The Amazing Ways to Repair Your Nails after Acrylics Guide 2022

The Amazing Ways to Repair Your Nails after Acrylics Guide 2021

May 26, 2021

Your nails are a delicate part of your body, and in some cases, we cause harm and damage to this part without even realizing what we’ve done. Nail care is essential in ensuring our nails get pampered, which involves routine cleaning, manicures and visits to a nail salon. When we get a nail do-over with acrylics or gel, it may cause damage to our nails.

This occurrence happens because our nails become weak after acrylic is removed from it, especially when done wrongly, therefore creating more harm. For this reason, you are advised to go to a professional nail technician to help with the removal of acrylic from your nails to avoid hurting yourself. They will ensure the replacement is done as smoothly as possible.

The typical method of removing acrylic is by soaking the nails in acetone for about 30-45 minutes. Doing this softens the acrylics on the nails and aids easy removal. This method and other acrylic removal procedures should be followed to give you optimum results. This aside, here are five ways to repair your nails after using acrylics.

Keep Your Nails Moisturized

Keep Your Nails Moisturized


Your nails tend to become weak and dry, following the removal of acrylic. Therefore, In a bid to repair your nails, they should be moisturized to enhance their strength. You can get hand cream or lotion, natural oil or cuticle oils for your nails.

You can rub these oils regularly on to your cuticles for 2-5 minutes each day. By so doing, you can strengthen your nails and begin the repair process after using acrylic.

Get a Nail Strengthening Regime and Stick to It

Get a Nail Strengthening Regime and Stick to It


One of your main goals after acrylics should be making your nails stronger. This, therefore, implies that you develop a nail care routine. This keeps you on track and ensures you are committed to the method. Doing this, alongside moisturizing, your hands help speed up the process of nail repair. This process can last as long as one month for your nails to become stronger. However, this depends on how they were previously.

Try a Regular Polish

Try a Regular Polish


When trying to fix your rather nails after acrylic, stick to a regular nail polish routine for a while. This is the best alternative, rather than using gel polish, which in most cases, implies filing your nail down when the acrylic is removed and reapplying it. This helps you observe your nail growth.

Your nails can go back to being strong and healthy; it'll just be a matter of time. This isn't an automatic process; it requires consistency. For your natural nails to be replaced with healthy ones, your damaged nails should be allowed to grow out totally.

During this waiting period, ensue from using regular nail polish, as earlier stated, also, moisturize your nails regularly and avoid acrylics for a while. You can also seek expert opinion from a professional.

Let Your Nails Breathe

Let Your Nails Breathe


A minimum of one week is often recommended to allow your nails to breathe and come back to its natural state. However, this can extend to a few more weeks to ensure it is durable and healthy again. During this period, you can also decide on going ahead with natural nails or going back to using acrylics.

While making this transition to natural nails, it is best to leave them short until your healthy naturals grow. This, therefore, entails trimming as often as people, without extensions. This reduces the chances of having cracked natural nails, which is almost a natural occurrence. This is an essential aspect of nail repair.

When pressure is mounted on pins, they tend to crack. If your nails weren't as healthy before, or you probably visited a nail salon that applied the acrylic nonchalantly, experiencing damage is almost inevitable.

However, repairing your nails is still possible. Everyone loves their long, shiny nails and beautiful designs until it's time to remove them. You have to follow these procedures.

Eat the Right Nutrients

Eat the Right Nutrients


Another fantastic way to repair your nails after acrylics is to eat healthily, and include the right foods that aid healthy nail growth in your diet. Some of these foods include biotin and foods rich in omega-3 and Vitamin E to strengthen your nails. These biotins can be seen in peanuts, avocados, eggs, almonds, walnuts, sweet potatoes and other foods that help nails grow.

Furthermore, an essential aspect of nail repair understands why the damage occurred and prevented a recurrence. This does not mean that you'll always experience a loss after wearing acrylics. So many factors come to play, but this can be prevented.

The natural nail condition following the removal of acrylic nails differs for people and is usually a function of the nail technician who applied it and the type of product used. If care is not taken, things such as thin nail beds will be seen, caused by over-filling, coupled with dry, cracked nails. This makes the nail weak and flaky. Worst case scenario, there'll be nail fungus and rings on the nails.

Frequently Asked Questions About Acrylics

Do Acrylic Nails Ruin Your Nails?

Acrylic nails aren't supposed to cause harm or damage to your nails. However, the use of acrylic over a very long period can weaken your nails and result in damage to your nails. Ensure your nails are fixed by a professional technician, and the fake ones removed with care to prevent further damage to the nails.

Can Your Natural Nails Grow under Acrylic Nails?

Factually, your natural nails can grow well under acrylics. The reason is that your nails can't break under acrylics, thus preventing a crack.

How Long Should You Wear Them?

People often change their acrylics after 3-6 months, depending on how you take care of it. Within this period, you'll notice air pockets between the acrylic and the nail. It is an indicator that you should change them.


Nail care after acrylics is as essential as applying the acrylic itself. Neat and Healthy nails are attractive and are always the pride of the person wearing them. Therefore, we need to pay adequate attention to repairing our nails after acrylic to avoid further damage if there is and look good.

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