Lavis Nail System Soft Gel Nail Extension

Lavis Nail System Soft Gel Nail Extension - The Best Solution for Girls Who Want Long Nails

Owning a hand with beautiful elongated nails is a dream of every girl. However, it is not like everyone was born with beautiful nails. Some of you have short, curved, and uneven nails. In addition, the paint does not look good when you paint them on your natural nails. There are also cases where the nails bed gets easily damaged due to housework or work, and the nail polish came off, so the dream of owning a perfect beautiful hand as desired by women is even more feasible. The fastest and most effective solution to the desire of girls is to use nail tips. Today, let’s find out Lavis Nail System Soft Gel nail extension.

What Is Lavis Nail System Soft Gel Nail Extension?

Lavis Nail System Soft Gel Nail Extension


When beauty demands are increasing, customers always want to own long, slim, natural nails. However, due to deformity or collisions leading to broken nails, uneven growth of nails, connecting the Soft Gel nail extension is the fastest and most effective way to create a perfect nail shape.

Soft Gel nail extension is also a kind of nail tip, which is born to become a great savior for women with brittle, damaged, short, weak nails and those who have a habit of biting their nails.

The Soft Gel nail extension line of product from Lavis Nail System is an excellent quality nail tip. It is greatly improved compared to similar traditional product lines. Lavis Nail System Soft Gel nail extension provides 16 different nail shapes, meeting all requirements of all ladies; depending on their preferences, girls can choose a square, round, coffin, or any style and shape for themselves. This variety also gives consumers a more enjoyable experience and the convenience of changing styles at any time. At an affordable price, this Soft Gel nail extension will surely satisfy all customers of all ages.

Tip nails are an indispensable product in nail services, especially for short nail customers. Tip nails in nail services are necessary and infamous to help customers have the desired length of nails. Today, DTK Nail Supply would like to give you the definition of what a tip is? How to use tip nails?

Description of Soft Gel Nail Extension

Lavis Nail System Soft Gel Nail Extension

This nail tip is thin and light; customers will feel comfortable when using it. It has a natural transparent color and has a slight curvature like real nails. Each box of Lavis Nail System Soft Gel nail extension is a different nail shape. It has 600 Full cover nail tips with a full range of sizes from small to large, suitable for people with large and small natural nail forms.

How to Use Soft Gel Nail Extension

People say that the Soft Gel nail extention is the fastest and most effective solution for weak, brittle, and short nails because it is easy to use. With just a few simple steps, you can easily use it. If you want to DIY, you may be slow and not used to it at the first few tries. However, after practicing a few times, you will get used to it. By using this product, you can have a beautiful salon standard manicure.

First, we trim the natural nail, clean the excess skin, then lightly grind the nail to create grip. Next, we choose the tip size to fit the natural nail. If it has excess, you can sharpen the two edges of the nail. After that, brush the nail glue evenly. We should let the glue shrink before placing the tip lightly on the natural nail, hold it for a while so the nail tip can fix the nails, and help the nail tips stick firmly. Use nail clippers to create length and trim, sharpen and shape nails to suit customers' needs. Finally, use nail polish or dipping powder to design nail art as to how you want.

Final Thought

With all the stunning features mentioned above, this product is a must-buy product for people who love doing nails. Not only available at a reasonable price; but also made with high-end quality for our customers. We highly recommend this kind of nail tip, and we ensure that you won’t be disappointed with it.

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