Nail Polish Stores near Me: Best Nail Polish Brands Reviews 2020

DTK is the place for all your nails supply and product's needs. We offer the largest selection of colors, gels, and polishes for your perfect nails. Like your nails sexy and beautiful? We have everything you need to keep your nails healthy, strong, and beautiful always.


Opi Gel Polish - Bright Vibrant Rich Colors

Opi Nail Polish is the polish for you! This polish does not thicken, chip, and that perfect polished will take looking that way for weeks. You a polish that is rich in hue and vibrant in color? It is the one for you! My polish stayed on for weeks and stays looking like new! Even when doing household chores, the polish did not fade or wear off. Opi Nail Polish dried quickly on my nails and produced a smooth bright finish.  This brand has the largest selection of colors and offers great valve!


Kiara Sky Dipping Power - Color Choices are Endless!

Kiara Sky Dipping Powder is a gentler alternative for your nails. This system is fantastic for French style manicures. Why? On my French Manicure, this dipping powder provided full coverage overlays, giving me a natural-looking French style manicure. I found this product to be great for use between visits to my nail salon shop.  This system came with everything I needed for a professional looking manicure. The kit came with bond, base, seal coat, top, nourish oil, brush saver, and Kiara Sky dip case. I found the preparation was easy. First, I removed the old polish off my nails, and cleaned my nails thoroughly. Next, I chose the color I wanted to use. Then, after choosing the color, I applied my base coat to three-quarters of my nail. After applying the base coat, I dipped my nail in the natural powder. Within a few minutes, my base coat is complete. I then applied a layer on my entire nail. After this coat dried, I applied the seal coat to protect my beautiful new-looking nails. I then applied the top coat again. After drying, I applied the nourishing oil to my nails. Viola' bright, vibrant, beautiful nails!


Opi Dipping Powder - Quick Curing Time!

Opi Dipping Powder uses an Activator to speed the curing of the Base Coat and powders. This product was quick and easy to apply.  This product is great when I need a short nail length and want a look that will last two to three weeks. My nails, normally, are weak and tend to tear easily. Now with my Opi Dipping Powder, my nails are stronger, healthier, and durable. I can use the Opi Dipping Powder without the unpleasant odor of acrylic polishes. I found in my busy life as a mom, and a at home professional this product works great with my busy lifestyle. When I go on my camping trips with my family, my Opi Dip Powder stays on clear and beautiful!


Kiara Sky Gel Polish - Shinny, Glittering, and Long-Lasting Nails with No Yellowing!

Kiara Sky Gel Polish has no offensive odor, resists thickening, and will not turn yellow over time. To put it simply, this polish offers me fantastic features and benefits. I never run out of color choices, with over 87 bright, glittering color choices! Want to add nail lacquer to your nail coat? No worries, contrasting lacquer is available for purchase separately. The glitter polish offers unique color, and rest assured your beautiful nails will get noticed. The glitter polish gave me great coverage, and a stellar smooth nail finish. My nails look as if I had an expensive textured nail art manicure, at a fraction of the cost of a textured art manicure and polish. I achieved this look in just two coats. I found my favorite glitter polishes are Forbidden, with tiny red glitters, and Serene Sky, which includes a clear coat base that gives off the sky-blue spectrum in brilliance and color! I was not sure which color to try. No worries, I just went to the color chart, click on the glitter covered nail, and within seconds a detailed picture of the finished nail color popped up. I could compare as many colors as I wanted, in full detail!


Bio Seaweed Gel and Lacquer Combs-A New Healthy Alternative to Traditional Gel Polishes!

This gel is one all-in-one in a bottle with the base, color, top coat, and nail strengthener in one bottle.  Bio Seaweed Gel takes the place of four products for the price of one, offering great valve and savings. What I loved about this product is it is not sticky at all. No need for alcohol, you can leave it at the store since there will be no sticky layer that has to be removed. Save on your accessories like heating lamps and heating lights. With Bio Seaweed Gel, your gel will dry to the touch within minutes just by using natural sunlight. This product is indeed a class act! No more heat lamps, no more separate bottles of the base, top coat, and nail strengthener. After saving all this money, I could afford to buy a half a dozen new colors, and still have money left over in my pocket. I still can't help thinking of the money I am saving, maybe I buy a new outfit to go with great looking polished nails!


