The Best Kiara Sky Gel Polish Reviews 2021

The Best Kiara Sky Gel Polish Reviews 2021

May 18, 2021

You can’t just have your nails done over again, every time it peels off or cracks because the only nail polish that is available is the regular acrylic that takes hours to make, yet lifts off even when you just wash your hands. It’s the right time you need to consider a miracle option that will keep you wondering how the polish can stick on to your nails for weeks without breaking or cracking and still look nice. We will show one brand that is a well-loved brand for the wonderful effects it brings on a woman’s fingernails.

What Is Special about Kiara Sky Gel Polish?

Kiara Sky gel polish is a special nail polish that assures of long-lasting wear and high-gloss finish that resists fading and color changing even up to two weeks. It is the only gel nail polish available in the market that can be done in two to three steps. It is an easy soak-off formula so anyone wanting to have a change of shade after a few weeks can easily remove the existing coating at no time. There are so many exciting colors available with this brand, including the color changing ombre collection (more on that later). For chic nails that anyone can wear for weeks without breaking, Kiara Sky gel polish is a must try.

Kiara Sky gel polish is a new professional nail polish product that offers a two or three-step process to create stunning gel finish polished nails. For an easy-to-use quality nail polish, Kiara Sky gel polish is one that needs to be on the list. Not only is it quick and easy to apply, each Kiara Sky gel polish is specially formulated to contain no harmful solvent, hence does not also have any unpleasant or string scent. It also won’t turn yellowish or thicken over time. Kiara Sky offers nail polish in regular and ombre colors that won’t shrink or bubble up when applied on the nails.

What Is the Total Number of Colors to Choose?

There are so many exciting hues to choose from. Gel ombre, the shiny and long-wearing temperature active gel nail polish changes its shade as the body temperature changes. The shades also change color based on the heat of the object touching the fingers.There are three types available in this collection (cream, glitter, and shimmer), and a total of 50 colors in this collection. Your nails will change from hot to cold as your mood changes. How cool is that? It is like having two in one bottle.

Many still prefer to have one color on their fingernails. No problem. Kiara Sky has 15 more colors in 170 different hues and 6 different types: cream, glitter, holo, neon, pearl, and shimmer. With such a wider range of color selection, there will always be one that will look good on anyone’s nails. You can have stunningly and outrageously looking nails that would be any woman’s dream that won’t cost you several trips to the salon or harm your fingernails and nail beds. Anyone can create the look that you want to have and flaunt it while it last.

How Do Kiara Sky Gel Polish Work?

It is amazingly easy. Kiara Sky color base has the base and color mixed into one bottle. A separate base coat is optional, but a top coat is required. Like any other nail polish, the nails need to be cleaned and prepared for gel color coating. Then, apply a think coat of the gel color of chosen and cure for about 30 seconds under a UV or LED lamp. For a thicker or more visible color on the nails, a second coating is needed, then cure under a UV or LED lamp for another 30 seconds. Then, Apply with a thin layer of Kiara Sky High Gloss Top Coat then cure. To complete the process and to make sure that there is no residue, clean the sides of the nails with a lint-free nail wipe soaked in gel cleanser.

How to Remove Kiara Sky Gel Polish?

Though the stunning look may stay on the nails for up to 14 days, it won’t be difficult to remove it. Buff and file the nails before soaking them with the foil wrap method for about 10-15 minutes.

For a wider range of colors to create strikingly beautiful nails that will wow anyone, Kiara Sky’s professional line of gel polish is a brand that can be trusted. The brand has been around for 15 years and has continued to offer quality products to nail artists all over the world, including its line of quality gel polish. What could be most interesting of its products is the Ombre collection that adapts to a person’s mood. You won’t need a second coating of a different color with any of the unique shades and styles available in this gel product line.

Among the dnd gel polish collection that the brand carries, the following are the most popular: Pinkarella (G809), Happily Ever After (G810), Sorceress (G816), Knight & Shining Armor (G819), Myth (G826). For other Kiara Sky products available for purchase, head over to DTK Nail Supply and find what is best suited for your need.

Kiara Sky All Colors

Kiara Sky All Colors


Pick what suits your mood or the occasion with the Kiara Sky All Colors collection. With 163 shades to choose from, you will always find what looks best for the time or your temperature. You can go classic with Bare With Me (#KIA403), or let your fingernails do the talking with Grape Your Attention (#KIA445). Any of the combination gel or lacquer nail polish will just do the magic. You may also want to try the Ombre base like Lash Out (#KIA701), That Glow (#KIA704), or Haute Mess (#KIA705) and see the shades changing with the change of your mood or whatever temperature your hands get to touch.

Ombre Glow Beauty Vault Collection

Ombre Glow Beauty Vault Collection


Check out one of Kiarasky’s favored collections like the Ombre Glow Beauty Vault Collection that includes 6 gel polishes that change hues that is ombre by day (changes with the temperature) and glowing by night. It is like you have three colors on your nails with just one polish from this collection. Get those stunning fingernails any time with any of the gel polish from the Kiara Sky collections.

Kiara Gel Polish Free Sample

Kiara Gel Polish Free Sample


Can’t get enough of Kiara Sky Nails?

Here is your chance to get a free set sample (1 Kiara Sky Base and Top Set) plus a gift when you purchase one of the color sets available to choose from. Each set sells at $323.64, which gives you an automatic discount of $106.56 per set. You may also opt to buy the 18 Colors Kiarasky Kits (#KIA18CK) at $161.82 ($233.1 original price) and get 18 colors including Rose Bonbon, Call It CLICHÉ, Femme Fatale, Cheri Cheri, Haute Chocolate, and more. If you would like to have all Kiarasky colors in one purchase, you can also opt to buy One Line Kiarasky 156 Colors instead at $1402.44 and save $35.56. You also get a Free Beyond Pro Rechargeable Led Lamp and a free gift with your purchase.

Gel polish is a nail lacquer alternative that gives long lasting shine that won’t peel off for up to 14 days. For a creative combination of colors and a wider range of options, Kiara Sky Gel Polish is the next best option. Find one either from its Gel color collection or its Ombre collection. Anyone can experiment with the hundreds of shades and styles that the brand offers. There are also gel and lacquer type Kiara Sky polish that are available and offer the same professional finish. Get ahead of those wanting to wear those strikingly shining nails with the Kiara Sky Polish and experience the difference.