Best Nail Primer for Acrylic Nails 2021

Best Nail Primer for Acrylic Nails 2023

Nowadays, the gorgeous nails are considered as a beautiful piece of jewelry for women of almost ages. If you are someone who is willing to spend time on going to the nail salon and visit often, you may have seen how meticulous the nail technician is to give you the best nail set. They will apply a primer before applying your favorite nail polish color. You may have never cared about which particular brand of nail primer is best for your nails. But somehow, you should try to find the best nail primer to both preserve the nails and ensure that the structure of your nails is not damaged when you regularly do your nails.

There are many types of nail primers on the market now. However, not all nail primers are guaranteed of quality. It's not always possible to leave a perfect ending. There are only specific brands that are famous and have been recognized as good products. To get the best results as you expected, you should try to use a good nail primer so as to get a perfect and long-lasting nail set.

Why Ought You to Use the Nail Primer?

Using nail primer is the optimal solution to condition the nails and limit damage to your original nail structure and it also helps you to keep the other nail polish layers more durable. But when you use a bad nail primer or you use it the wrong way, it will affect the quality of yours or your client's nails. Therefore, you need to make sure that the product you choose and use is a good one. It must adhere to the nail surface and not cause damage to the nail.

The nail primer is used to protect the nail surface while bonding the following coats to ensure color accuracy and durability for a finished nail set. When you use liquid primer, you won't need to file your nails. You just need to polish the surface of the nail with a smooth buffer before applying nail primer.

Are All Primer Safe for The Nails?

There are many brands currently on the market that sell products that do not meet the standards of quality. Some nail primers contain very strong chemicals that burn the skin and damage the structure of yours and your client's nails. Others have a very strong scent. So, in order to own the best nail primer for acrylic nails, you should consult the representative products, which have been fully tested and you also have to find out the most suitable product for you.

If you are still wondering what kind of primer to choose and buy, let's find out.

Gelish Soft Gel Duo

Gelish Soft Gel Duo


Gelish Soft gel primer is the first mentioned product. It is a nail primer from Gelish, an extremely good nail primer, it ensures adhesion and provides excellent adhesion of any coat to natural nails. Gelish primer was created to improve nail discolouration and it keeps your nails strong as alway. This is also a highly rated product and recommended for the professional nail technicians or even anyone with a passion for DIY manicure. But in order to use this product, you need to find out carefully about the characteristics of this product and equip the skills to use this product, because this is a powerful product, usually made by people who have skills to avoid damaging the hand skin. You should be careful when deciding to use this product without experience.

Try to use this one and you will have no problems with lifting or peeling after 1 week or more of your manicure. This good quality nail primer is a good choice to make your job absolutely well-done without damaging the nails. Just enjoy the chip-free acrylic or gel nails set for many days by using this nail primer before applying your favorite nail polish color.

Gentle Prime Nail Primer For Sensitive Nails

Gentle Prime Nail Primer For Sensitive Nails


This is No Lift nail primer. It is a typical product, which is widely used all over the world. The advantage of this nail primer is that it can easily work with any acrylic nail product, as well as with UV gel to prevent discoloration or peeling of the nail polish even after 2-3 weeks. With this product, you just need to gently remove the oil and dust on your nail surface. Remember that this product is only for use on the nails, not on the skin. Two coats of applying will give you the best results, apply the first coat, wait for it to dry, and then apply the second coat.

No Lift Nails acrylic primer is a product that is highly appreciated for its quality and trusted in the world for many years. Gentle Prime was created to use for sensitive nails and specifically to gently remove excess oil. At the same time, it helps the nail polish adhere better. This product works perfectly with any kind of nail polish.

No Lift Nail Primer

No Lift Nail Primer


"No Lift Nails Primer" is also a very popular and widely used product. It works in three stages:

Stage 1: Shiny wet.

Stage 2: Pink matte.

Stage 3: White dry.

You ought to use the acrylic product after applying this nail primer while your process has reached stage 2.

Remember! It is not necessary to use a dryer during the priming process because the heating from the dryer will weaken the primer. Therefore, when you use nail primers, you should keep away from all heat sources, such as direct sunlight and lamps. To preserve this product and ensure the best quality, besides that, you should not leave it in a high temperature area. Please store it in a cool place, keep away from sunlight and out of reach of children. Freezing will not affect the quality of this one. If it accidentally solidifies slightly, you just need to leave it in a place with normal temperature, it will recover to its original state. Not to use hot water to defrost the product!

Finally, you just need to remember the last 1 basic thing that this product is for nails, not skin. If you still have any questions about how to use this product, just ask the nail technicians, they will explain and guide you in the simplest way.

Through the above article, surely you have seen the benefits of using nail primer and understand why to use it. These above products are the best nail primers for acrylic nails, you should experience them to see their effectiveness. Or have you ever used any of these products before? Please comment and connect us through the comment section below.

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