The Best Drugstore Gel Nail Polish Reviews 2021

The Best Drugstore Gel Nail Polish Reviews 2021

May 20, 2021

There may be several constraints that will prevent you to make frequent visits to your local salon. You may not have enough time to squeeze in your already busy schedule a couple of hours or more to have your nails done. Perhaps you just need to re-apply a topcoat as the previous coating is still fine, but you feel that you just need to freshen up your manicure or pedicure with a top coat. This will likewise increase the shine on your nails.

If you have the best drugstore gel nail polish at hand, you won’t need to spend another few hours just to have a new manicure or pedicure. Home gel-manicure kits are now available at mass retailers, including drugstores, so there are just endless options for you to choose from. Many are available at even half the price of their high-end alternatives, yet they offer the same gorgeous finish that lasts as long as other nail polish does.

With the endless options available out there, it would take a while before you can finally decide which of them would best suit your needs. To help you decide, we have done the necessary research to provide you with some of the best gel nail polish alternatives you can use at home. You won’t be discontented as they offer the best salon quality result.

Quick Nail Tips

Here are a few things you need to do to ensure that your polish will last longer:

Don’t forget your gloves. It is not impossible for your polished nails to be ruined by a sudden pressure once your nails hit any surface capable of brushing off your precious nail coatings. The colors may also lighten with your constant hand washing or whatever it is that you need to do that will require your hands to be soaked in water and harmful detergents or cleaning solutions. Choose the easier option. Wear gloves and let your manicure stay glossy and scratch-free longer.

Use cuticle oil to prepare the nails to soften your cuticles instead of soaking them in warm water.

Use a mild antibacterial soap instead of a hand sanitizer. A sanitizer is usually made with alcohol. Once it touches your nails, it can easily strip off layers or portions of your manicure and may cause your nail coating to fade.

Freshen up your manicure or pedicure with a top coat. Rejuvenate the shades on your nails by applying a topcoat once every few days. This extends the life your manicure or pedicure. It will also restore the glow of your nails.

Start with a clean surface. Your nails will look stunning when the polish is applied evenly. However, if there is any residue on your nails, it will be impossible to have it done perfectly. Make sure to start with a clean surface. Use a cotton ball soaked in nail polish remover to have all other residues (including cuticle oil) removed from the surface of your nails.

Now, let’s move on to our recommended nail polish alternatives. Get ready to have your carts filled.

Best Drugstore Base Coat

Best Drugstore Base Coat


Sally Hansen Salon Pro Gel Base Coat: A top quality brand like Sally Hansen offers no less than the best professional quality gel manicure system. Enjoy up to two weeks wear of no chips, mirror-shine nails from a tiny bottle that works wonder from this Salon Pro Gel Base Coat by Sally Hansen. It’s available in 22 astounding colors through Amazon. It’s really a time saver. It’s also a cost-effective salon polish alternative that gives a finish that looks like you have your nails done by a professional.

Seche Ridge Filling Base Coat: Keep every imperfection on your nails totally covered and gives the polish of your choice the best anchor to cling on to with this filling base coat by Seche Ridge. Its incomparable bonding ability will not sacrifice the color of your natural nails. It actually protects the nail bed and does not leave yellowish marks or stains on the nails. More than that, it is a quick drying base coat and can easily be removed as well. It’s 100% vegan, and free from harmful ingredients, such as Paraben, Sulfates, and Phthalates.

AIMEILI Gel Nail Polish No Wipe Base Coat: Aimeli continues to provide high-quality nail polish products that leaves a mirror-like shine with no chipping, smudging, or peeling for up to 14 days. One small bottle goes a long way as each nail requires only thin coats to have a perfect manicure or pedicure using either the base or top coat from this brand. Aimeli are available in eight polish collection: temperature color, diamond, galaxy paranoid, sun play, cat eye, candy, and also the solid color range.

