Best Nail Polish Colors For Summer Reviews 2021

Best Nail Polish Colors For Summer Reviews 2021

May 19, 2021

Just like picking the best outfit that suits your color, occasion, and, even your mood to make you feel even better, having the appropriate color for your nails also does wonders on your outlook for the day. But there are just so many shades available to choose from. From the shades of red, nudes, whites, sheer sheers, metallics and glitters, grays, blues, greens, and so on. Then you also need to decide which will complement your total look. Should you be picking the most modest of colors or, perhaps, try the dramatic hues instead? It really is NOT easy like you first thought.

Are You Shy or Embarrassed Wearing Colorful Costumes?

Let’s face it, no woman would like to be looking drab. Most women dress not only to feel comfortable with the clothes that they wear but most importantly to feel good about themselves. We accomplish this when we receive compliments from those who would give an outright praise for what they see in what we wear or how we wear them. And just like you feel good about how an outfit makes others think of you, you also feel great when people notice how lovely your nails look. It seems that the color of your nails functions more like an accessory to what you wear. Because of this, you would want to find the most fitting color that will not just complement, rather accentuate your look.

Is Color Coordination Important?

With the right color, you may put on the simplest of all the outfits, or may just be in your usual home attire, and still get that second look with your newly polished nails. By now, you may have already understood that not all nail coatings are made equal. There are just those that will outshine and outlive others. You have your options: regular, gel-type, and dip powder pigments. You understand that having the best type of nail coating would not only save you time and money, but also the health of your precious nails. So you take more time to pick that brand and hue that will give you the most benefit.

Are You Looking for a Perfect Nail Polish?

If you are looking for the perfect nail polish color that will flatter your skin from the brand or brands that will give you the best value for your money, you have landed on the right page. You can find a list of the best nail polish for every hue and tone available. It could be a summery look that you are aiming to create with the colors that you choose or the  more dramatic colors of fall that you may want present on your fingernails. Whatever it is, the colors that we have on the list may just be the best that will reflect what you think and how you feel about yourself and the beauty that one of these interesting nail colors would bring.

1. Best Red Nail Polish

Best Red Nail Polish


Here are three interesting shades of red you can swipe on for an evening out with friends:

Nu 07 Red Red Wine (#NU07). Love that red. It’s not intoxicating, rather its intense cherry red color makes you want to gaze on it longer.

Nu 13 Five Alarm Red (#NU13). This one another intense red. Cover your nails with this red hue and see how they speak volumes.

SNS 97 Corvette Red (#SNSGC97). An interesting red hue with an orange undertone will make your nails look more appealing. With a color that stays shiny without chipping or breaking for up to 14 days, that is something to rave about.

2. Best White Nail Polish

Best White Nail Polish


KiaD - Pure White (#KIAD10ozPW). This white dip powder is just perfect for those who love having French tips! All Kiara Sky dip powder pigments are formulated without harsh chemicals and are fused with vitamins and calcium to strengthen natural nails.

L00 Alpine Snow (#OPIL00). This is a gel nail coating and provides a perfect, thick layer on your nails. Consider this the whitest of all whites and a great all-rounder. Great as a base or on its own or for added details.

NU French White 2oz (#NUPWFW2). This warm white pinkish hue of nail dipping powder is great to have on your nails any time of the year.

3. Best Black Nail Polish

Best Black Nail Polish


DGLT02A BLACK ONYX(#OPIDGLT02A). This is a basic black, but is  definitely fabulous! This three-free shade (with no formaldehyde, dibutyl phthalate, or toluene) dries into a classic black after two coats. It's easy to apply, and a topcoat boosts the shine.

Nu 31 Starry Night (#NU31). It’s  not a pale one, but a rather starry and shiny one with the Nu 31 Starry Night covering your nails. Even the nights will look bright like the day, and you can flaunt your nails whenever you please.

436 Vegas Volt (#KIAD436). Let your nails dazzle with this combination of black and silver glitter that adds a touch of radiance on your hands and feet wherever you go.

4. Best Pink Nail Polish

Best Pink Nail Polish


DGLR44A PRINCESSES RULE (#OPIDGLR44A). Two to three coats of this flattering light pink nail polish that shimmer will leave your nails looking a charming damsel.

B56 - Mod About You (#OPIMATCB56). This light pink creme polish alternative is amongst the favorite for a pastel pink look. 

NL 26 girly girls (#NL26). This is the lightest shade of pink that is almost transparent and sparkles with the glitters incorporated into it. It is lightweight and flexible, looks and feels natural, non-yellowing, crack and chip resistant, and is fortified with calcium and vitamin E. NL 26 Girly girl is part of Nugenesis’ Sparkle collection.

5. Best Purple Nail Polish

Best Purple Nail Polish


Choose from the more confident hues to the playful tones. Which one is best for you?

NL 6 Boogle Nights (#NL6). Change  from boring to exciting color with this nail polish coating. Double the flare with glitters on your nails. It’s not pleasing, it’s eye-catching.

Nu 09 Professor-nugenesis- (#NU09). It’s easy to wade or flip your hands on the air with this nail coating that will make you feel even more confident yet warm. Just take it easy for  we’re quite sure that there’ll be more oohs! and ahhs! that you will hear than ever before.

