The 14 Best Clear Nail Polish Reviews & Guide 2020

Girls love to have their nails painted with interesting colors. It sure takes hours to have the nails done, but for the attention that one gets for such gorgeous looking nails, they would never mind having to spend hours and hours to have their nails done. As your glossy nails will complement your look wherever you go, and will look more like an accessory to your get up, any woman would just spare some time to get that fashionable look on their nails.


Considering the time one has to spend to be able to have beautifully painted and shiny nails, it would be heart-breaking if you see cracks forming on your beautifully painted nails. It happens and will happen, nonetheless. Especially if you happen to have regular nail coatings on your nails. You are lucky enough that there are so many variations of extra tough nail paint that will allow you to wear your polished nails for days and days without seeing any breaks or peeling of your precious nail coatings.


What Are Your Options?


You have several options to have on your nail, including powder dip pigments and gel-type nail coatings. These nail coating alternatives are especially formulated to cling better on your natural nails and allow them to be chip-resistant and also stays longer on your nails even up to three or more weeks. But what would make your nail color even tougher is the top coat.


If you have long been experimenting on nail colors and having manicures and pedicures on a regular basis, this could just be a refresher for you. For many who do not even have a clue that there is more to nail polish than the colors on the nails, this is something that may save you time and money if you just take the time to go through each of the selected best clear nail polish on our list.


What Is a Top Coat Nail Polish?


A top coat nail polish is also called a clear nail polish. It basically does like how its name describes it: a top coat. It seals your polish off and makes your polish not only to dry off easily, but it will also make your nail coating to stay longer without chipping, peeling, and scratching.


How Many Layers of Polish Do You Have to Have on Your Nails to Make It Last Longer?


If you really want to wear your polish longer and keep it from breaking or chipping, you would want to have your nails properly prepared (cleaned, shaped, sanded) before applying the color coatings. You will also need a base coat, the pigmented color (either the gel or dip powder polish), and a top coat (one or two applications of this will do).


The base coat bonds the nail polish with your natural nails and fills in any surface imperfections on your nails. The base coat makes the nail polish to stick better on the nails, while the top coat protects the nail from harmful elements that may scratch off, chip off, or peel off the pigmented coatings on the nails. It seals in the nail polish and prevents water from ruining your manicure and pedicure. It also keeps the color and luster on your nails to remain as the first time it was applied to your nails.


With a high-quality top coat, you can extend the look and feel of your polished nails for more days. You may apply another coating of the top coat after several days to extend your manicure and pedicure for even more days.


What Makes Top Coats Function like They Do When Painted on Nails?


Top coats are mixed with solvents and plasticizers that makes them flexible, allows the polish to adhere adequately and longer, and leave a high gloss finish that won’t fade or chip when coated on top of the nail polish.


So what are the best top coats or clear nail coatings you may want to use on your polish? Here are the best that we have found so far:


Top 14 Best Clear Nail Polish


Deborah Lippmann Quick Drying Top Coat

A celebrity manicurist, Deborah Lippmann is famous and known for her own line of quality nail products. Vogue Magazines loves her Quick Dry Top Coat and so do lots of nail-a-holic girls out there!

This clear nail polish dries to a high gloss hard finish in just a minute. And it does not peel nor bubble. But, that’s not all!

This top coat is manufactured 7-free! Meaning it does not have any of these 7 dangerous chemicals usually added to nail polishes: xylene or TPHP, camphor, formaldehyde resin, formaldehyde, DBP or dibutyl phthalate, and toluene.

It is also a vegan and cruelty-free nail polish!


Zoya Armor Top Coat

The world’s most flexible and strongest top coat, Zoya Amor is a great clear nail polish that protects your natural nails and extending the shine and wear of your nail polish. This top coat nail polish only needs a single layer applied every 2 days in order to maintain the flexibility and color of your nail polish.

It helps maintain your gorgeous nails for up to weeks. As a bonus, it is 10-free, meaning it contains even fewer chemicals than the previous top coat nail polish.


