Top 10 Best Nail Polish Reviews 2021: 10 New Options for You

Top 10 Best Nail Polish Reviews 2021: 10 New Options for You

May 21, 2021

Nail polish means you will have a chance to give the color of your mood onto your nails. While reading most of the best nail polish reviews you may come to know that there are plenty of options out there that you can try out. There are different brands, different types of nail polishes and hundreds and thousands of nail colors available today. In addition to that, the richness, application method and your style also add to the unique look of your nails. So we thought we might help you find some of the best nail polishes that are available today.

Top 10 Best Nail Polish Reviews for You

We have briefly reviewed 10 of the best out of the enormous collection of nail polishes from various brands here:

DND DC Collections: Canadian Maple - 007

DND DC Collections: Canadian Maple - 007


Red is the color of emotions, elevated mood and the best way to start your day. This Canadian Maple shade is one perfect look for your nail for your everyday use. It applies well on your nails whether they are real or the fake ones, the cover, finish and the richness of the color make sure you get the best color that you ever wanted on your nail with a perfectly shiny finish. For rich color and the darkest shade you need, you may need to apply a few coats to get to the color that is required. But make sure not to apply very thick layers as it will come out easily.




This O.P.I nail color is the combination of Gel color and the nail lacquer. The perfect Barbie pink color presented in a combination of the lacquer and the gel color offers a perfectly shiny finish on the nails that last longer and would not tear off easily. The combo offers deep tones and gives the desired color on the application of 1-2 coats or so. It is important that you should apply the gel color and the lacquer in thin layers to make sure you get a refined and smooth finish covering the nails completely.  If you apply the gel and the lacquer properly you will surely get a gloss, smooth finish and the color you need on your nail without any problems.

Sally Hansen Nail Polish Set

Sally Hansen Nail Polish Set


Sally Hansen offers a range of nail colors and different types of nail polishes that make the day of everyday girl and those who have to give a professional look every weekday.  So, to compete with the daily needs of having perfectly finished nails, Sally Hansen has given the best collection of light-colored nail polishes and colors that match the needs of every woman.

This is a set of 10 perfectly blended colors in pinks and neutrals so that you don’t have to worry about the color of your day. The nail polish is fast drying so you can just put it on and you are ready to go within a few minutes without getting messed up with the color on your nails.

The perfectly finished nail color dried up within 30 seconds and you get the complete and flawless finish on your nails without any professional help needed.

The brilliant glossy shine and strong application make sure your nails stay protected and defined to give an excellent look.




Now, this is another perfect shade to start your day this summer as it gives a soft energy in the form of peachy pink color that suits most of the girly looks. This is also perfect to try out even if you are a professional and needs a soft nail color for keeping your looks delicate and professional at the same time. This consists of the gel nail color and the nail lacquer assuring that you get a rich and deep tone with a glossy finish that would not come off easily. The gel and the lacquer combine to give a strong and glass-like shine that keep your nail protected and give them a great look without any problems. With thin coats, the shine and the color are maintained for a longer period of time.

Essie nail polish, Pink

Essie nail polish, Pink


Now, this is truly a Nude on your nails because of the light pink shade that gives a soft, glossy finish on your nails. The Essie nail polish comes without Toluene and formaldehyde so it is totally safe to use.

The perfect finish makes sure it covers the nails completely and lasts longer than an average nail polish on your nails. Either you need an everyday wear on your nails or you need to give a classy, yet light color tint on them, this Essie nail color would be the perfect one for you to use.





Need to get a perfect green on your nails with a glossy and glittery shine on them. This one offers a professional touch with a tint of sharp green tone that keeps you up with the trendy nail colors and styles. This is a Gel color for your nails that assure you will not be disappointed with the glass like shine and glossy touch with just one coat. Or if you need darker tones you may apply 1-2 coats. Due to the gel-based composition, it is better not to apply thick coats. With thin coats, smooth strokes on your nails give perfect, smooth and glossy finish without a hassle.

Shade Shifter Multichrome Nail Polish

Shade Shifter Multichrome Nail Polish


The nail art hype has taken over the nail fashion so strongly that every girl wants to look for the nail color that matches their daily needs as well as give a unique look on the nails. This one comes with the perfect color combination and composition that gives a shade-shifting effect on the nails.

The violet color gives somewhat pink and purple shades on the nails from the multiple directions which give a classy look with perfect shine and smooth finish that covers the nails.

For deeper and more composed color and fine-tuned shades on your nail, you may apply the nail polish in multiple coats but make sure the layers are thin so that they stay longer. All in all this nail color is the color of the future in the latest nail polish collection.




The color says it all. This one offers a deep maroon red nail color that comes in a combo pack of gel color and nail lacquer. The combination of the lacquer and the gel color assure that your nail will be coated with the best color and finish giving it the look that you ever wanted. The nail color gives the riches tones whereas the gel coat assures a protective coat and a glossy shine so that the color stays on the nails for a longer time.




Though you always try to make a style statement while giving your nails sharp colors and deep tones, this one is different. This light brown tinted gel color gives more like a nude color touch on your nails and offers shine and gloss with lighter toned brown or skin like shades. The color is perfect for everyday wear or for those who have to keep the nails finely finished with light-toned nail color and keep them protected against wear and tear. The gel color perfectly fits the everyday needs and keep the nails coated with a perfect look on them.

Ella + mila Dream Collection Nail Polish

Ella + mila Dream Collection Nail Polish


Talking about the nail art, we can also find some of the nail polishes that may not need a lot of effort to give a unique touch on your nails and this one also is a style in its own. The ella+ mila offers the dream collection nail polish that provides a collection of beautiful effects through the nail décor inside the nail polish bottle.

The nail polish is free from Toluene and formaldehyde or camphor as well so you need to not worry about that. The nail polish also comes with a guaranteed animal cruelty-free products that mean you are using perfectly designed nail polish without any hazard to the environment as well. These nail polishes are certified by PETA.

All you get is the glittery, shiny finish on your nails that will be covered in the artistic combination of the glitter and the perfect application of the nail polish giving a smooth and shiny finish for a flawless touch on your nails.

Winding up our comprehensive yet concise round-up of 10 of the best nail polishes reviews available on the market today, we can say that you should look for the safe and environmentally friendly nail polishes. Look for the ones that are quick drying and give the true color on your nails. Definitely, the way you apply also plays an important role in determining the strength of the color on the nails. You just need to have the right color, applied the right way on your nails and your nail will rock!