The 7 Easy Nail Painting Tricks That Will save You so Much Money at the Salon

The 7 Easy Nail Painting Tricks That Will save You so Much Money at the Salon

May 26, 2021

Going to the salon to get a manicure/ pedicure is sure relaxing after a busy week. But with the hefty price that you have to pay, it is sometimes tempting to think of not doing it at all and just let your nails as it is. On an average, a manicure in the U.S cost somewhere between $20-$25 and that is just basic service. If you are looking to have an acrylic or gel polished nail or dipping powder prepare to pay more. Of course, your manicure won’t last forever so expect to do this at least every 3 weeks so over time, the cost will add up and you will need to include visiting the salon in your budget.

On the other hand, an initial payment of $50 to buy a complete tools of DIY manicure is also another option. It might be a one-time big time payment but hey can you some green in the long run. If you are willing to give up your salon-perfect manicure and is looking for ways to save some cash, here are some easy nail painting tricks that you can turn to.

Hack #1: Apply Base Coat on Your Nail Tips

Nail polish tend to chip after a few days no matter how careful you are but you can prevent that from happening soon by painting base coat on the top half of the nail and another coat on the full nail before applying the nail polish. This technique will make the polish susceptible to chipping giving it a longer life than usual.

Hack #2: Use White Nail Polish as Base Coat

Notice how your nail polish color changes overtime? The technique to that is to paint the nails white first before applying the colored polish. It will add to the paints true color especially if your nail polish is not super opaque.

Hack #3: Bring Out Your Ingenuity when creating Nail Art

Another reason why we want to go to the nail salon is because some don’t have the talent to make a decent nail art. But nail art doesn’t really need to be that complicated. If you have free time in the office you can create your own nail art by using whatever it is that you have there. In this case, a tape cut using edgy scissors. It’s your ingenuity that will make or break this hack.

Hack #4: Make French Tips Easier With Scotch Tape

French manicure is the most simple yet complicated nail art especially the tip because one wrong move of the brush can destroy a perfect white nail tip. The trick to that is to put scotch tape where you want the tip to start then remove it once the nail polish dries.

Hack #5: Use your Eyeshadow to make a new shade of polish

Got plenty of old eyeshadow? Don’t throw it. You can use that to create a new shade of polish. Just mix your old eyeshadow with a clear polish with a brush. You can change the intensity of color by adding more pigment and we assure you, this is something you will definitely enjoy doing.

Hack #6: Your Eyeliner can be used as nail tool

No nail tool? No problem. Put some rhinestones on your nail by using an eyeliner to pick up the tiny pieces. The rhinestone will surely stay in place as the eyeliner will hold it. Perfect if you have a shade of eyeliner that you don’t really like, so instead of throwing it, you now have a use of it.

Hack #7: Achieve Marble Effect with A cup of water

If you are looking for a nice nail art without having to put too much effort, then this one is for you. It doesn’t require a single brush but the outcome is always great. To start, cover the part of your nail with skin using tape then on a cup filled of water add drops of nail polish, you can either use one color or more. Use a stick to swirl the layers together to create a design. The good thing about this nail art is there are tons to do it and there is no right or wrong design so you will definitely enjoy doing this.


You see, getting a nice nail art doesn’t have to be expensive. All you need is right tools, attitude and patience and you can create your own nail art without having to spend too much. Sometimes all the things you need is just around you. Who knows, this can hone your talent and eventually you will put up your own nail salon. You just have to spend a little time perfecting this in the beginning but eventually you will learn the hang of it and you’ll realize how relaxing this activity is.

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