Nail Supply Store near Me Reviews 2022

Nail Supply Store near Me Reviews 2021

May 24, 2021

When does a girl ask where can I find the best nail supply store near me? There are many ways to counter this question. Though not all of the ladies may be needing the same sort of nail care products one thing that is common is the quality and best type of products that every girl or women may need.

You need to look for the best nail supply options in the area or in case if there are no such stores that you may find which offer high-quality brands and all the essentials and products which are trusted by most of the users, you may look for the nail supply options which are available online offering the top brands and products that anyone would be looking for.

These nail supply stores can be searched and reached out by typing in the query and you will get the list of options where you may find all the popular brands including OPI, DND, SNS, KIARASKY and more.

If you are also looking for these brands, here are the best things you may find through these online stores:

Chisel Nail Supply

Chisel Nail Supply


Chisel nail supply offers a range of nails care and color products offering powder colors, nail liquids, and bonding fluids as well as the solid colors that make sure to give you’re the color you ever needed.

Chisel nail colors come up with the smooth and shiny finish with the extraordinary depth in the color. These are nail friendly and assure protection of the nails and keep them in their best form and color that you can enjoy for days to come.

Chisel liquid kits offer all the essential nail liquids include Chisel base coat, top coat, and bonding liquid and the activator liquid that you may need to get the perfect shine and finishing on the powder color with the texture and depth assuring lasting effect on the nails.

The Chisel nail powder color collection include Ombre nail powder kits including all the colors from white to black, light color shades and darker tones make sure to offer deep, smooth and lasting color effect on the nails to keep them live for a day without chipping and cracking issues.

You can also find 96 Ombre powder color collection kit offers a complete range of powder color that you would ever need to make your looks perfect.

LDS - Lavis Dip Systems

LDS - Lavis Dip Systems


Lavis dipping powder system is another brand offering the real lavis looks on the nails. This range of dipping powder system includes the glittery, shiny fancy nail dipping powder that is enough to create unique looks on your nails.

The golden dipping powder or the multicolored dipping powder make sure you give a lavis look on your nails for your night parties and club time. These dipping powders are unique in many ways as they last longer and stay on the nails if applied with proper finishing and top coat.

You can find night looks with tiny stars and moons, or you may also find colored glittery powder to get the fancy and lavis look on the nails to rock the party time just the way you feel.

Red, grey, silver, red, golden, purple, blue or any glitter color you might need, you can find them in LDS dipping powders that are perfect for party looks and night time get together.

These dipping powders can be actively and confidently used for nail art projects and when you are looking to give your nails a signature look that nobody else might have seen.

Kiara Sky Nail Supply

KIARASKY Nail Supply


KIARASKY comes with a range of nail colors and nails care products offering all the essentials and products that anyone would need to make sure their nails stay protected and sustain the color that they deserve.

From the brand you can expect a range of colors that could be white, red, black or orange or anything that you need to put on your nails. The KIARASKY nail color range comes with a gel coat and the nail color lacquer. The combination and bonding of the liquid assure better and lasting color that stays on the nails and would not leave you disappointed for days and can keep the nails protected against damages.

There you can easily find KIARASKY nail lacquer and base coat kits in any color that you might need. The famous kits offered by KIARASKY include the Ice cream parlor collection that includes all the sweet colors for the nails whether it be the blue hues or the pinks ones, you can get all in one go in this kit.

Other collection kits include the Meltaway collection kit assuring deep and dark colors to enjoy this winter with the best expression on your nails.

The dream of Paris collection comes with deep and dark as well as soft and trendy color collection for any kind of nail color you need to pair with your outfit.

Carousel collection kits feature oft, trendy and natural colors that include light brown or beige different shades of pink and white and other soft colors and shades for daily wear.

Dolce Vita collection kit features the KIARASKY most delicate and soft color collection for the decent and impressive nails you would always need.

In addition to that, a range of nail colors with the matching color base is there which you can apply with ease and smooth and deep color on the nails.

DND and DC Colors and Collections

DND and DC Colors and Collections


DND does not need an introduction as the brand offers plenty of nail color and nail care essentials for unique, stylish and modern looks on the nails. These DND and DC collections include gel, nail polishes, nail lacquer, and cat eye 3D nail polishes to give the most effective styles on the nails with least effort at your end.

The perfect shiny looks are lasting and durable and offer longer wear as compared to other nail colors and products.

The nail polish range offers all the required shades and nail polish hues offering the best color texture and depth and most effective appearance and looks to make sure you get the effect on your nails when you need it.

DND and DC one line 144 colors kit come with the needed colors range and free nail lamp to cure your nails in minutes. 36 DND and DC nail colors part 4 is another kit for the nails with the best colors provided by the DND brand.

The DND DC 36 colors part 1, part 2, part 3 and part 4 offer a range of nail color options for better color matching and combination that you would never forget.

Glam and Glits

Glam and Glits


Glam and Glits is another nail care and color product line offering smooth shiny and glossy nail colors for those looking for the latest and stylish looks on the nails for the special days and for daily wear as well.

Glam and Glits offer light and dark shades and hues that provide an excellent finish on the nails. You can have them in a range of colors that you may need depending on the matching outfit you have.

Nude, black, white, pink, red, grey and green are the most popular shades in this collection.

OPI Colors and Nail Liquids Kits

Nail Supply Store near Me


OPI offers different nail color and care products to match the needs of today’s nail fashion trend. Whether you need gel nail polish kits to get the glass-like finish or nail color powder kits for deeper tones and smooth finish on the nails OPI has a range of nail color products that everyone might need to try out and enjoy the favorite colors and design on the nails.

OPI PW pro kits with 3,4, 6 powder color with liquids provide complete kits for the perfect smooth color on the nails using the base coat, the activator, bonding agents and the top color paired with the perfect nail powder colors in white, pink or nude shades.

OPI nail color powder kits are available with a range of different shades that can be found in the sets of 2,3,4, 5, and may range up to 12 colors in one kit.

OPI nail lacquer and powder combos are also available in a range of fabulous colors that you might need for your everyday wear and for party wear as well.

The OPI base coat, top coat, activator kits offer all the necessary effects you need to get the perfect smooth damage-free looks on your nails. The powder perfect essential nail liquid kit from the OPI series assure perfect looks by providing all the necessary nail care and color conservation liquids you always need.

So, in case if you don’t find a quality nail supply store near you or in your area, you can trust the above brands and find the best nail care products online without wasting your time and your money as well. All the essentials and nail colors are there waiting for you to make sure you get professional looks and color on the nails within minutes of application.

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