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The 10 Best UV & LED Nail Lamps: Reviews & Guide 2019

People are obsessed with gel nail manicure once they see how awesome gel can be. However, the cost of having a gel manicure every two or three weeks adds up fast, and keeping up with nail appointments is not always the case.


How’s about at home gel manicure? You’re probably thinking, “Oh. I’m not a professional manicurist.” At home gel manicure is more affordable and easier to achieve than you’d ever think. All you will need is gel nail polish (top and base coat) and a UV or LED nail lamp. It sounds easy enough, right? Now, you might have another questions about UV or LED nail lamp. Don’t worry! I’ll walk you through it ste­p by step.


Why do You Need a UV or LED Nail Lamp?

You see, a gel nail polish is made to be different from a traditional nail polish. It is designed to never evaporate, hence will not harden simply by air drying. For the polish to completely dry, once applied it has to be cured under UV or LED light.


Differences between a UV Lamp and a LED Lamp


LED Lamp

  • Lighter in weight
  • Up to 50,000 hours (bulbs are not replaced)
  • Has difficulties curing some clear gels
  • Works well with dnd nail polish
  • Cures gels faster than UV lamps
  • Currently more expensive than UV lamps


UV Lamp

  • Heavier in weight
  • About 10,000 hours of functional use (bulbs are replaced every 2 or 4 months depending on amount of use)
  • More effective at thoroughly curing most clear gels
  • Take longer to cure gels
  • Cheaper than LED lamps


These UV or LED lamps used to be really expensive and bulky, but there are a ton of quality nail lamp options available in a huge range of prices now. They can range from $30, which is just equal the price of a single manicure, or up to $200. Just by doing a simple calculation, you will see that purchasing a nail lamp totally makes sense.


It can get quite overwhelmed when you’re trying to compare these nail lamps. I’m going to break it all down, so you can decide which one is a perfect fit for your need. Here is my guide to the best UV and LED nail lamps on the market right now!


Best LED Nail Lamps


1. Gel II® Pro-Cure 2.0

nail lamps - Gel IIĀ® Pro-Cure 2.0

This newest LED lamp from Gel II® is one of the most excellent and convenient LED lamps so far. It’s cordless, which is easier to move around and does not take up a lot of spaces. This LED lamp takes only 2 hours to fully charge and has up to 3 hours of use. There is plenty of rooms for one hand; it’s also good for doing feet.


The Gel II® Pro-Cure 2.0 offers 3 preset timers (5, 10, 30 and 50 seconds). The LCD display counts down as gels are curing and automatically shuts off after desired time setting. Now you don’t need to be around or keep checking on your customers since the motion sensors will only activate when hand is placed inside. It has ultra-fast curing time like curing some coats in five seconds fast.



Ultra-fast curing time


Safety automatic off prevents overheating

Motion Sensor Activated

Even light distribution

Light weight



Can only do one hand or foot at a time


2. DeepDream 48W

nail lamps - deepDream 48W

The great thing about this DeepDream 48W is that it has double light bulbs, which allow it to work with both gel and shellac polishes. It has a wider opening, so you can easily place your hand inside. The curing time is good with 24 dual-light bulbs with 48 Watts of power. It also has 3 timer settings (30, 60 and 99 seconds) and a large LCD display screen to conveniently show your drying time.



Cures both gel and shellac

User-friendly buttons

Affordable price



Can only do one hand or foot at a time

Get a little warm



Kedsum 12W nail lamp safely dries nail polish in seconds. It’s specifically designed as a travel lamp, so it has a hand insert that is just enough to fit the four fingers at one. It comes with highly efficient five LED lights with a lifespan of 5,000 hours. Its flat surface can be also be used as a hand rest when applying polish to the nails.



Quick and easy to use

4-timer setting

One-press button control

Automatic on/off feature

Bulbs do not need to be replaced

Dual purpose flat surface

Compact and stylish



Will not fit the whole hand at once

No automatic sensor


4. NailStar Professional LED Nail Dryer

This LED nail dryer comes with a sleek design and runs on 36W. It’s made to be portable and lightweight and can be used for low intensity use at home as well as in a professional salon setting. It’s made to be easy and safe to use. It also comes with a 12-month warranty so, which is a huge advantage especially for products bought online.



