Drawing Line Art Gel

Why Is the Trend of Drawing Line Art Gel so Popular?

Nail art is known as one of the hottest beauty trends today. It has developed in countries in Europe and America since the 60s of the last century. About 5 years ago, when the beauty needs of women and girls were increasing. Nail art became a new trend and developed quite strongly. Therefore, using line art gel is a good way in nail art.

Drawing Line Art Gel


With the attraction of the creativity of nail art, nowadays, you can see nail salons popping up all over the world, especially in big cities. Depending on the needs of each individual, women can own pretty hands that look quite eye-catching with many textures, shapes, and styles suitable for all ages, such as 3D textures, embossed textures, strokes, detailed drawings, straight lines, etc.

Let's find out the best line art gel and why line art gel is always the on top selling!

Nail art requires meticulousness because decorating and drawing each line on the nail is almost like drawing a tiny picture with all colors and shapes. Certainly, LDS line art gel platinum will be the perfect choice for you in designing nail art in general, painting lines and small details on nails in particular. Along with the accompanying accessories to create accents such as mother-of-pearl, stones, and rhinestones, glitters create beautiful, luxurious, and unique nails... To keep up with the nail trends of the growing market year by year, nail artists must constantly be creative, update new trends through each stage and choose high-quality products.

The most elaborate and creating "identity" of every professional manicure is the decoration of the nails. Long ago, nail technicians often used traditional brush strokes to make beautiful and fancy nail designs. However, since the birth of line gel art, it has become a product and support for painting on nails, allowing you to create all shapes, colors, and most of all, detailed drawings, straight lines, or unique strokes. LDS line art gel platinum can meet all the needs of customers. It depends on the ages, tastes, and preferences of the customer nail technicians will create vivid, youthful, elegant, sophisticated, and luxurious patterns.

LDS Line Art Gel Platinum

Features of product

LDS line art gel platinum is the new product line of LDS. This platinum product line came with 12 eye-catching and beautiful colors. Solid gel with extreme durability and shine, the nail designs can last at least 3 months.

LDS line art gel platinum's brush has better quality than similar products. It is neither too soft nor too hard and is directly attached to the cap of the paint bottle. The bristles are small and thin. The main body of the brush is its cap. The brush's tip is usually about 1.2cm long, which is very suitable for drawing details.

How to use it effectively

Too much gel polish will make the strokes not elegant and easy to smudge. So, you have to know how to get the gel polish properly. The new pen tip will be compact, evenly absorb the gel nails to curl the strokes as you like effortlessly.

After dipping the paint into the tip of the brush, push the 4 sides of the bristles into the mouth of the nail polish bottle to let the nail polish flow down until the head of the brush become slim.

If you want to draw large flowers or bold petals, after taking out the brush, you can use the paint around the bottle's lip and start drawing the line; after that, extend the tip of the stroke to fill the petals.

Tips when using LDS Line Art Gel Platinum

You should practice drawing with a bowl before you paint on your nails.

Do not sit and draw in front of a strong fan because it is easy to make the paint dry and sticky. If your brush head is dry and sticky, dilute it with paint water, absolutely do not use acetone.

After painting, use acetone to wipe the paint off the wall of the jar and cover it to prevent the liquid from drying.

It can be hard at first, but with some practice, you will surely achieve good results. We hope you will succeed in brushing your and your customers, creating many shimmering nail designs. Don't forget to share with your sister to make it as beautiful as possible.


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