Why LDS Gel Polish Is Gradually Known and Loved?

LDS 2-in-1 nail polish

August 04, 2021

Owning beautiful, durable nails that show elegance and class is the need of many women. Understanding that, LDS 2-in-1 nail polish line was born. In addition to bring "luxury" nails, what advantages does LDS nail polishes have that make so many people love them? DTK Nail Supply will bring the answer right in the following article.

LDS 2-IN-1 GEL & LACQUER is a wonderful nail polish line with affordable prices, meeting most of the needs of customers. LDS is gradually becoming more popular and widely used. What makes manicurists appreciate LDS gel polish is for the following reasons.

LDS 2-in-1 nail polish

Wide range of paint colors to satisfy all customers’ requirement

Each customer coming to the nail salon will have a unique requirement, a personal preference for color. Therefore, to be able to meet all needs, the nail technicians recently choose LDS nail polish. LDS 2-in-1 gel & lacquer now has a 108 different color shades.

From hot, luxurious, to sexy nail polish colors, LDS gel polish has all the elements to help nail technicians serve customers. Therefore, more and more nail salon customers prefer LDS Products.

LDS 2-in-1 nail polish

Long-lasting LDS nail polish

LDS gel polish always ensures high color fastness and beautiful gloss. This not only allows customers to own a beautiful nail set but also a factor that helps nail salons to get customer’s impressions and earn a loyal customer base. The reason LDS gel polish has high durability is that the paint is smooth, resistant to scratches. Thanks to that, the nails are always shiny no matter what conditions. LDS nail polish can protect nails.

LDS 2-in-1 nail polish

Safe nail polish

If other nail polishes often contain toluene and formaldehyde which are dangerous ingredients, LDS gel polish is completely different. This paint line does not contain any harmful chemicals. So, the paint does not cause the nail to discolor nor damage the nail structure.

LDS polish manufacturer uses premium raw materials to produce LDS gel polish. As a result, LDS polish ensures safety for both starters and nail technicians. Nail technicians can be in contact with this line of paint all day to do nails for customers without worrying about toxicity, allergies.

LDS 2-in-1 nail polish

LDS nail polish dries quickly and easy to use

The next advantage that makes LDS Products more popular with the clients is the fast drying while ensuring an even color. Manicurists do not need to use a dryer during the manicure process. Besides, the bristle brush is scientifically designed, smart, and extremely easy to use. Even novice manicurists can use it.