Covid–19: Risk and Safety Tips for Hair and Nail Salon 2021

Covid–19: Risk and Safety Tips for Hair and Nail Salon 2021

May 26, 2021

Covid-19 is a disease caused by a modern strain of corona virus. The “Co’’ represents Corona while “Vi” stands for the virus, and the "D" is for diseases. During the Corona virus period, many risks might be caused by diseases when you go for nail care or hairdo during this period.

When going for a haircut or a nail treatment, you are not observing six feet distance from each other. You only observe one foot of space from one another. Despite mask-wearing, there is still a risk attached to it. Since you are in close body contact with each other, both of you could cover your face with a mask.

But since you are not physically staying away from each other, it is also crucial to consider the time durations you will spend in the Salon. Ladies' hair or nail care does require up to 35 or 40 minutes. The longer you stayed in the Salon, the more your risk of contracting the virus.

As a professional salon, you must ensure that customer' health and safety in the salon environment, and staff are secured. Proper hygiene must always be practiced. However, the risk of getting infected with this virus is not much when you maintain one to feet away from other people.

When doing your hairdo or nail care for two or more hours, you must observe social distancing. You must make it a habit to avoid touching faces, especially in public places, to reduce the risk of being infected. Sufficient rest and regular drinking of water to keep fit are also necessary to prevent diseases.

Proper cleanup and disinfection are compulsory at all times. As a nail care practitioner, if your staff experience fever, inhaling difficulty, and regular coughing, make sure they stay indoors and call on doctors or experts to know the next thing to do for appropriate diagnosis and curing protocol.

Even as a Manicurist or customer, you must ensure to keep informed about the recent development concerning the Covid-19 diseases in your town or state. You must sneeze or cough on the bent elbow or tissue then detach it immediately to protect cross-infection.

Aggregate information about the preventive methods must be followed and acknowledged. These precaution tips will ensure that you, your staff, and customers have reduced the risk of catching Covid-19 in your workplace.

Safety Precautions for Hair and Nail Salons

Proper fumigation

Nail salon and hair salon must direct a thorough cleaning and fumigation of their workplace at all times. Fumigation must start from their tools and equipment to areas with tables, curing rooms, reception areas, and styling centers. Ensure to clean down busy areas often with antibacterial cleansers strictly.

Hand washing

It is recommended that strict hand washing with soaps, detergents, and water for at least twenty seconds to prevent germs spreading. According to the World Health Organization as a professional Manicurist, you must wash your hands before and after attending to each client. Washing of hands before and after food, after using the toilet, after nose-blowing, sneezing, and coughing. Hairdressers and Manicurists must provide water-filled buckets with detergents at the entrance for all customers to wash their hands before entering the salon.

Provision of Alcohol-based hand sanitizer

A hand sanitizer must be at each salon entrance. Hairdressers and Manicurists must enforce a strict use of alcohol-based sanitizer to all clients before attending to them. To prevent cross infections and get rid of all viruses, especially between customers and staff, staff members must sanitize their hands.

Stay indoors

Ensure your immune system hygiene is protected by taking a lot of vitamins, relaxing, and drinking apple water. It is strictly recommended by the Center for Diseases Control (CDC) that everyone must be indoor during this period.

Equip your salon properly

Ensure to provide tissue, detergents, and hand wipers to boost healthy habits.

Avoid shaking hands

During this covid-19 period, hugging and handshake among customers and staff must be prevented. You can inform your customers that proper hygiene is being practiced at the Salon by avoiding handshakes.

Avoid touching the eyes, nose, and mouth.

Both the Manicurist and customers must avoid touching the eyes, faces, and nose as this is the simplest and fastest way to contract these diseases.

Communication and signage

Post signage must be at the Salon's front desk as well in the salon break room to inform visitors and clients about the essence of hygiene stands, such as handoff regulations. It is also crucial to tell your customers about the preventive methods your Salon is practicing. This safety tip is a way to avoid the spread of corona virus.

Mask wearing

Hairdressers and Manicurists must order all customers to wear a precaution mask before attending to them.

Maintain physical distancing

It is also essential that space dividers be provided in the salon area to grant each customer a private space.

Avoid hand biting

The inconvenience and anxiety generated from this worldwide outbreak are enough to send anyone familiar with nail-biting into the abnormal habit.

This habit might be putting such a person at a more significant risk for contracting the virus. Biting of hands doesn't mean that you are ignoring the measure altogether, but it indicates that you are eating the bacteria that could be below your nail bed and nails, and that is a problem for your health.

Anyone that bites their nails during this period must ensure using antibacterial soap to disinfect their nails from contracting any diseases.


When deciding to go for nail care or hairdo during the COVID-19 periods, you must also perform the ongoing protective methods such as mask-wearing, getting, and using alcohol-based hand sanitizers and constant hand washing to prevent being affected by these diseases. As a customer in the Salon, you must ensure that you space out your visiting days to minimize exposure. It would be best if you learned how to treat your nails at home. Ensure to know and get the products and items that can be used to care for nails at home. This is the best time to practice nail care at home using dipping nail powders and polish. The health and well-being of both the professional salon industry and its customers is a fundamental priority and as such should be adhered to.

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