4-timer settings

Never need to replace LED bulbs

Compact and portable design

Safe for the eyes and the skin



No side lights

Won’t fit one hand


5. BellaNails Professional 21W LED Nail Lamp

This nail polish dryer comes with a compact design, you can easily pack it with you if you wherever you go. It is designed with a revolutionary multi-dimensional reflective surface that makes it quicker to dry nails than other curing lamps. It has a built-in automatic sensor that allows you to have a high-quality nail polish finish without worries.



Compact, portable, and stylish

Safe for the eyes and the skin

3-set timers

Multi-dimensional reflective surface

Low heat emission

Amazon’s bestseller



small hand insert

slow customer response


Best UV Nail Lamps


1. MelodySusie 54W

nail lamps - melodysusie 54w

Even though it takes longer to cure than LED nail lamps, you can fit both hands or both feet inside the MelodySusie 54W at the same time. You can use this lamp to cure all gels and shellacs. Normally, UV bulbs run a bit warmer than LED, but MelodySusie 54W nail lamp fixes this problem by adding an internal fan to keep your hands at a comfortable temperature.



Cures 2 hands or 2 feet at the same time

Internal fan for comfort

Cures all gel types

Removable bottom panel

Comes with extra bulb



Longer cure times than LED

Bulbs will need to be replaced

Larger than other lamps


2. SUNUV Sun2 48W

The SUNUV Sun2 has UV/LED dual light, so it works well on all gel and shellac polishes. This lamp is a perfect choice for at home gel manicure. It will distribute light evenly with its 33 bulbs positioned all over the dome. The SUNUV Sun2 provides 3 interchangeable silicone hand rest pads (pink, purple, and white) for making a convenient place when you apply your layers.



Rated 4.7/5 by users on Amazon

Even light distribution

UV/LED dual light

Comfortable hand rests

Low heat setting



No LED readout for timer

Buttons on back of unit


3. MiroPure 36W

You don’t have to worry if you don’t know what curing lamp to use for your nails to dry. The MiroPure 36W is made to cover a wider range of ultraviolet band. It will dry all kinds of gel nails safely and quickly. It has an auto sensor that will prevent the machine from overheating and burning your skin. Comes with free 3 colorful nail files and 1 detailed picture of nail gel polish application.



Double light source

4-timer setting

wide opening

detachable bottom plate

Safe for the eyes and the skin

Long-lasting LED bead lights

Large LCD screen

Amazon’s choice


4. USpicy 24W

Cure any type of gel nail polishes safely and quickly with the USpicy 24W curing lamp. The lamp are made to provide at least 50,000 of curing time. This lightweight curing lamp comes with a unique grooved insert design that makes it a lot easier to fit in the whole hand. It has automatic sensors that will turn on and off.



Curved Design

Powerful blue lights dry gels completely in 30sec

Safe for the eyes

Non-slip feet keep the dryer in place and prevent scratching surfaces


Long cord



No automatic timer


5. Liberex 48W

This versatile and durable lamp comes with a dual light sources that can last for about 50, 000 hours or more. It can be used to cure gels, acrylics, glue, and so on. It’s made with SMART features which makes the curing process a breeze. The machine starts once you put your hands in it and automatically turns the lights off once you pull out your hand.



dual light source UV/LED

No overheating

Powerful 48 wattage

Smart 4-Timer Setting

Time-memory function

12-months warranty and lifetime maintainance



slow customer response

no instructions in setting time for specific use




There you have it, the best UV and LED lamps that you can use to cure your gel nails. Before you decide which one to buy, ask yourself these questions:


1. Do you prefer UV lamp or LED lamp?

2. Are you going to use this nail lamp for yourself or for your nail salon?

3. What is your price range?


After answering these 3 questions, you can decide which one is the perfect fit depending on your references.



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