Dip Powder Nails: The Manicure You Need in 2021

Dip Powder Nails: The Manicure You Need in 2023

If you don’t regularly visit the nail salon, don’t be surprised if the next time you do there will be new options for you. I mean, if you are used to getting gel or acrylic nail in you past visits this time they will offer you a dip powder nails.  And if you are not familiar with it here are some of the things that you need to know.

What are Dip Powder Nails?

Dip powder nails is the latest technology in manicure that lies somewhere between the regular gel manicure and fake acrylic nail. The color comes from the pigmented powder rather than the traditional way of using UV RAYS to seal in the polish. This techniques is not actually new because it has been around for years now but social media has made it more popular and because of this more and more salon are now offering this product.

A Manicure that last longer

What makes dip powder nails more popular is the fact that it lasts longer than a gel polis. The pigmented powder are sealed by coats and sealants and compared to acrylic this technique uses your real nail instead of using fake ones.

The exact steps on applying the powder depends from the formula but in essence, it all starts with getting the nails cleaned properly to remove excess oil from the nails then covering the nails with base coat. The powders are layered on top of different coats and the result of this process is a manicure that last longer than three weeks without the chipping you get from gel polish.

However since you are working on your natural nail length, your nail will continue to grow throughout the duration of the manicure and you may notice that as it last longer, a part of the nail is no longer covered. Another difference is that dip powder nails doesn’t lay as flat as a gel on the nails and because of the layering, it feels slightly thicker on the nail.

Are Dip Powder Nails Safe To Use?

When it comes to the pros and cons of dip powder nails, there is quite a few but the most common mistake in using dip powder nail is literally dipping the nails in the jar. Doing this practice has a risk of getting bacteria especially if you are not the only one using the jar. So to be safe, it is advice to use a brush in dusting the powder in the nail rather than dipping the entire finger.

For the pros side, aside from it being a longer-lasting manicure, there is also no long-term damage as long as you use a safe formula. It is best to check the formula of the dip powder nails before purchasing as they can sometimes have harmful chemicals so it is best to always check for the best brand.

How to Remove Dip Powder Nails?

Just like gels or acrylic there is no quick way to remove dip powder nails. It requires more time and patience to avoid bringing damage to your nails. Instead of the normal way of swiping nail polish remover on a cotton ball. Removing it on your own can be a bit tricky as it will involve soaking the nails in acetone solution and this can bring damage to the nails with continued use so it is best to seek help from a nail technician when removing it.

There are several tutorials online that teaches how to remove dip powder nails on your own. It is great to do a little homework to avoid regretting and damaging your nails in the end. If you plan to have it removed from the salon, it is best to ask them for their process first before booking an appointment.


If you are deciding whether you will get gel, acrylic or dip powder, the main difference falls down on three factors: the application, the texture and the durability. And if you are eager to try this technique, it is still best to check the formulas before trying it to avoid damaging your nails.

Dip powder nails actually falls on the permanent mani solutions because they are longer-lasting and the best way to choose which product to use always boils down to checking the packaging for the formulas. Many brands incorporate vitamins in their formula so go for that one to protect your hands and nails. There is no harm in trying different manicure technique as long as you also do your part of taking care of your manicure. Invest in good nail after-manicure products to keep your cuticles moisturized and your hands hydrated. Make it a habit to apply moisturizer on your hands to keep them from drying and always give your nails some downtime time to prevent your nails from breaking and becoming brittle.

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