LondonTown Kur Gel Genius Top Coat

If you are into gel manicures, then you really need to try the Londontown Kur Gel Genius Top Coat in order to achieve extremely shiny nails for a week. You may re-apply it as needed in order to maintain your fabulous nails. Plus, you will not need any UV light in order to set it and it guarantees not to form bubbles or lift on top of your gel polish.

Formulated with Rapeseed Flower Oil, this clear nail polish forms a protective barrier in order to prevent any breakage on your nail polish and contains an advanced formula that prevents your nails polish from chipping and fading. Plus, it adds a voluminous look for gel-like, plush looking nails!


Seche Vite Top Nail Coat

A favorite product of most girls, the Seche Vite top nail coat dries quickly, stays shiny for many days and does not turn yellow. This nail polish penetrates the layers of nail polish below and bonds with them in order to create a durable finish. Also, it helps fill in a few mistakes as it works its way down.

It does not have DBP or dibutyl phthalate and formaldehyde, but it does have toluene. This clear nail polish is guaranteed to leave your nails stronger, silky and resistant to peeling and chipping, so you can enjoy your hard work for more days to come!


CND Vinylux Top Coat

This CND’s particular clear nail polish is its Weekly Top Coat for its Vinylux Polishes series and works only for that ecosystem. It may take time to dry this top coat, however, it guarantees to create a durable and long lasting wear even with exposure to natural light over time!


OPI Nail Top Coat

OPI Nail Top Coat is another popular clear nail polish out there and it is not for the impatient girls. This is not a quick-drying top coat and you will need to wait for at least 15 minutes for each 1 of the 2 recommended coating.

However, patience will rewards you since it is extremely durable, seals in the colors in order to prevent chipping and scratches and adds a little edge to your manicure with its matte finish look. It is quite popular and an award-winning top coat nail polish you will surely love to try!


Poshe Fast Drying Top Coat Nail Polish

This extremely fast clear nail polish top coat easily dries to your touch in just a minute and instantly dries to your nails in five! The Poshe Top Coat Nail Polish has the highest shine and gloss of any item in the market and comes without nitrocellulose, toluene or formaldehyde.

This means no yellowing or even tanning beds. No need for heated dryers and UV lights, just wait for a minute and you will get a super long lasting nail polish in no time!


Butter LONDON Sine UV Top Coat

butter LONDON may be such a creamy name, right? But this brand creates not butter but extremely strong and high-quality top coat nail polishes. This UV Top Coat, in particular, is a high-gloss finish, fast drying nail polish that protects against chipping and smudging as well as yellowing due to exposure to UV lights.

It is an 8-free nail polish, meaning it does not have any TPHP or xylene, ethyl tosylamide, camphor, toluene, DBP, formaldehyde resin, and formaldehyde.


Sally Hansen Base and Top Coat

This top coat from Sally Hansen is a top-selling favorite for two good reasons: it works and it is pretty cheap! Customers love it, beauty bloggers are addicted to it! It keeps your manicures from peeling and chipping from everyday wear or from fading in the sunshine.

Using micro-polymer formula, this clear nail polish contains nitrocellulose in order to keep your nails shiny for days to come! Plus it also helps in nourishing your nails for healthier-looking fingers!

You can use this nail polish by itself if you want to, or even use it as a base coat, too— making it such a highly versatile product for something in its price range!


Essie Top Coat

A big 3-free clear nail polish, the Essie Top Coat has no DBP, formaldehyde, or toluene. It protects against UV light and works best if applied on top of other products from Essie.

This favorite top coat offers brilliant-looking, high gloss, and protective finish without waiting too much time to dry. It is formulated with a UV colored shield and wear extender that helps avoid peeling and chipping.

How To Maintain Your Manicure To The Maximum?

So, after hours of effort and coloring, how do you keep those shiny nails look fresh for longer periods?

