Tips to Prevent Peeling and Cracking of Nail Polish 2022

Tips to Prevent Peeling and Cracking of Nail Polish 2021

May 26, 2021

Your fingernails serve as windows to possible health issues or simply indicate your regular habits. Therefore identifying the causes and ways to prevent your nail polish from peeling and cracking will help you keep your nails strong and healthy.


The big question therefore is, ‘Why do nails crack and peel’? Let’s now consider some basic causes of nail peeling and cracking.


Regular water exposure

If you usually perform a job that needs you to dip your hands into water frequently or soak hands in water, it may cause your nail polish to crack and peel.

Constant manicure and application of acetone nail polish cleanser

While you constantly undergo nail care, it may affect your nail polish to crack and peel. Frequent application of acetone based nail polish remover to remove nails will also peel and crack your nails.

Lack of nutritional meals

Your body needs many nutrients to develop healthy nails. As it is best known that lack of iron are the most common nutritional deficiencies that cause the nails to peel and crack. Therefore your body needs proteins and vitamin B to build strong and healthy nails and to also prevent your nails polish from peeling and cracking.

However, aging is the normal cause of nail peeling and cracking.


As you grow, your fingernails will also grow with you, which will typically become thinner because of your old age, and this is closer to nail polish peeling and cracking.

Fungal infection

This can also cause your nail polish to peel and crack, when you have epidermis infection around your nails, therefore fungus can enter the skin which can cause your nails polish to peel and crack.

Although the fungal will mostly affect the toenails than the fingernails because of the cool and wet environment which can be cause by the shoes you wear.


This can cause your nails polish to peel and crack and can also accompany some other symptoms like nails chipping, crumbing and nails bed separation.

Thyroid disorder

Thyroid is necessary for maintaining someone's metabolism to help skin, hair and the nail growth. People with this ailment can experience nails problems such as nail dryness, peeled and cracked nails polish.

How do you know you have peeled and cracked nails?

Although some people think cracked and peeled nail polish are as a result of split nail, nail polish peeling and cracking can happen in various areas of your nails such as nail tips middle or across the nails.

Typically, cracked and peeled nail polish is usually thinner than usual nail appearance which can also cause nail polish to fade off and crack. Most times, the nails may feel soft and easy to remove when you notice this, it indicates that you have peeled and cracked nail polish.


Here is how to prevent your nails from peeling and cracking, although nail peeling and cracking prevention depends on the underlying causes. For instance, you might be told by doctors to opt for antifungal treatment to cure the fungus which is often painted on the nails like your nails polish. But, if you still have cracked and peeled nails, your nail practitioner may diagnose antifungal drugs for you.

If you have nail psoriasis, you can get rid of it by:

Regular application of topical medicine to the nail which include vitamin D ointment or topical corticosteroid, but at times you might be told to undergo a phototherapy which involves exposing your nails to special light to prevent nail polish peeling and cracking.

Avoid long water exposure. Ensure to apply Vitamin E and moisture sealed petroleum jelly based hand moisturizers to your hands and fingers after washing them and also abstain by dipping your hands into hot water for a long time, hot water shower and dish washing.

Trim/ file nails after bath or shower. When your nails are softer and less peel and crack after bath, then you can trim them. However, when you have short nails they are less to peel and crack. Use a fine- grained buffing board to file your nails into one direction to prevent nails peeling and cracking.

Avoid acetone nail polish cleanser. It is advisable to use a acetone free nail polish remover which will prevent nails from peeling and cracking.

Wear preventive gloves. When undergoing an activity that you need to use your hands or soak your hands in water for a long period of time, ensure to wear hand gloves to prevent nail peeling and cracking.

Avoid regular manicure. Try to abstain from too much manicure. You should give your nails a break from time to time for them to build before going for a new manicure and you can also consider alternative means of gel nail care than regular nail polish.

Consume a nutritious meal that involves a variety of Vitamins and minerals such as vitamin B and iron. Variety of food is often formulated with these minerals like cereals, oranges and breads.

Opt for gel base coat nail polish. When applying nail polish either by yourself or at the salon. Ensure to use a gel base coat nail polish in order to be easily removed and prevent your nails polish from peeling and cracking.

Use nail hardener. Ensure to use nail hardening products which are more effective to prevent your nail polish from peeling and cracking when applying nail polish on your nails.

Consider taking Biotin supplements. You can also opt for this supplement to prevent your nails from peeling and cracking and to have healthy nails.


Having considered all these preventive methods, your nails still take time to grow and cure for six to eight weeks or refuse to stop cracking and peeling, consider seeking nail care practitioner attention. You need to understand that your nails stand as a protection for fingers and toes. While peeled and cracked nails can distract you from completing your daily activities especially if you need to use your hands, if you have a cracked and peeled nail polish, it might be caused by systemic conditions or nutritional deficiencies. Peeled and cracked nails can be treated at home by yourself, but if you notice that your nails bleed is painful, it is advisable to visit a doctor to know the best treatments to apply.

You can also seek medical advice if you have other symptoms of severe conditions with the peeled and cracked nail polish. Fortunately, these preventive tips will enable you to use your hands efficiently and also prevent your nails polish from peeling and cracking.

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