The 10 Best Nail Polish Strips Reviews 2020

Keeping polished nails neat without lifting and breaking even for up to a few weeks can now be easily done with all the newer lines of nail polish products available in the market. If you are a DIY fanatic, it will be easy for you to find which brand and type of nail colors to use to keep your nails looking great. For those who are still beginning to understand the value of doing their nails on their own or still thinking of what to ask their next manicurist to put on their nails, it will be a comfort to know that there are nail products that you can use other than the regular nail polish available at your local or online stores. Choosing the right DIY nail art products, including the lesser used types, such as the best nail polish strips, as well as knowing how to use and how to apply them can save you so much time and effort. Your search for related information led you to this post that, hopefully, will provide you with such much-needed information.


Top 10 Best Nail Polish Strips


Gel Nail Strip by Gelato Factory

With gel nail strips such as these from Gelato Factory, there is no need for you to go to nail salons every two weeks or so to have your nails done. These nail strips are quite easy to apply as well as to remove. It leaves an ultra gel shine, without the need for UV dry time.  When it is time for a different coat, there won’t be any need to soak off your nails to remove the strips. It is wrinkle free and the strips do not dry out. With more than 100,000 reviews (and growing) from users all over the world, this SGS approved nail product is sure to be a good alternative to your regular polish.


This set comes with 22 pieces of Gel nail stickers in 8~16mm sizes. The product can be used a couple of times. Each strip fits any size of nail. The set also comes with a piece of a mini file. The strips are safe even for kids and pregnant women. 


To use, just fit a strip onto a clean nail. Leave about 1mm from the cuticle. Then, use the nail file included in the purchase to file the remaining nailfits. All it takes to finish the whole process will be about 10 minutes. Now, you’re ready to flaunt your nails with newly fitted nail strips that actually look like newly applied nail polish on your nails.


SALLY HANSEN Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips (I love Lacey)

Each box of this nail product contains 16 nail polish strips by Sally Hansen, a renowed leader in the industry. It is so easy to fit in the nails. No drying time required. Just fit and go. You won’t need to go to the salon to have your nail polish changed. Just grab a box of this strips and fit them on your nails. File and buff and you’re done. You get the look of real nail polish on your nails because they are made of real nail polish. The strips will last on your nails for about 10 days before they start to peel off or chip. Still that gives you a lot of time and so much savings for less the effort that you will ever need to put to have real nail polish applied on your nails. This could just be your next favorite nail wrap.


Full Nail Wraps by SOCU

 Having your nails done could not be easier than this. You can finally say goodbye to the mess of liquid nail polish. With this fun, full nail wraps by SOCU, you can instantly enjoy various nail arts in a cinch. Each pack of these nail strips include 


6 sheets of nail stickers and a piece of nail file. It is quite easy to fit on any nail. No drying time required. Leaves no smudges or streak like traditional nail polish does. 


The strips will last on your nails for about 3-4 days without UV upper finish. It is also waterproof, which keeps it looking beautiful for days. To remove, just lift the naill wrap off the edge of your nails. The strips are made of durable, environment-friendly materials, so you are assured that there will be no harmful toxins that will leak into your nails. To make your nail wraps last longer (about two weeks), you will need to apply a UV topcoat on it.


Color Lab 22PCS DIY Nail Polish Strips

Need to go out for dinner with your friends or fiance but your nails need to be done? With these nail polish strips by Color Labs, you can have fresh looking dainty nails in minutes. Each package of these strips comes with 10 decals in 2 sheets with varying sizes per side, which ensures a perfect fit to decorate all of your nails. The strips fit all nail length and can be applied for 2-4 times.


Each of these strips is made from 100% real nail polish. They are waterproof, safe and easy to use. Application of the strips on the nails will leave no mess or smell. The product is non- toxic, non irritant, and does not damage or stain nails. The strips are made with adhesive plant latex that makes it to last for up to 14 days or more with a top coat. It is both easy to apply and to remove. Requires no drying time, yet you will always get professional looking, salon quality results in just about 5 minutes wherever you find it fitting to have the nail strips fitted on your nails. 


