Best Manicure Table Lamp for Nail Salon Reviews 2021

Best Manicure Table Lamp for Nail Salon Reviews 2021

May 17, 2021

Let me shine the light on the best manicure table lamps available for salons. No manicure table would be complete without superior lighting. Good lighting is imperative to the discerning professional nail technician. It allows them to see clearly as they work on clients’ nails. When looking for a manicure table lamp, it is important to consider a product that gives you the illumination that you need to complete a professional job. In a salon, it is essential that employees have lamps that limit eye strain. You also want to find a lamp that emits a ‘true to life’ color.

Firstly You Need to Consider the Best Lumens for Your Salon

Lumens is the amount of brightness a bulb will emit. Lumens measures the light output of a light. So when you are looking for a table lamp for your salon, take into consideration the amount of lumens, the higher the number of lumens the brighter the lamp will appear.

Color Correcting Lights

LED bulbs are the best choice for color-correcting technology. LED surpasses iridescent light for efficiency. LED light also does not emit heat, which benefits your client and yourself; you don’t want your clients feeling uncomfortable as the temperature rises during their treatment.

Benefits of Purchasing an LED Table Lamp

Lifetime bulbs, the bulb will not burn out or need replacing.

LED lights give you ‘true to life’ color.

Reduces eye strain that you would otherwise experience with iridescent bulbs that shine a yellow hue.

LED light has no flickering.

The Best Manicure Table Lamps for Salons

1. Minerva High Definition LED Lamp

Minerva High Definition LED Lamp


  • - Dual Position Adjustable Arm
  • - C-Style Clamp is Easily Secured or Removed from Work Area
  • - 81 Powerful High-Definition Bright White LEDs
  • - 350 Degree Rotating Head
  • - Power consumption: 11w/110v, Output voltage: 12v 810 lumens


  • - Secure clamp
  • - Looks classy
  • - Perfect white light
  • - Affordable price
  • - Efficient power use
  • - Cool to touch, won’t heat up
  • - Easy to move and position perfectly


  • - Does need a table overhang in order for clip to be attached
  • - Is quite bulky

2. Desk Lamp Clip Pinkiou Microblading USB Light Lamp

Desk Lamp Clip Pinkiou Microblading USB Light Lamp


True color, with bright white light. This lamp has LED technology, therefore, the illumination is bright with no flicker and no radiation, for healthy eye protection.

The metal clip can be firmly clamped to your manicure table and fits table top widths of up to 6 cm. It features a 360 degree super soft flexible metal arm that can be bent to meet the demand of any angles.


  • - Affordable price
  • - Flexible and easy to maneuver arm
  • - Excellent bright light
  • - Sturdy clip that stays in place
  • - Lightweight and portable
  • - Easy to use
  • - Extra long plug cord or use USB if traveling
  • - Compact design


  • - The circular design could be considered too small for some salon use.

3. Estink 5X Magnifier Desk Lamp

Estink 5X Magnifier Desk Lamp


This lamp has 5X magnification and a 5" large clear glass lens. The lamp will bring hard-to-see small fine details, into sharp and clear focus. The lamp is able to be adjusted to suit different heights and has a moveable arm. The lens head can rotate left and right with a 360 degree range of motion. It is also able to flip up and down 180 degrees.

Bright illumination with energy efficiency: this energy-saving Magnifier Lamp produces no chemical pollution, no glare, eye-care and energy-saving, eco-friendly and environment-friendly, estimated long lamp life. Voltage: 110V; Frequency: 50Hz; Power: 22W.

The lamp Installs easily to you manicure table with a clamp. The clamp-on design of this lamp allows you to save space at your workstation. The lamp is very easy to remove when you don't need to use it.


  • - Affordable
  • - Has the bonus of magnifying lens
  • - LED light
  • - Fully adjustable
  • - Good quality


  • - Not easily clamped onto varied positions of your table
  • - This models design is not as sleek as some others

4. ZJchao Magnifying Lamp

ZJchao Magnifying Lamp


This lamp focuses on eye protection. It adopts energy-saving technology with bright LED light, no stroboscopic, no radiation, which will help to reduce eye strain.

USB plug design is more convenient to use; you can connect it to your computer, power bank, adapter etc. The aluminum lamp head is good for heat exchange and extends its service life. The arm tube can be bent freely, you can adjust the height and direction of the lamp flexibly. 2.5 times magnification will help you see clearly while performing a manicure. Suitable for your manicure table.

The clip on the bottom of the lamp makes it easier to clamp firmly on the table. It will be perfect if you combine a Best Manicure Stool.


  • - Easy to bend and position tube arm
  • - Durable materials
  • - Sturdy clamp
  • - Quality magnifier
  • - Protects eyes
  • - Great value


  • - The lamp head has sharp edges
  • - The length of the arm tube is quite short

5. TaoTronics LED Desk Lamp

TaoTronics LED Desk Lamp


This lamp is elegant and durable, in a minimalistic touch sensitive design that's made to outlast time as well as daily use. The lamp features 25 light modes for any occasion: choose between 3000K, 3500K, 4000K, 5000K & 6000K cct with 5 different brightness levels. When you choose this lamp you will benefit from an energy-efficient LED panel that reflects the light sideways to minimize glare and eye strain.

The lamp has a memory function. You Won't Forget: Choose one of the 25 possible combinations of CCT & brightness and get back to it instantly as soon as you turn the switch back on. The lamp’s memory function retains preset settings and reboots accordingly.

The built-in USB Port will provide power when power is needed. Keep your devices at hand while charging with the built-in iSmart USB charging port.


  • - Comes in two color choices
  • - Has adjustable light brightness
  • - Memory function
  • - USB port charging
  • - Sleek and modern design
  • - Led light reduces eye strain
  • - Easy touch technology to change light settings


  • - Arm has two hinges, so not as adjustable as other lamps
  • - Wide base takes up more space on your manicure table
  • - The lamp could easily fall off the table because its base is not fixed like a clamp lamp.

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