protective travel case, so you can bring it anytime and anywhere. No more jagged edges- only perfectly smooth and finely shaped nails with each use of this finely crafted glass nail file.

5. Diamon Deb Nail File

Diamon Deb Nail File


The Diamon Deb Nail Dresser File is designed with a unique abrasive surface that files nails evenly and smoothly. This unique abrasive surface efficiently and easily removes rough edges on the nails without breaking or damaging them. It is also rust-proof so you can be assured that you can use this nail file longer than ordinary files. The Diamon Deb Nail File is commonly used by professional manicurists to shape, smoothen nails and prevent them from splitting and peeling.


We have almost covered everything you need to know about nail files. What is more important, however, is how you use the file that you have chosen from our list of recommended nail files for natural nails. Before you consider beveling or using any file, make sure you have paid careful attention to the grit of the file and for what purpose you intend to use a particular file.

If you have questions, comments or feedback connect with us through the comments’ section below and we will respond to you as soon as we can. If you have any topic that you want us to include in this blog, feel free to highlight them in your comments as well.

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