All about Ridges in Fingernails: Types, Causes, Symptoms and Precaution

All about Ridges in Fingernails: Types, Causes, Symptoms and Precaution

May 26, 2021

Fingernails comprise of a protein known as scleroprotein, which is also present in the epidermis and hair. Fingernails are body parts that you can cut when they grow or probably you paint them to look more attractive. Your nails can also define the state of your well-being.

Types of fingernails ridges

These are of two types:

Vertical/upright fingernail ridges

These are lines that appear from the edge of the nails down to the cuticle, and this is usually harmless. These ridges often develop due to delay in cell turning and are mostly seen in older adult's nails.

This is when new skin cells produced below the surface of your epidermis rise up to take the place of dead cells that are discarded from the surface. When the epidermis begins to show signs of old age, the nails and the nail bed could also start to react to it.

Horizontal ridges

This is also known as "Beau'' multiple furrows that appear horizontally on the fingernails, it is mostly deep on the nails. These ridges may disturb the nail growth, so it needs a proper checkup and treatment. Someone who had to undergo chemotherapy can have these lines on their fingernails and toenails. Someone who had mumps may also get horizontal ridges in their fingernails and toenails.

Causes and Symptoms of fingernails ridges

Although fingernails ridges can be developing by various kinds of health conditions which can result in nail colors changes, nail bed and deforming the nail shapes, skin conditions that can cause nails ridges to include:

  • Eczema: It can also create a peek at your fingernails.
  • Lack of vitamins and minerals: Nails ridges can be an experience if you have a low level of minerals or vitamins with this, you could take a supplement. You can get rid of this by applying a nail lotion or vitamin E oil on your nails.
  • Skin patches: These can also create fingernail ridges in the anatomy. However, you can also detect a fingernail's ridges through a sign of underlying conditions. Therefore this can be protected by undergoing a proper checkup, which is helpful for the victims and the doctor to know the appropriate treatments to apply.
  • Medical disorder: such as vascular infections, pachyonychia can develop vertical ridges to the nails. Therefore, nails that germinate together with other symptoms such as brittle nails could be a sign of medical disorder and must be treated immediately.
  • Anemia: These allow dirt to sink into your nail and can also cause vertical ridges to get to your fingernails. Lack of iron in the body can also ginger vertical seams and changes to your nail, which can give a spoon-shaped format. A small blood clot that gives vertical color changes is known as splinter hemorrhage. So when you discover bleeding, it is advisable to consult a skincare practitioner.
  • Digestive disorder: These can also distract the consumption of nutrients to the body and may also affect the fingernails. Examples are the celiac diseases; therefore, if the anatomy lacks proper building blocks to form new cells, it will affect the nails and the epidermis.
  • Injury: This can also cause ridges to the fingernails, so when you have a cut in your fingernails, you should be patient for a week to see how the nail heals before consulting a doctor.
  • Bruising: Placing a book on your fingernail can develop bruising to germinate below the nails, and it may change the nail shape. Bruising requires a gradual treatment as the cell figures heal, and the nails begin to sprout.

If you have a clean or shattered cut on your nails, worn-out nails, or blood under your nails, you should consult a doctor immediately. During this process, the doctor may want to know other symptoms you are feeling, and also you may undergo a urine test to see the cause and best treatment for your fingernails ridges.

Fingernail ridges can be brightened through the use of an emery board. Most of the time fingernail ridges germinate basically because of old age. It is crucial to focus on any fingernails changes or strange colors on the nails which might be a result of a medical condition that needs urgent medications.

But at times, when the fingernails ridges were not known, your skincare practitioner can gather some fingernail clipping to be checked in the laboratory to understand the causes and treatment of the infections.


Not all human beings will have ridges in the fingernails, but unfortunately, there is no way to protect them from forming. Although eating a balanced diet meal would be the best way to prevent fingernails ridges and healthy nails.


Whenever fingernails ridges germinate due to old age, they cannot affect the body. Still, if you notice other symptoms or nail changes that resemble the seams, you must consult a doctor or dermatologist immediately.

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