Secrets of Nail Art with Glitter

Secrets of Nail Art with Glitter That Manicurists Should Note!

Glitter nail decoration is one of the services that are quite popular with customers. Therefore, to satisfy customers, nail technicians need to understand the necessary techniques when using glitter. Learn with us below to save the golden secret right away. As a nail technician, you must ensure accuracy when sprinkling glitter on your nails. This stage seems to be simple, but it is "wrong one inch by one mile". As a result, if you sprinkle too much, you can ruin a masterpiece of your own creation.

Secrets of Nail Art with Glitter That


However, do not worry too much, the safe solution in this situation is to use tweezers to pick up ice and fix granular tinsel; Or use a large brush dipped in glitter powder and sprinkled on nails. In addition, the operation needs to be fast and accurate, requiring you to practice many times. "Hundred or not equal to familiar hands", right?

Don't forget to choose and buy professional nail decoration tweezers to make the nail making process smoother.

Popular Glitter Nail Designs

Decorate glitter nails with stone tweezers

To do glitter manicure without roughness you guys have to remember that the nail surface often becomes rough when encountering solid glitter polishes. To overcome this lack of aesthetics, nail technicians use top coats designed to provide a smooth, full, gel-like finish without drying the nail and remember to use use top coat to protect nails when decorating with glitter.

Glitter nail polish with gel

This type of decoration must ensure a good match between the gel layer and the decorative glitter. Apply a small amount of gel polish near the cuticles and pull them towards the top of the nail. The next step is to dry your nails. Carefully use tweezers to pick up and decorate the glitter on the nail. Don't forget to add a layer of gel polish to make the work more smooth and natural.

Create hidden glitter nails

Hidden glitter nail designs are the ideal choice for customers who don't like too much sparkle and stand out. This idea is very unique and easy to implement. The nail technician only needs to cover the glitter at any position next to the nail, followed by a translucent layer of paint that covers the entire glitter underneath. Wait for the nails to dry, use a shiny top coat to cover the top to create a shimmering effect inside.

Create gradient effect on glitter nails

The process consists of 3 simple steps: paint the entire nail one color, then apply base component to a certain part, continue to dip the remaining nail in glitter powder and add transparent powder. Finish with top coat and activator solution.

Create a sharper nail tip curve

Use the reverse application method to create sharp nail tips for nails. Here's how: extend the nail, build the nail bed to the tip curve with translucent gel. Wait for the nail to dry completely, apply glitter gel to the tip of the nail. Then dry and top with clear gel for fixation.

Secrets of Nail Art with Glitter That Manicurists Should Note!

Secrets of Nail Art with Glitter

How to preserve glitter for nail polish?

It is generally recommended to store glitter as a clear plastic container with a lid. This makes it easier to distinguish colors and adds aesthetic appeal to the accessory. At some nail spa facilities, they often attach magnets to the bottom of the box and stick them on the metal wall panel to add uniqueness to the shop space.

How to remove glitter nails the right way?

Glitter has a similar structure to a fingernail, so it adheres very well to the nail. If the worker is not skillful, it can scratch and damage the customer's surface.

In this situation, the nail technician can use a cotton ball soaked in acetone and leave it on the nail for 10 minutes and then wipe it gently. Make sure the cotton is firmly fixed at the tip of the nail with finger caps or foil to prevent the acetone from evaporating, reducing the cleaning effect.

In addition, as a spa facility, you should invest in more nail polish remover with high-quality cleaning ingredients. These products are usually low in harmful chemicals and come with nutrients for the nails.

In case you do not know where to buy cleaning solutions, you can refer to more professional nail cleaners to choose high-quality reputable products. This will make the customer's nails soft and make them a lot more satisfied.

How to clean glitter around the nail?

Use masking tape to remove any remaining glitter around the nail. This operation only needs to be lightly pressed several times on the meat to be able to clean completely.

How to keep the glitter paint durable?

To maintain the beauty of the glitter nail design, nothing is more important than using high quality nail-gel polish and glitter. They both ensure the strength of the nails and limit peeling and washing away when customers come into contact with detergents. Nail technicians should refer to how to evaluate the quality of glitter in nails to choose safe – effective products.

Or you can also use gel nail glitters of reputable brands to ensure durability - beauty - brilliance and sparkle for your meridian nails. Thus, you can both save time applying glitter on your nails and limit the risks.

Final thought

Just now are the notes when decorating glitter nails that every nail technician needs to know. To be more successful in the profession, besides being technically proficient, you also have to know how to choose good products that are suitable for different customers, but still have to ensure the beautiful - durable and safe. In addition, nail salon owners should constantly update the trending glitter nail designs to meet the increasingly diverse needs of customers. We hope this article was helpful to you!

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