V34 - Purple Palazzo Pants (#OPIMATCV34).A lovely choice for a dipping powder pigment that will give your nails a dainty look for weeks and will make them stronger, too. This is from OPI, the maker of ideal nail polish that gives your nails optimum shine and coverage that will last for weeks.

6. Best Organic Nail Polish

Best Organic Nail Polish


Not all nail polish can be completely safe when applied to your nails. There are several brands, like those that we have included on this list, that are toxin-free and even promotes nail health as they are infused with health-giving minerals. For the best organic nail polish, we found these three landed on our top three.

420 Bright Maroon 2/Pack (#DND420). Probably one of the best-sellers as it is a soak-off gel polish that offers a high-gloss finish that may be worn up to 21 days. It’s a quick two-step formula that does not require base coats, bond aids, and primers.  You will have gorgeous nails for weeks with this stunning bright maroon shade.

466 Brandy Wine 2/Pack (#DND466). Here is another DND winner that could probably suit your preference. With a matching gel and polish in a pack, it’s a great deal. You get a luminous nail coating that lasts longer than most polish, keeps its luster for weeks and is also chip and crack resistant.

131 Barely Touch (#SNSGC131). An interesting nail coating that may go well with any outfit and will also lighten up the mood. This light and warm color exudes the light and air in the summer and the morning breeze in spring. For a cold winter, it is something that will also brighten the atmosphere.

7. Best Blue Nail Polish

Best Blue Nail Polish


Put on some nourishment on your nails while making them look dandier.

DGLV33A Gelato On My Mind (#OPIDGLV33A).This pale mint creme from OPI’s Venice Collection can be a conversation piece. Its sheer attractiveness will make you jump off your feet the first time you see it on another woman’s nails and actually leave you wishing you had it on your nails as well.

Nu 02 Robin's Egg Blue (#NU02). This classic cool shade is soft and light to the eyes and will keep your nails looking fresh and stunning. If you are out for weeks-long summer, it could just be the perfect shade to pair with the upbeat mood that the season brings.

NL 30 taking chances (#NL30). If you are looking for a nail polish shade that is playfully flattering yet not condescending, Nugenesis’ NL 30 Taking Chances is a nail color that you may want to put on. This is a non-toxic, odor-free, cool hue that will add glamour to your total make-over.

8. Best Green Nail Polish

Best Green Nail Polish


For some unique green shades, choose from one of these three hues we have for you.

Nu 15 British Green (#NU15). This classic and also contemporary shade of green by Nugenesis is a dipping powder. It’s not toxic and odor-free, like most of the products we have already mentioned, and as it is in powder form, it lasts longer than most nail coatings. It is also strong yet flexible, crack and chip resistant, as well as promotes the growth and health of nails.

216 Artemis Hunter Green (#SNSGC216). This gelous dipping powder pigment leaves a stunning and long-lasting wear that can be applied to both real and fake nails. Application of the dipping powder does not require curing under a UV or a LED light. It leaves a more natural and light finish that will last for up to two weeks.

78 Greenpeace USA (#SNSGC78). SNS, maker of quality dipping powders, created this eye-catching sparkling green hue called 78 Greenpeace USA. It is safe to use on the nails as it is formulated without Parabens, Phthalates, Mineral Oil, Synthetic Sulfate, Triethanolamine, and Gluten. It offers only lasting shine that is flexible yet strong.

9. Best Brown Nail Polish

Best Brown Nail Polish


NL 22 i'll be waiting (#NL22). Say it with colors. This interesting shimmer will leave you wandering and will keep your mind off the watch for a while as it comes to be an intriguing shade. Its endless glitter is fit for its name, “22 i’ll be waiting”. The waiting will just be wonderful, nonetheless, as it glitters with strength and luster. It will keep you marveling longer than ordinary nail lacquers.

82 Feel Like A Million Dollars (#SNSGC82). With a color so rich and strong like this shade of brown, you will definitely feel like a million dollars. Try it on your nails and see how they make a better statement.

543 Treasure The Night (#KIAD543). If you are looking for a fan of brown shades, you can just add this to your collection to make it perfect. It may just be the shade you have long been waiting to have on your nails. We would love to know how you find it, though.

10. Best Gold Nail Polish

Best Gold Nail Polish


433 Strike Gold (#KIAD433). Create a holographic wonder that will keep eyes staring at your nails when you coat them with this striking gold hue. It glitters and makes you feel you have really just strike the gold.

Nu 04 Gold Dust (#NU04). This extraordinary nail coating changes when the temperature goes lower than the normal body temperature. It also glows under black light and in the dark. It’s an interesting color that not only feels good on your nails but also looks good on them.

554 pixie-dust (#KIAD554). Step out with your slip on and flaunt those nails. They will glitter like they’d been sprinkled with pixie dust and will surely mesmerize anyone looking at them. Give it a try!

Having the right color on your nails makes any woman look even more appealing. If you are torn between several options or may just have a difficult time deciding which would be the best hue or tone for your nails, check out the exciting colors that we have listed above and picked the one that will look great on your nails. Now you don’t just have to settle for the basic colors available, but you may experiment on other hues and tones that will just be as exciting as your drab when you have them complement each other.