When it is time to change the wraps on your nails, you will just dip hands into warm water for several minutes to make the nail stickers soft and then gently peel them off.


IBAOTTY Nail Art Wraps

A new nail product that makes making nail arts so much easier. These nail art wraps by IBAOTTY contains 10 pairs of strips that fits various nail sizes and can be used  several times. Each package also comes with a nail file, which makes it a lot easier to have your nails done whenever you need to. 


These nail wraps are made of high-quality materials and natural binders that make it waterproof but that does not make them water-resistant. Using these nail wraps leaves no debris, no odor, no irritation, and no damage on your nails. With proper use these wraps can stay unscathed on your nails for up to 15 days. 


It is also great to note that the strips can be stored in the dark for 24 months. That only means these strips can be used after being kept for a while. 


WOKOTO Wraps For Nails

These nail strips by WOKOTO is another interesting nail product that saves much time making your nails done. This makes it suitable for home DIY used. The strips are made with 3M firm glue, so they’d stick quite well on your nails. As these strips are waterproof, it makes it easier to keep them looking beautiful for several days. These strips are available in a variety of colors and designs. A package of this product contains 6 different sheets, nail art sticks, and a piece of nail file. 


PUEEN 3D Jeweled Nail Wraps

 As interesting as nail strips are as these jeweled nail wraps. This lot manufactured by PUEEN comes with 5 packs of Jeweled Nail Polish Strips, 18 strips in each pack, 1 pc. Cuticle Stick, 1 pc. Cuticle Pusher, and 1 pc. of nail file and buffer. They are easy to put on as they are easy to remove. No special skills needed to have these 3D Bling Bling designs with Rhinestones on your nails. Just peel off from its backing and fit into your properly cleaned nails.  File off remaining excess material in a gentle downward motion using the rough side of the file. Then, finish with top coat to keep the strips on your nails longer.


BlueZOO Nail Strips

Making your nails gorgeous is much easier and quicker now that we have nail strips like these from BlueZoo. These self-adhesive nail strips are quite easy to attach on the nails. It is long-lasting and safe, does not leave any mess on the nails and won’t stain your skin as well. Used it on  your hand or toe nails. They will fit well even on false nails. These nail strips are quite easy to handle as they are also a lot more convenient to use than your regular polish.


BornBeauty Nail Wraps

Call it nail decals, nail strips, nail art, or nail wraps. However, they are labeled, they all mean the same. They make the nails look interestingly appealing in less time and without so much hassle. BornBeauty Nail Wraps is another option when it comes to the best nail polish strips that you can use instead of a regular lacquer for your nails. 


This pack comes with 5 sheets of nail stickers and 1 pc. of nail file. It is a premium brand that makes strips made from durable, non-toxic and environment-friendly real polish. Using this nail wraps is totally safe. You can be assured that there won’t be any toxic matter that will leak into your nails before, during, or after using these strips. They can be used even on fake nails.


These strips are quite convenient to use. No drying time required and are also quite easy to remove. Just make sure that the strips won’t get exposed to water and moisture 2 hours after application as that will cause the application to lift. Applying a top coat on these waterproof nail wraps can make the application to last for about two weeks.


Blulu Self-adhesive Nail Sticker Tips

 A pack of these nail sticker tips contain 12 sheets stickers, each sheet contains 54 pieces nail guide stickers, giving a total of 648 pieces that you can use whenever you need to have some interesting French tips. These manicure nail art stickers are made of good quality vinyl and comes with good self-adhesive. They are non-toxic and will not cause any damage on your nails. 


These stickers can be applied to natural or arts nails. With these strips, you can print lovely colors with pretty patterns for your fingernails with ease, making it fit for both DIY and professional use. 


So, there you have it-- the list of the best nail polish strips that you can use for a quick change alteration on the appearance of your nails. Whichever you choose will just make your nails to look more attractive. So, which of these do you prefer?



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