Well, aside from using a top coat, try out these tips:

  • Before getting a new manicure, do the tasks that will probably bring wreckage to your hands such as laundry, or wedding the garden.
  • Do a good job of removing your old polish and prepare your nails for your new polish. Having your nails filed, shaped and cleaned properly will make it much easier for any nail polish to stick easier and better on your nails. Plus, it also smoothens and gives an even finish on your nails.
  • Use a base coat and apply at least 2 coats of your preferred colored nail polish before adding the top coat.
  • Let your polish dry completely.
  • Invest in and use some gloves when working such as scrubbing the bathroom or washing the dishes.


Kiara Sky Ultimate Top Coat (#KIAUTC)

Kiara sky gel polish

 Have professional looking nail polish with Kiara Sky Ultimate Top Coat. The brand offers a two-step gel polish. Its color base fuses the base and colored polish into one bottle. A separate base coat may also be used, but it is optional. However, a top coat is required.  Finish off your manicure or pedicure with a super strong and extra adhesive week-long wear top coat from Kiara Sky Ultimate Gel Top Coat protects and provides a glossy finish for up to 3 weeks. 



No-wipe Top Gel Polish (#BIONWTGP)

gel base&top

 The Bio Seaweed Top Gel Polish is the industry’s shiniest top gel polish. This polish cures to the touch and leaves no sticky residue. There is no need for any cleansers or alcohol for this as well. You will see an extreme shine with every application with no dulling, cracking, or yellowing.  This product is also compatible with a UV/LED lamp or natural SUN light, hence may be used with most gel systems.

This top gel polish is formulated with NO formaldehyde, toluene, DBP, BHA or solvents. It does not stain or weakens the nails.


No-wipe Top Gel Complete Refill Kit (#BIONWTGCRK)

gel bassre&top

 Here’s another no-wipe Top Gel product that is perfect if you are looking for a complete refill kit. With this kit, you can fill up to 16 individual 15mL BSG Base and Top Gel Polish bottles for one great price. The Kit includes five new, ready-to-fill empty BSG bottles for a mess-free and easy refills. This product is a quick no-wipe formula and offers a long-lasting glass shine finish without any stains or cracks for that chip-free and high shine gel nails. Each complete refill kit includes the following: one (1) No-Wipe Top Gel Refill Bottle with built-in needle tip dropper (250mL/8.50fl.oz), and five (5) New, Ready-to- fill Empty BSG Bottles (15mL/0.50fl.oz each).


Kiara Sky Ultimate Base Top Coat (#KIABTC)

kiara sky base&topkiara sky base&top

 This set includes a small bottle of the Kiara Sky Base Coat and a bottle of the brand’s top coat. Both can be quickly and easily applied with a gel polish and will keep the coatings clinging without chipping or peeling  off longer on the nails for up to three weeks. It is also a no mess and easy to soak off formula. The brand’s Ultimate Gel Top Coat protects the nails and provides a glossy finish longer than other brands available on the market today.


As mentioned earlier, your nail polish will definitely need to be changed every few weeks even if you have the best-pigmented polish on your nails.


If you want to extend the life of your manicure or pedicure, remember these simple to-dos:


1. Use hand gloves if you need to wash your hands or do chores that require the hands to be exposed to water or harmful elements.


2. Make sure that you use the right products and have them applied properly. Let the professionals do the job to make sure that you get the perfect polish every time.


3. Have your nails properly cleaned before any polish or dip powder is applied on them. Having your nails cleaned, shaped, and filed properly will make it easier for any nail polish brand to stick better and easier on your nails. It will also allow a smooth and even finish on your nails.


Keeping beautifully painted nails longer is not a problem anymore. You don’t even have to worry that regular applications of these nail polish may affect the health of your nails. Fortunately, there are nail coatings today from signature brands that have been developed to promote nail growth and health. They even make sure that the polish would resist scratching, peeling, or breaking.


With these clear nail polish identified above, you now have several options to choose from to keep your nails looking great longer. For more interesting products and a wider range of options, you may visit www.dtknailsupply.com. If you have other concerns related to this post or would like to know more alternatives for your nail polish needs, we will appreciate it if you would get in touch with us through our chat page here.


Your nails deserved to be pampered just like the other parts of your body. Make sure the best products are applied to them to ensure that you can wear them longer. Enjoy them while they last.




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