Meaningful And Lovely Gifts on Christmas Day

2 Meaningful And Lovely Gifts on Christmas Day!

Have you ever wondered what it means to give each other gifts on Christmas Day? Where is this format from? How does it change over time? And what gift do you like this year? Now, every Christmas, you are shaped in your mind that you have to choose a Christmas gift to give to your family, your friends or give it to yourself".

The truth is that giving Christmas gifts over time has become one of the traditions of this holiday and it is also a habit of many people around the world. The gift of Christmas seems to become a symbol of one of the biggest holidays of the year and it is also the way that people all over the world show their love to each other, more especially, everyone knows it is Christmas Day God Jesus was born!

What does Christmas gift giving mean?

Back in the history of the Christmas gift, when Jesus was born crying in Bethlehem in a manger, three kings from the East (now part of Iran and Syria) came to pay their respects. They brought 3 precious gifts: gold, frankincense and myrrh. Gold means that Jesus is king, frankincense to confess Jesus as God and myrrh foretell the passion and death of Jesus to redeem mankind. These are the three colors that represent Christmas and from time to time, from decoration to fashion, have been inspired by this color.

The holiday is officially celebrated on December 25 (the main holiday) but is usually celebrated from the evening of December 24 because according to the Jewish calendar, the time to start counting one day is at sunset, not midnight.

For some people, giving each other presents on Christmas Day has deep religious connotations. Because Jesus was nailed to the cross and sacrificed for mankind. Giving gifts is seen as a simulation of your small actions for others without needing to be reciprocated. Gifts express people's love for family and friends.

What gift to give your loved one this Christmas?

What gift to give your loved one this Christmas

More than 30 days to Christmas day, however, from now on, cosmetics, fashion,... start launching gift programs for the 2023 Christmas season, combos with different prices and promotions ... attracting the attention of the majority of women. Among them, the most prominent are nail polish product lines, kits and gift sets of prestigious and famous brands. Women always love to beautify and are passionate about beautiful things, they beautify all the time and on holidays, the need for beauty increases. That's why, gel nail polish colors gift sets are sure to be the cutest and most meaningful gifts for women as well as young girls.

Maybe you think that you are a regular customer of a certain cosmetic or nail polish brand and you just stick with it and use that brand's products, the label is done. However, why don't you try to change something new? Maybe you will love them because of the same good quality as other brands and attractive promotions during this year's holiday?

Currently, LDS and Lavis Nail System are having super attractive promotions, giveaways and deals for customers, in addition, their gel nail color polish gift sets are extremely pretty and eye-catching, exquisite, attractive colors. Especially the gift boxes, they are made of eco-friendly paper material, easy to decompose to contribute to protecting the atmosphere. Moreover, with a luxurious, feminine and delicate design, these gift sets are sure to make the girls fall in love. They are not only beautiful in appearance but also very good quality and very reasonably priced. Here, find out about the quality of LDS gel nail polish and Lavis nail system!

The quality of LDS gel nails and Lavis gel nails!

  • LDS: LDS is a brand specializing in providing nail polish, dipping powder and specialized nail tools such as nail drill, nail lamp, and nail care products with very good quality. This brand has appeared in the US nail market and quickly achieved certain successes and above all is widely trusted by customers in the US and Canada. Their gel nail polish has a glossy and smooth finish, it gives just the right amount of thickness when applied to the nails and outstanding shine once the nails are cured. LDS gel nails can last up to 3 weeks and won't chip or discolor, a LDS gift set has 9 different beautiful colors and they are all attractive with a super affordable price.

    LDS gel nails


  • Lavis: Lavis nail system is a new nail polish are completely sourced in the US, the ingredients are natural and benign, giving customers peace of mind. when used and in addition, this product line nourishes and protects consumer's nails from weakening and breaking, Lavis gel nail lasts up to more than 3 weeks or even 1 month, although Newly launched, but the special thing here is that it inherits and distills the advantages of old gel nail polish products while eliminating the disadvantages of gel polish and Lavis gel polish gift set with lovely colors. With a very feminine and pretty pastel pink box, with a thin plastic glass design in the middle of the box to highlight the products.

    Lavis gel nails


Final thought

Show your love for your family, loved ones or friends with these pretty gift sets this Christmas. Giving them unique nails is also a meaningful way of showing affection!

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