All About Digital Nail Art Reviews 2021 (New Breeze in Nail Art)

All About Digital Nail Art Reviews 2021 (New Breeze in Nail Art)

May 25, 2021


Did you know that even nail arts can be printed out directly on your nails without exerting much effort and time? Yes, it is possible. Thanks to digital nail art!

Most people desire perfection on their nails. However, it is hard to achieve professional salon-like nail art by doing it on your own. You need to hire a nail expert to have artsy-looking nails for both of your hands and feet. That was an old remedy, though.

Today, there is a new smart way to evolve your nails with lesser human intervention. You heard it right. What humans cannot do, machines can. Here is where the works of technology enter. In this article, I am about to explain what is a digital nail art machine, its importance and its difference from traditional nail art.

There is a surprise digital art machine model in the latter part of this article. So, read until the end of this post to know what it is.

What Is A Digital Nail Art Machine?

Digital Nail Art Machine


A digital nail art machine acts as a printer, not for papers but fingernails. It is pre-loaded with decorative designs that are suitable for nails. You can also customize personal nail art designs through it. The machine immediately prints out the desired nail art image on the nails in one push of a button.

This kind of machine started in the United States, wherein most nail artists are investing with one until it became viral. It helps to save time in doing nail art that takes only minutes to finish the fingernails of a person. It works a lot faster than doing a nail art by the hand. That is the main reason why it goes viral.

Nail art machines are available in many forms, including LED & UV Nail Lamp, and a combination of the two lamps. All of these deliver high-quality nail art designs that you could ever experience. You can buy one either for your personal or professional use. But it works well either way.

How Does Digital Nail Art Machine Work?

The digital nail art machine works like a mini ink-jet printer directly on human nails. Refills are available at a low price when other company offers expensive refills. Fill it with the nail polish color that you desire. The machine would make the nail polish last for a long time by working with gel nail polish.

For the beginners, it is better to ask for help in setting up the machine to make things work smoothly.

How Digital Nail Art Enhances People's Lives

With the help of digital nail art machines, nail enthusiasts are more inspired to do nail arts. Nail fashion is now on-trend which is a gateway for them to attract more and more customers.

Digital nail art machines enhance the ability to have high-quality nail art designs in seconds. Salon owners can now offer new and exciting nail art styles and designs. Those Nail designs in which a mere human cannot perform, the machine can do in a moment.

Digital nail art does benefit not only those salon owners but also those nail addicts at home. There is no need for them to go to the salon when they can have beautiful nails personally made. It reduces both the effort and time while delivering the best results.

Digital Nail Art Machine Vs. Traditional Nail Art

We do appreciate how good classic nail art is. However, as technology started to rise, it becomes obsolete and being replaced by digital nail art machines. In this section, the differences and similarities of the digital nail art machine and traditional nail art. Let us get into it!

Digital Nail Art Machine

If we want quick results, we usually depend on devices. It works with minimal human intervention but still renders better outcomes. Digital art machine was defined earlier in this post, and for now, we will give you an overview about its pros and cons.


  • Digital nail art machine can finish a nail art on all fingernails and toenails at one time.
  • It renders quick and better-looking results.
  • It helps to earn more income, especially for nail salon owners because of how fast it works.
  • The process is so easy to follow, and it will not take a long time to figure out particular nail designs.
  • In terms of cost, digital nail art machines are very cheap. It eliminates the need for buying art supplies for the next use.
  • There are a lot of nail design options in-store. In case of mistakes, it is easier to undo and start over again.
  • You can do nail art anywhere with digital nail art machine with a feeling of relaxation along the process.
  • It eliminates mess compared to traditional nail art as only one device is needed.


  • The machine requires an added use of a computer to achieve better nail designs.
  • It won’t work without electricity.
  • It requires backing up of nail design files or else you will lose all of it when accidentally deleted in a source.
  • Prone to viruses and errors.
  • The result does not look natural.
  • It Can affect nails’ health when being over-reliant to undo button. It might result to hand joint problems.

Traditional Nail Art

There are still lots of nail stylists who go with conventional nail art. It has proven an excellent performance over the years, and so we cannot judge those who are still into the traditional way. It demands a tremendous human intervention, unlike the prior option. So, let’s see more of its pros and cons below!


  • Traditional nail art helps to improve your creative skills as personal preferences of nail designs are applied.
  • It looks more natural.
  • The entire control is yours to keep. You can mix nail polish colors at your preference.
  • No files will be corrupted or get lost.
  • Most nail stylists are experts in traditional nail art-making. It is not new for them.
  • You can learn more nail designs every session. It is more on personal development.
  • It renders lots of positive results over the years.


  • No, undo button, and so reapplication is required when you have made mistakes.
  • It takes hours to finish nail art.
  • It requires further cost for nail art supplies.
  • It produces a mess when not correctly done.
  • You need to think about nail designs and become as creative as you are.
  • It requires excellent human intervention and enough skills to do so.

Are Digital Nail Art Machines Worth It?

Of all the said pros and cons of the digital nail art machine, there are more reasons why you should buy one. At this moment, we can answer the question with a “Yes! It is worthwhile.”

If you are really a nail art lover, a digital nail art machine could be worth it. It is up to your budget after all when it comes to picking the right tool for nail art. Furthermore, when you are the kind of person who has no time or artistic skill to do nail arts, this tool is perfect for you to buy. It does not require expertise in nail art scheming because the machine can finish the job alone.

Digital nail art machine can render the same nail look as compared to expensive salon-made nail arts. You can achieve celebrity-inspired nail arts with just a tool without spending much. Honestly, the machine is at average cost, isn’t cheap nor expensive. Further costs depend on how often you will use the digital nail art machine.

Hours spent in nail salons will turn into minutes by using a digital nail art machine. More and more customers will experience beautiful nails that could last for weeks. Who would have thought minutes of curing could stay firm on nails for weeks? The digital nail art machine got your back.

Therefore, quicker client turnover is highly possible for salon owners. The cost spent on purchasing the machine will be rewarded straightaway. You have nothing to lose with a digital nail art machine. You are about to gain extra income.

The Bottom Line

Nail art printing is different now compared to what we grew up to. As technology continuously innovates, nail experts found a way to keep up with the advancements. Today, the use of a digital nail art machine is one of the best technology innovations in the industry of nail art so far.

The digital nail art machine is a new creation especially made for nail art enthusiasts and those who love nail art. It's a lot better than traditional nail art in so many ways in terms of convenience and creativeness. Many people choose a career opportunity to startup a profitable business.

We agree that digital nail art machines made the life of every nail art salon a lot more convenient than ever before. It doesn't eliminate human intervention, but the device lessens effort in achieving the best results.

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