Cat Eyes Gel Colors

What Is Cat Eyes Gel Nail & What Kind of Cat Eyes Gel Colors You Have to Try?

There are countless designs and nail designs that are eye-catching and impressive because human imagination and creativity are limitless. Especially for the beauty industry and specifically the nail industry, when the beauty needs of the girls are so high, it requires experts and nail technicians to be creative, in addition to that, coupled with the use of good products to ensure the best customer experience! Many nail polish products today have made nail decoration easier and more beautiful. The highlight of which is the cat eyes paint effect. The hands will become shimmering with the combination of metal components in paint and magnet stone, creating a very eye-catching effect. Learn about this fun cat eye gel nail polish today!

Let’s Start to Learn about Cat Eyes Effect

Cat Eyes Gel Nail


Maybe you don't know what the Cat Eyes effect is, but you've certainly heard it at least once. When it comes to the Cat Eyes effect, many people will not know the good Cat Eyes gel polish lines when doing nails, especially for customers or beginners.

Cat eye nail gel color is a product that commonly available at the professional nail salons, using the same technique as the usual gel nail polish. The paint of cat's eye paint is also a gel polish, combined with shimmer to create a very beautiful effect.

When applying on the nails, using a magnet stone to heat it, it will create a glittering, sparkling, clear light streak effect like when you observe a cat's eyes when there is afternoon light.

The cat eye gel nail’s effect is interesting and youthful for the hands, you will see that it has light reflections, different changes under many angles. This paint also has a good gloss, bringing a new style, mystery and personality to stylish girls. If you haven't tried this kind of glitter gel polish yet, please give it a try right now!

How Is the Cat Eyes Effect Worked?

Cat Eyes Gel Nail


The Cat Eyes effect is created thanks to a small amount of metal that creates an emulsion in the paint, which is not available in other paints. Then, when the common magnet sold with paint is inserted, the attraction or repulsion from the magnet will create light streaks with those tiny metal particles.

You can customize the light streak to be horizontal, vertical, diagonal or curved depending on how you place the magnet on your finger. So, the effect of cat eye paint is only available in this paint, and only when using the right cat eye paint and removable magnet.

Cat eye paint also has a lot of colors for you to choose from, from pale tones, light colors to dark tones. It is easy to combine with many different nail styles, suitable for many ages and styles. Nail technicians can create designs that combine cat-eye paint with textures, paint or rhinestones.

A standard cat eye nail polish set must have harmonious colors, beautiful polish, creative lines with eye-catching effects, when looking at it, it will feel like 3D, very interesting and mysterious.

What Kind of Cat Eyes Gel Colors You Have to Try?

As mentioned above, Cat Eyes nails is being considered as one of the best nail trends at the moment and it is being warmly received around the world. There's no denying it because Cat Eyes gel colors not only bring fanciful and shimmering effects to your hands, but also bring a sense of fun and satisfaction when performing or observing nail technicians perform. Cat Eyes nails. Yes, it's true. Your nails can completely become much more shimmering with the effects of Cat Eyes gel without spending much time or having to paint more textures! But not every product line of Cat Eyes gel brings the sparkling and flashy effects that you want, on the other hand, if you do not choose carefully, you can also damage your nails due to unclear ingredients. in gel nail polish.

So do you need a nail polish that is both beautiful and good at a reasonable price? Yes, LDS Cat Eyes gel is totally made for all of you.

Let’s Find out about LDS Cat Eyes Gel!

Cat Eyes Gel Nail


LDS is known for its "Healthy" product lines with extremely affordable prices. The good news for everyone is that LDS has recently launched Cat Eyes gel nail polish, of course the "safe" and "healthy" criteria are still the criteria that LDS always puts on top. LDS's Cat Eyes gel colors product line has a thick and rich color paint, the glitter in the paint is very smooth, when applied to the hand does not feel heavy and uncomfortable. In addition, light streaks will appear extremely clearly when you use magnets to create effects according to your creativity.

Here must mention Aurora Cat Eyes collection of LDS - one of the most popular product lines of LDS glitter collection. It is suitable for you to use both daily and special occasions (Christmas, Birthday, Anniversary, Party, Events,...)

Other reasons you shouldn't miss Aurora Cat Eyes gel collection are because 9 items of it are all easy to apply and remove; suitable for both beginners and professionals, long-lasting for up to 21 days with proper application and highly-pigmented and super shiny.

Final thought

Aurora Cat Eye gel will give you the coolest glitter effect; color changing under different lightings and angles; snowlight aurora cat-eye magnetic effect; shining reflective flash glitter effect - All in one bottle. So, you have to embrace this extremely popular trend and choose the LDS Aurora Cat Eyes gel collection to create your own unique and luxurious nail sets.

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