LDS Gel Diamond Top - 0.5 oz

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Every manicure needs a good top coat to add that final layer of shine, strength and protection. LDS Diamond Top Gel Polish not only does it help prevent premature chips and scratches, but a good quality gel top coat also helps bring out the vibrancy of your colors, glitters or nail art.

  • Flexible top coat with diamond shine.
  • No need to wipe after cured.
  • Long-lasting for 21+ days with a proper application.
  • Only one layer is needed to apply.

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Ask a Question
  • I don’t have a curing machine. Can I cure the nails under a lightbulb from my lamp?

    It is possible but i think it’ll take a long time.

  • Will this work for polygel nails?

    Yes, it is a very good product and you don’t need to wipe it after it dries.

  • Do you have to use the foundation base gel?

    You need to use gel base coat for a better result.

  • Can you cure this gel polish with any UV/led lamp? or does it have to be a specific lamp?

    Yes. You can cure it under any UV/LED lamp.

  • Can you apply this to your toe nails?

    Yes. All the polishes work for both hands and toes. I actually just did my toe nails and it has been 8 days since I’ve done them and they look like it was the first day. You’d better get a led lamp big enough to do your toes.

  • How long should I cure it if I have the UV nail lamp?

    About 30 seconds for the UV nail lamp.