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Top 6 Best Nail Polish For Toes: Reviews in 2021

It is never too early or too late to have that most needed pedicure. The toes are almost always covered, especially for those who have to go to the office, school, or wherever close shoes and/or socks are required. If  you are in to experiment for the best shades for your toenails that will fit your attire, the season, or even your mood, you may consider this your cheat sheet for that outstanding toe-nail look.

best nail polish for toes


For those who love to have a DIY pedicure, it may not be that easy considering the fact that your toenails have been hidden for so long. You need to prepare them well enough to have the toenails ready for the shade you think would be the perfect match for your attire or the season. Dead skin and cuticles need to be trimmed and buffed, after having them soaked in warm water. This would soften the skin and the nails and make it easier for the nail polish to stick to your toenails.


For those who would rather have a professional do the magic on your feet and toenails, your only concern would then just be figuring out what polish and color would give your toenails a high finish with a longer-lasting gloss. In either case, this is a must read.


The Best Nail Polish for Toes


Thanks to gel and dip powder polish alternatives, you can now flaunt glossy and healthier fingernails for even up to three or more weeks without having to worry about peeling or chipping nail coatings. These formulations were made available as a safe and healthy alternative to nail lacquers that lose luster and may even peel off or crack even after only a few days of application. We are sure that these polish have serious staying power and will survive the daily maintenance you may need to do like washing the dishes, opening a parcel, hand washing, opening a soda can, and so on.


There are several brands available on the market today. To help you decide which nail polish to have on your toenails, we came up with the list of the best nail polish for the toes. Get ready to flatter your feet either in flip flops or in sandals with one of these exciting brands and shades. For this purpose, we will be introducing the dipping powder and the gel-type polish brands.


What is so interesting about these nail color brands? Well, unlike your regular nail polish, both the dip powder and gel polish types have more staying power and makes the nails stronger and healthier. The brand manufacturers made it a point to fuse essential minerals to each formulation making every application of the polish a lot more favorable for the nails. Though the applied polish sticks well and seems indestructible even for weeks, they can easily be removed when a new application needs to be made.


1. OPI V34 - Purple Palazzo Pants

OPI dipping powder

  This could also be your top choice if you feel like looking amorous and glamorous at the same time. Hit the palazzo in this soft pastel purple shade of nail color. This soft lilac shade will make you look like you just stepped out of the fairytale land. This product is 100% made in the USA, and like all other quality OPI products, it has been made with the user’s health, safety, and satisfaction in mind. To obtain the best results, you may use the Purple Palazzo Pants with OPI Natural Base Coat and OPI Top Coat or RapiDry Top Coat.

Each purchase includes one small bottle of the lacquer and the dip powder color that are both easy to apply, odor-free, offers weeks of wear without chipping, and dries up easily even without having the nails cured under a UV or LED lamp


2. NU Baby’s Breath (#NU 26)

Nugenesis dipping powder

  Nugenesis Dipping Powder is a non-toxic and odor free nail color made with no harmful primers. It is formulated by nail beauty industry experts to create natural and appealing nail finish that not only looks pleasing to the eyes but is also a great way to grow healthy and beautiful nails as they are fused with vitamin E and Calcium. Have your toenails painted with this summery color and let your feet do the talking. 


3. 449 First Kiss 2/Pack (#DND449)

DND gel polish

 This signature polish brand offers a soak-off gel polish that gives a luminous finish. It is easy to apply, feels thinner, and promises to last longer than any other gel available. You also won’t need base coats, bond aids, and primers to have that perfect gel finish. With this DND nail polish coating, you can enjoy gorgeous toenails with a quick two-step professional system that is unique from any other brands available on the market. In addition to this, each formulation is made with essential vitamins that make the nails stronger, healthier, and oh so stunning for weeks. Flaunt your feet like you just have your first kiss with this inspiring nail color.

4. 426 Fireball (#KIAD426)

Kiara sky dipping powder

 From the brand that offers a new two-step gel coating, Kiarasky’s 426 Fireball will fire you up throughout the night. It is a  color base that is made with the base and color fused into one bottle. Although a separate base coat is optional, a top coat is required. This nail polish is solvent-free, which makes it odor-free. It also won't yellow or thicken over time. For a nail coat that lasts longer than any regular polish and keeps your nails healthy and strong, you can opt to have this dip powder pigment for your toes. 


5. Student Kit 3 (#SNSKSK3)

SNS dipping powder

The SNS Student Kit 3 comes with all the basic essentials needed to create easy and beautiful French Manicure Sets. This is a perfect choice if you want to try out the signature brand SNS. This package comes with three powders, seven gels. Powders included are as follows: Natural Set, Natural Pink, French White.

On the other hand, the liquids included in this package are as follows: Gel Base, Brush Saver, Sealer Dry, Brush on Glue, Gelous Base, Gel Top, and Vitamin Oil. The brand invented the dipping powder system, so you can say that they are the authority when it comes to dipping powder pigments.


6. DND 142 British Lady 0.6 oz

dnd nail polishdnd gel polish

 This package includes a DNd DC 100%  gel color and a lacquer. This combination is all you need to have that strong gel finish that will give you up to 21 days of empowering toenail color that won’t chip or fade. As this is a gel nail coating, each application needs to be cured under a UV or LED lamp, however. The process makes the application super strong yet flexible that you will not have to worry if it will break or crack even after several weeks of having them applied to your toenails. 


Tips for A Professional Finish


If you prefer to be a DIY professional and opt to use one of the products listed above, make sure to consider these tips.


1. Make sure that the toenails are perfectly clean, all prepared with a pre-primer before applying the base coat.


2. Use a toe separator to make it easier to apply each coat with a nail polish brush.


3. Rotate the nail polish bottle instead of shaking it to ensure that the formula is totally mixed, except of course if you are using a dip powder polish instead of a liquid lacquer.


4. Make sure that you apply the nail liquids or dip powder polish properly with the pre-primer, base coat, nail polish (or dip powder polish), and the top coat.


5. Allow the nail polish to dry properly. Keep it your feet away from anything that will smudge or wipe the polish off your toenails.


6. To make your newly painted toenails picture perfect, ensure that there is no visible paint on your skin especially on the edges near the nails. Use a thin stick covered with cotton dipped in polish remover to remove any excess nail polish.


Like your hands, your feet deserve the best care you can possibly give. Now you can step out and put your best foot forward with these trendy and longer lasting colors that are sure to make your feet dancing to the beat of the wind. Go ahead, pick your choice.



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