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The 10 Best UV Gel Nail Polish Reviews 2019

Looking to find the best UV Gel nail polish for your next manicure? It is important to note, what you should be looking for to make sure it is best for your nails and keep them shiny all the way until you need to change the color. Whether you need to wear on dark colored gel polish or nude nail polish, it is necessary to have a mirror-like shine, gloss and long-lasting coverage on the nails. In addition to that, you should know that UV light gel polishes are the best because of their quick soak off and prep time needing no more than a few minutes to get your nail ready to rock your looks.


Top 10 Best UV Gel Nail Polish


1. Gellen UV Gel Nail Polish 6 Colors

This is a great set of 6 latest trend colored Gel polish for those who love pink and nude colors. The soft looking and shiny gel nail polishes are perfect for daily wear and for special occasions. There is also a set of top and base coat so that you get your nail polish finished to its perfection. Each bottle comes in 8ml packaging so you will not have to replace them sooner. This gel nail polish is cured under UV or LED light lamp. UV light takes 2-4 minutes to get your nails ready.

The gel nail polishes are easy to apply and give smooth and stroke-free finish for a glossy shine. The nail polish stays on the nails for up to two weeks and you can easily experience the no-chip application without early wear and tear issues.


2. Gel 7 gel Red Delicious Nail Polish UV / LED Manicure Polish

Gel 7 Red Delicious gel nail polish is the color of your dreams. It is vibrant, rich colored, the deep red effect in the gel base that assures long-lasting wear and makes sure you get the perfect shine. It gives the alluring red color in a mirror-like finish on the nails. It takes on 60 seconds under the UV light to cure and make sure your nails are ready with the perfect gloss on them. It can be paired with Nano powder for a richer color.

The gel nail polish is very smooth and easy to apply on the nails and no need of sanding or cleanser is needed to get the perfect look. It also offers a smell free and no-chip wear so that you stay worry-free when you have it on your nails.


3. Maphie UV and LED Soak Off Gel Varnish Gel Nail Polish Glitter

This is a 6 Pcs set consisting of colored nail polish and glitter gel nail polishes. Whether you need nail color with a perfect mirror-like finish for your daily wear or you need attractive nails for your date, all of these are here in this set of six gel nail polishes.

Maphie UV gel nail polish gives long lasting, shiny and no-chip finish that you can wear more than 2 weeks with no damage to your nails.

The gel consistency offers the smooth and easy application on the nails. The gel nail polish can be cured under UV for 2-4 minutes and under LED for 30-60 seconds.

Glitter gel nail polish is a bit thick so you need to be sure you should apply a thin layer of gel nail polish to avoid chipping, peeling and smudges.


4. AIMEILI UV LED Soak Off Nail polish gel

For an effortless finish and nail polish wear, this AIMEILI UV soak off gel is easy to wear, can be applied within seconds and give a perfect finish on the nails. The red nail polish gel is free of smudges, and chipping or peeling issues and stays on the nails for up to 21 days and more.

With no issues on the gel polish coat, the mirror-like shiny finish assures your nails stay well protected and in good shape with a perfect shine and rich color for weeks. The nail polish gel is cured under the UV lamp or you may also use an LED lamp.

For perfect shine and finish you need to apply the gel polish thinly that makes it smoother and finer and stay longer on the nails.


5. Sexy Mix Nail polish gel for Nails UV Pink Gel

This is a pink innovation in the nail polish gel kits. This set consists of 6 small sized pink nail polish geles that are easy to carry anywhere. The different shades of pink make sure you have a pink shade for every occasion and as per your mood of the day. Whether you need a nude pink or a dark pink, baby pink or shocking pink, all of these are here.

The nail polish gel is easy to apply in thin layers causing no smudge and is also chipping free. For a quick and easy curing, you need to use a UV lamp or LED lamp. For deeper color affects you may apply 2-3 layers, but make sure you have thin layers.


6. Perfect Summer Nail polish gel Set

Looking for a soft pink, nude nail color, glitter or light brown for your office, Perfect summer gel polish has got you covered with 6 nail polish gel kit that promises perfect gel cover on your nails.

The set consists of high quality, no-chipping, no-peeling nail polish geles that assure to give glossy shine upon finishing for perfect manicure look. It is very easy to apply so you just have to apply thin gel polish layer on your nails and soak off under a UV lamp or an LED lamp and you are good to go with perfect nails that stay on for 2 weeks.

The nail polish gel is non-toxic and offers no awful smell and make sure it is harmless for nails as well. You may also use a base coat and top coat for more professional finishing and longer wear of the nail polish gel.


7. Perfect Summer Temperature Colors Changing Chameleon UV LED Gel Nails Polish

Perfect summer color changing Nail polish geles are perfect for modish looks. This one offers color changing properties with the temperature. At 31 degree centigrade, the color starts changing.

Along with the color changing properties, the nail polish gel offers mirror-like nail polish finish with its glossy shine and long wearing properties.

The application of the nail polish gel is effortless and it assures staying on nails for 2-3 weeks no matter if you have a busy routine at home with washing clothes and tableware etc.

No peeling, no chipping, and no damages can be seen for up to two weeks so that you stay worry-free and get perfect nails ready to go anywhere. The nail polish gel is perfect to pair with UV nails, acrylic nails, and natural nails.


8. Modelones Fashion Soak Off UV Colorful nail polish gel

Modolones UV soaks off nail polish gel offers high-end finish with mirror-like shine and easy to wear attributes making it perfect for any occasion. The nail polish gel is easy to apply and make sure to provide complete coverage on nails without leaving fine lines or ridges behind. Its use is effortless as you can put on and take off the nail color without damaging your nails.

The nail polish offers superb color for two weeks’ time and makes sure you will not be facing chipping and peeling issues at all. It provides a perfect coat for the nails with rich color and shiny finish so that you stay worries-free all the time. The neon gel is cured using a UV lamp for a few minutes.


9. UV-NAILS Mood Changing Gel Polish Colors

UV nails nail polish gel with color changing properties offer a modish look on the nails with a shiny finish. This nail polish gel changes colors with temperature and makes sure to provide salon finish on your nails without many efforts.

The nail polish gel is perfectly finished with UV lamp or LED to make sure it stays on the nails for longer and better use.

The color changes with body temperature so that you get a unique look on your nails with a perfect glossy touch on it.


10. Coscelia Gel Polish UV LED Soak Off Varnish nail polish gel

This is a 6 pieces set consisting of 6 colored nail polish geles of 10 ml each. The gel polish applies smoothly and effortlessly so that you get complete nail coverage with one coat. The thin layer on your nails assure mirror finish on the nails and keep it perfectly finished for up to 2 weeks.

It is better to cure the gel polish under the UV or LED lamp for better and long-lasting application. You may use the top and base coat for a salon like finish without any smudges and ridges on the surface


Here we have reviewed the top 10 best UV gel nail polish , sets and colors that make a perfect fit for every girl to wear on any occasion they need. You may choose the color of your choice but make sure the UV nail polish gel cures and soak off best under a UV lamp to give the shiny and long-lasting finish.



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