New Opi Innovations - Great News You Need To Know About OPI

New Opi Innovations - Great News You Need To Know About OPI

May 20, 2021

If you’re a huge fan of OPI, the following news will extremely excite you. In just a short time, OPI has launched 2 new Gel & Lacquer collections - Lisbon and Grease, expanded its Powder Perfection collection with 20 new shades as well as offering a new look for GelColor packaging. With these brand-new innovations, OPI guarantees a journey of expressing yourself through colors with ease and enjoyment. Let’s get into these exciting updates!

New Design

New Design


Thanks to an incredible wear time, zero dry time and unbeatable shine, OPI Gel Color is always consumers’ favorite. Recently, OPI has redesigned its Gel Color packaging for over 140 colors. The new design provides a cohesive look across all OPI lines, including Infinite Shine and Nail Lacquer products; the nail bottles are colored-matched to its accordant hue, finished off with an updated font and a white cap. The customers will easily fall in love with this updated version; these nail polishes will look beautiful on the display shelves.

Whether it’s just for a small corner of your house or it’s for a nail salon, these bottles are surely the star of the show. Plus, the customers won’t struggle and get annoyed anymore when choosing nail colors. Let’s be real that we all have way too many things to remember, so it really gets frustrating to know that we also need to remember our favorite colors’ name and code. Fortunately, OPI had got that problem fixed; the polish packaging, now, tells us which shade it is. How easy-breezy it is!

Lisbon Collection

Lisbon Collection


This collection is launched across all 3 lines: Infinite Shine, Nail Lacquer, and Gel Color. The name Lisbon gives you a hint that this collection is inspired by the lively city Lisbon, Portugal’s capital. To represent the iconic blue and white tiles, pastel-colored buildings, and historic museums from this old city, this collection offers 12 shades, a mix of dreamy pastels and bright warm colors.

“Made It To The Seventh Hill” - a soft golden rose hue, adds extra glamour to all skin tones.

“We Seafood And Eat It” the color name says it all; a lively red shade that makes you think of having lobster for dinner.

A solid true red is timeless and season-less that every girl needs at least one; this rich, red color – “A Red-Vival City” will never go out of style.

If you are brave enough, let’s try the metallic red “Now Museum, Now You Don’t” which will make a big statement for your nails.

This alluring pink shade “Tagus In That Selfie” is subtle enough to cheer up your boring workday and fun enough for a Sunday brunch with friends.

“Tile Art To Warm Your Heart,” “Sun, Sea, And Sand In My Pants,” “No Turning Back From Pink Street.” OPI is always spot on naming its nail polishes. Just by hearing these name can get your vacation mode on instantly.


Grease Collection

Grease Collection


To celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the biggest movie musicals of all time - Grease, OPI has launched 12 limited edition shades, also called Grease. These retro hues strongly capture the fun and energetic spirit of Grease.

Lavender is the color of this year, and “Frenchie Likes To Kiss?” is just a lovely shade to experiment with this purple trend.

Look your best whenever and wherever you are is a reminder of the buttercup yellow “Meet A Boy Cute As Can Be.”

It’s a dream come true with this turquoise blue gel nail polish “Was It All Just A Dream”

This deep blue tone with a pearl-like finish Chills Are Multiplyingwill give you a mysterious look that everyone will be curious about.

It’s hard to find a true orange that will look good on all skin tones. Summer Lovin’ Having A Blast!” is an exception; this dynamite orange won’t bring you down.

In addition to these 12 shades, the unique thing about this collection is that it includes 3 leather-like nail lacquers, which we’ve never heard before. Yes! You read that right. Imagine how the leather texture looks like; your nails will have the same finish. OPI offers leather-like lacquers in 3 basic shades: “Rydell Forever” is a perfect white, “Electryfyin’ Pink” is a shocking pink, and a seductive black is “Grease Is The Word.” The concept of leather-like nail polish is unusual and catchy. It’s a fun way to celebrate the 40th anniversary of this movie. Everyone in the party will definitely be curious about what you have on your nails that night.


Dipping Powder

Dipping Powder


The color choices for OPI GelColor are endless while the Powder Perfection’s really limited. The reason for that is quite understandable since dipping powder is a new concept to most of OPI consumers; OPI Company was probably uncertain whether its consumers would have positive feedbacks for this new line. Powder Perfection is an odor-free acrylic alternative system, which promises to add strength and durability with built-in color. Just dip and tap, this dipping powder system is quick applying and manageable for both nail technicians and home users.

Without the need to light cure, Powder Perfection still provides gel-like shine and weeks of wear. Good news is that it has been receiving so much love from the users. For that reason, in this summer, OPI has freshly released 20 new shades in Powder Perfection to expand the current collection; the whole line, presently, offers 44 iconic colors. OPI consumers will be satisfied with this new addition; these 20 new shades have always been popular in both GelColor and Nail Lacquer polishes.

Like “Freedom Of Peach” a creamy peach color perfect for summer vacation.

“Exotic Birds Do Not Tweet” is a bright yellow, which could make your skin glow radiantly.

A lovely green “I’m Sooo Swamped” is not like your typical green.

"Gimme A Lido Kiss" a saucy shimmery red shade, will take your look to the next level.

All fangirls of pinky shades cannot skip this warm luscious pink “Kiss Me I’m Brazilian” - a perfect pink for summer.

Or brightening up your moody day with this baby blue “It’s A Boy!”

If you’re a fan of neutral colors, don’t worry; OPI gets you covered with “Be There In A Prosecco” – a beautifully opaque crème color that you want it to stay on your nails forever.

Besides that, some darker shades also look gorgeous for the summer season.

Especially, “CIA = Color Is Awesome” dusky blue shade makes your whole outfit look chic and fabulous.

Or “Black Cherry Chutney” with a hint of sweetness is a deliciously daring black-red.

Black doesn’t mean boring; “My Private JetMy Private Jet is a luxurious black with glints of glamour.

These new OPI additions surely give consumers more freedoms to play around and get creative. More options, more fun.


Being the world leader in the professional nail industry, OPI is always on top of new trends and improving its quality as well as its look to satisfy its customers’ need. The OPI GelColor and Powder Perfection systems both have the advantages of durable wear and shine and a variety of beautiful shades. With all these innovations, OPI, once again, proves its ability to provide high-quality products and services with a focus on customers’ safety. OPI is, genuinely, every nail salon and girl’s best friend for all occasions and needs, especially for this upcoming exciting summer. Get creative and express yourself through colors with OPI GelColor and Powder Perfection. Are you ready for that?