Best Drugstore Top Coat

Best Drugstore Top Coat


OPI Top Coat Nail Polish: This award-winning brand continues to provide an astounding collection that any woman would want to have on her nails. It offers a wide range of nail polish color and types. It is a brand that has long been a household name and is endorsed by nail professionals worldwide. Each small bottle holds a rich long-lasting, chip-resistant shade that you can wear for up to two weeks. It’s a non-yellowing and makes nail coating an easy and fool-proof process that can be done in less than thirty minutes or so.

Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Instant Nail Hardener: The Diamond Strength Instant Nail Hardener by Sally Hansen offers an optimum strength, shine and wear. This formulation contains micro-diamond and titanium ingredients that instantly bonds to strengthen and seal the nail layers with a nearly break-proof, protective shield. This makes the polish to last long without chipping, splitting, and tearing of the nails.

Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Anti-Chip Top Coat: This Anti-Dri Anti-Chip Top Coat is an exclusive acrylic polymer mixture that will dry and harden any nail color in 30 seconds. It makes the nail polish stronger and chip-free for up to 10 days. One stroke is enough to make the nails thick and dries almost instantly. Having stunning nails can now be done in a flash and without you even having to leave the house.

Best Drugstore Gel Polish

Best Drugstore Gel Polish


OPI Infinite Shine Nail Polish: Beautifully sassy -- that’s the kind of nails that you will have with every manicure or pedicure using one of the stunning colors of this high-quality nail polish. It delivers an ultra glossy finish that won’t chip, break, even fade for up to two weeks. You can wear your nails and keep them strong with each application of OPI Infinite Shine nail polish. This no light gel-like nail polish is soak-removal free, so you need to worry if you don’t have enough time whenever you need to change the shade on your nails. This three-step system will just do the trick.
Orly Gel Fx Nail Color: This unique nail polish is formulated with anti-oxidant vitamins A and E that will make your nails look and feel healthier. It also contains pro vitamin B5 that helps protect the structure of the natural nails, making it stronger with every use. All that you will have is about two weeks of excellent shine that will not chip or break. It’s LED cured, hence dries quickly and makes the finish more durable as well.

L'Oreal Paris Extraordinaire Gel-Lacque: L'Oreal Paris offers an extraordinary three-step nail system that makes nails look extraordinary. Each of its rich color leaves a high shine on the nails that is also extra strong. You can have a long-lasting wear that is protected from scratches and dents.

Best Drugstore Acrylic Nails

Best Drugstore Acrylic Nails


Kiss Products Complete Salon Acrylic Kit: You get stunning looking nails with the Kiss Products Salon Acrylic Kit. Like most of the reviews left by those who have actually used this product, we are sure that you will also be fully satisfied with the result. It’s everything you need from a perfect starter kit. Totally awesome.

Mia Secret Acrylic Nails: Now, it will be easy to do acrylic nails even at home. Mia Secret Acrylic Nails will help you help have gorgeous nails even if you have not done it before. The kit comes with 1/2 oz liquid monomer, 1/2 oz clear acrylic powder, ultra quick nail glue, 1/2 oz ultra gloss top coat, 20 fancy nail tips, 1/2 oz primer, speedy zebra straight nail file 100/100, #8 nail brush and an emery block.

Makartt Nail Tips: The nails by Makartt are made with high quality ABS material. They are thick and sturdy enough to last about 2-3 weeks. The ABS of which these nails are made is environment-friendly. It does not have any strong odor, is safe and comfortable to use as well.

With so many options available for you to choose from, you won’t have any problem getting that perfect nails whenever you need it. If you know the brand and the shade to pair with the occasion, your attire and even your mood, it will be easy to create the statement you want to project.

With any of those listed gel polish and acrylic nails above, all you need to do is to stock on what suits your requirements. As all of these products are gel-type nail coatings, you are assured that you can wear your nails longer, even up to two or more weeks. To maintain the quality of the polish you have, or even just to freshen up the glow of your nail coating, you may consider applying a top coat every few days. The tips provided above will also make it easier for you to maintain a chip-free, high-shine polished nails for weeks.