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The 10 Best Nail Dryer For Regular Polish: Reviews & Guide 2021

Having gorgeous nails is something that a fashion forward woman will never neglect. Not only that it makes one feel a lot more confident, but it also one way of making sure that your health is taken cared of properly since well-polished claws can only mean that you manage your personal hygiene quite well. And with one of the best nail dryer for regular polish, you can be assured that maintaining flawlessly beautiful nails won’t be much of a concern any time.


If you understand the benefits of doing  your nails on your own, you also know that it takes a while before you can have perfectly manicured or pedicured nails. Because of that, you will want to make sure that your freshly polished nails won’t get spoiled or smeared even after just a few minutes that you have them done. You wouldn’t want to put to waste the time, effort, and of course, the money that you’d put into perfecting those nails. No one would want anything that that to happen. That is why we would like you to note of the following benefits of using a nail dryer to make your perfectly done nails last long.


Having a good quality nail dryer is one of the nail products that you need to invest in as having one will definitely help prevent all the accidents could probably happen while you wait for your nails to dry naturally.


Benefits of Using A Nail Dryer


1. It will lessen the time needed to dry all your nails. A nail dryer can do the job of drying your nails in just a few minutes. But if you would consider the longer process, you might have to wait for about half an hour before your nails are totally dry. Just imagine what you could have done with the extra 30 minutes if you had just used a nail dryer instead of having your nails air dried. 


2. Using a nail dryer makes the life of a professional a lot easier to manage. If  you are working in a salon, you know that you will be attending to several clients at the same time. Having a nail dryer not only makes it easier to save a lot of time, but you also have a better chance of having more satisfied clients. You’ll see that you are providing quicker and better service to your clients. As more clients are quickly and properly served, you will have a better chance of getting more random and unpaid promotion of the quality of service that you do through word of mouth marketing. In the end, you’ll get more bucks for your efforts.


3. UV/LED nail dryers are a prerequisite to a perfectly done gel or powder-dipped nails. Curing is an essential element to having gel nails and dip powder nails. So, if you plan to have one any day soon, you will really need to have a nail dryer that can do the job.


4. Using a nail dryer guarantees a better finish. A nail dryer not only quickens the drying time but it also helps ensure that you will have professional-looking nails when you’re done.


5. Nail dryers help prevent accidents. It is quite easy to smear or smudge freshly coated nails. The quicker you get those nails dry, the lesser the chance that you’ll get to ruin your manicure or pedicure by accident.


Choosing the Best Nail Dryer 


As there are many nail polish options available, you will also find several alternatives for a nail dryer. To find the perfect dryer, you may need to consider the following: 


1. Portability


Having a nail dryer that can be easily moved around wherever you want to bring it makes doing your nails a lot easier. But if you will need a hair dryer more often, you might want to find one that can be powered by batteries instead of a corded model. One that will  work either way will always be a better option, of course. 


2. Size


There are nail dryers that can dry both hands at one time. If you are a professional who will need to attend to several clients at a time, buying nail dryers with such feature can be your best option. This will make servicing more efficient as well as effective.


3. Purpose


 There are nail dryers that are recommended to be used for gel and artificial nails only, Other brands offer dryers that can be used for regular nails only. There are also those dryers that can be used for both. Each of these types comes with a different price tag, however. If you have the budget it is best that you consider one that can dry a regular polish or otherwise.


Top 10 Best Nail Dryers For Regular Polish


For some of the options for a nail dryer for regular polish, you may choose one from this list. All of these products have received several positive reviews from former users. Hence, you are assured that you will be getting your money’s worth for every purchase that you make. 


1. SKYUV 36W UV Led Gel Nail Lamp with 4 Timer Setting Sensor

This dainty little salon helper could be your next nail dryer. This 36W UV/LED Nail Lamp Dryer comes with 15 pcs of dual source lamp beads (UV/ LED), which makes it suitable for drying all kinds of gel nail polish quickly and efficiently and not just regular polish.


The SKYUV nail lamp dryer comes with an extremely ergonomic design, elite LED display with 4 settings (10s, 30s, 60s, and a 99s) low heat mode, which makes it a great choice for both home and salon use. Each purchase also comes with the following: a US plug, user manual, and a set of manicure tools.


This nail dryer is designed with a smart sensor that turns on and off once the hands are placed inside or pulled out of the device. Placing the hand under the dryer will automatically start the device by infrared induction without pressing time setting button. The dryer will automatically come into the 99s low heat mode.


Each purchase comes with a 3-year warranty and a lifetime technical support. All you have to do is to contact the company’s professional customer support team for requests any time.

2. Makartt Air Nail Dryer for Both Hands and Feet 400W Air Nail Fan Blow Dryer

From the maker of high-quality nail products, including nail fan dryer, nail drill bit set, nail files, nail tips, all types of nail polish, and foot care tools, comes this handy device that can make every manicure and pedicure quicker and more efficient.