SNS Nail Powder - Beautiful, Healthy Nails!

SNS Nail Powder offers a quick application, and healthy nails. Just simply apply the adhesive base and then dip your nail in the powder. Seal you nail with the special top coat and you are ready to go. This product gives me healthy strong nails, with no lingering odor No heat lamps or lights needed because the process dries instantly. SNS Dipping Powder offers me over 400 choices of colors, leading the competitors with a larger range of colors. I found my nail finish lasted two weeks or more. The natural feel of the nail is truly amazing! My nail feels light and natural, yet strong enough for all my day and work activities. What else is so great about this product? The powder is stain-proof, so hair dye will not stain your beautiful nail. Oh, and don't forget the fantastic nail art this product has to offer. With my SNS Nails, You can create stunning, artistic-looking nail art!


DND Nail Polish - Stronger, Healthy, Stunning Looking Nails for Weeks!

DND Nail Polish produces AMAZING results. Not only did I get a brilliant shine and color, this product is full of essential vitamins and nutrients for your nails. What did I like best? My stunning nail color lasted for two weeks! In two weeks, no chips, none of the color wearing off my nails. If my nails did not grow so fast, I could have gone longer than two weeks between polishes. A professional nail polish in the comfort and convenience of my home at a fraction of the cost of a professional job. DND Nail Polish saves me time and money! Saving me time and money with my DND Gel Polish.


Nugenesis Dipping Powder - Simply Stunning Nails!

Nugenesis Dipping Powder offers stunning colors and traditional colors for all seasons and all occasions. Nugenesis Dipping Powder is much easier and quicker to use and apply compared to typical types of acrylic nail polish or liquid gel polishes. Neugenesis Dipping Powder offers me over 200 color choices for all my every day, formal, or informal occasions. This product is made and manufactured here in the United States. Only organically processed indigents are used in the making of this product. Nugenesis Nails gives me strong, healthy nails because this powder is full of Calcium and Vitamin E. I found my color and shine to be long-lasting. This product is non-toxic, has no offensive odor, and produces a lightweight and flexible nail finish. No heat lamps or heat lights needed since this can air-dry instantly, leaving your nails with a long-lasting shine and brilliant color!


DND DC Collections - Bright, Shimmering Shine!

This collection goes on the nails creamy and rich, with no shimmer and no patchy look to my nails. This product goes on the nails smooth and is not too thick. No worries the polish sliding on the nail or pulling back at the tips before curing. The DND DC Collections offers great colors, both traditional looking colors and unique colors, offering me the right color for any occasion. This polish holds up to chips, and wear, staying new-looking for weeks! I also keep my nails healthy using DND DC Collections because the product is made with nutrients and vitamins to keep your nails healthy. Color Choices? DND DC Collections has hundreds of color choices available!


Glam and Gifts

Need a glam and gift set?  Check out our Gorgeous Gradients. This set includes 21 colors from "white-wine" to "caught red-handed". You will have a set of colors for any occasion of outfit. Like French style manicured nails. I love the French Fades set offering nine beautiful shades. The new teal colors really catch my eye with the CG Pastel Ombre's Collection. Like a unique artistic look. I like the unique looks of the CG Marvelous Marbles Collection. When I need a nice "nightlife look", the GC Fun and Fierce Collection does the trick.



Getting your manicure and nails polished is now a multi-million business. Now textured art looks, gel colors, French manicure products, Seaweed gels, dipping powders, all other styles and colors, and designs that just a few years ago could only be done in your local nail shop. Everything you need is here at DTK Nail Supply. We offer tutorials on all our products. This kind of service you will not find at your local beauty supply, Go to my experts, DTK Nail Supply. Don't forget, we offer free shipping on all orders over $150 dollars and free gifts on all orders over $100 dollars. Check out all our informative blogs, articles, and tutorials on healthy nails, polishes, gels, dipping powders, and other useful information and tutorials.



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