This salon quality, user-friendly professional air dryer is designed with a good enough space that could fit both hands and feet under its dryer at once. Drying nails won’t be a problem with this tool, whether it is summer or winter, as it comes with two types of warm and cool breezes.


It has automatic double sensors, a wide metal base that is completely covered underneath with a sheet of non-slip rubber, which makes it very safe and stable to use, even on polished surfaces even for children.  


Each purchase of a Makartt Nail Fan Dryer comes with 6 months, no questions asked money back guarantee or return service. The company also provides a 12-month warranty for quality problems as well as lifetime maintenance services.


3. TOUCHBeauty Mini Nail Polish Dryer with Fan and Light Designed

This is a 2IN1 mini nail dryer by TouchBeauty that is designed with a fan drying mode and light drying mode to dry regular nail polishes safely and beautifully. 


It is quite portable and allows only 4 fingers per drying time. Its finger plate ensures precision drying with each use. Use it either for an air or 380-385nm UV light drying without any worries. The device functions only with 2 AAA batteries. However, the batteries are not included in the package.


4. Portable UV Nail Curing Lamp Led Nail Dryers

Here is another great option for a nail dryer that you may want to check out. This smart LED gel nail curing lamp comes with smart double speed curing for an easier and quicker finish. 


This nail polish dryer is washable. It has a removal bottom tray (base plate), portable handle, and a wide enough zone that makes it easier to cure all fingernails or toenails at the same time. It features a smart sensor, smart digital time display, as well as an over-temperature protection, all of which makes this device quite easy to use and maintain.


You can use this nail dryer for any kind of polish-- gel, builder, gem clue, and acrylics.


5. ThermaDry 140 Manicure and Pedicure Nail Dryer

ThermaDry is a corded manicure and pedicure dryer that you can use to dry any regular polish. Its sensor makes it safe to use the device. Any time you need a fresh polish and wants to be off with the process quicker, use this device for a no-mess finish of your favorite polish on your nails. 


6. MelodySusie Portable Nail Dryer

This portable nail dryer by Melody Susie is a handy tool that can be used to dry most regular nail polish as well as acrylic nail polish. Take note that this dryer cannot be used for gel polish, however.


The device measures 5’’x5’’x3’’ and weighs only 0.6lbs. Such a small device can make any mani or pedi session possible. This nail lamp is very portable and can be used anywhere -- nail salon, party, home and travel.. 


It is powered by 2 AA batteries or 3V plug (both are not included in the package). To use the dryer, you will just need to gently press the base plate to activate the fan. Its opening space, which measures 4.5’’x1.5,’’ can dry four fingernails or five toenails at once.


7. Estala UV Nail Lamp Nail Dryer

The Estala 48W UV LED Professional Nail Dryer was designed to function just like the ultraviolet light lamps that are used in salons. It is designed with a double-power button that delivers cure speeds that is up to twice as fast as a standard portable dryer. It also comes with a large LCD display that will indicate the curing time that lapse. Its auto sensor light will activate or deactivate the lamp without having to press any buttons.


Each purchase of this product also comes with a free ebook.


8. Polder Nail Station Three-in-One Dryer and Storage

This is a unique product that not only helps you have thoroughly dried polish in no time, but also makes it easier to access everything that will be needed to have a perfect polish any time. It is designed with built-in compartments that can hold 10 polishes and all other necessary tools for a salon perfect nail care session.


The device offers 2 drying options: a strong fan for nail lacquer and UV/LED lights for gel polish. It has a touch-free tunnel that automatically turns on or off when the hands are placed under the lamp or pulled out of it. It measures 7L x 9W x 5H, which makes the dryer portable and very easy to store. Each purchase also includes a 4-ft. long wall plug that makes it easy to use the dryer in several locations.


9. Portable Mini Nail Dryer Fan for Personal or Nail Beauty Salon

This portable nail dryer is quite handy. You can bring it with you anywhere you like. This dryer can only be used for regular and acrylic nails, however. You will need 2*AA batteries (not included in the package) and press the button whenever you need to use the device.


The dryer weights 8.85 oz; the package measures 4.7 x 3 x 4.8 in. Batteries and cord are not included in the package, however.


10. Makeupstore Nail Dryers for Gel and Regular Polish, Panda 24W LED UV Nail Lamp

This easy to use, handy nail dryer by Makeupstore is designed with an automatic sensor that activates or deactivates the device whenever you place or pull out your hand off the dryer. It comes with two light sources: 365nm+405nm for curing all kinds of gels. Both are safe enough and will not hurt the eyes and hands. 


The body of the dry is made of high quality plastic, which is anti crack, anti friction and durable. Use this dryer for a more efficient manicure or pedicure. The package contains the following: 

a LED UV Nail Dryer  and a USB line.


Which of these nail dryers do you think would be most appropriate for you?



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