Best Acrylic Nail Kit for Beginners Reviews 2020

Looking for acrylic nails without having prior experience with them? Not sure how to apply them or use them for your own nails? You need to look for a perfect acrylic nail kits that offer all the essential things you would need to apply the acrylic nails and do the application and nail color like a pro.

 There are kits available on the market that you may use in order to apply the acrylic nails and make sure to shape and color them safely without getting into any kind of a mess.

 It is always better to look for professional grade kits but needs to be sure, they are not hard to use or difficult to apply when it comes to application and finishing up your nails.


Top 10 Best Acrylic Nail Kits


1. Warm Girl Pro Acrylic Liquid Powder and Tools Kit

Looking for a perfect solution for your acrylic nail passion this time? You can rely on the complete toolkit that comes with2 different beautiful acrylic powder colors and 3 large containing bottle of clear pink and white color for the best effect and crystal colors on the nails.

The kit also comes with a dish and the acrylic liquid and you just have to pour the liquid into the dish, dab some powder on your nail and dip in the acrylic liquid to get the perfect acrylic look on your nails.

Or beginner nail art lover this kit offers all the essentials to get perfect acrylic nails with an improved and enhanced look and shine on the nails and strengthening as well.


2. Mia Secret Acrylic Nail Kit

All in one pouch this starter kit offers the perfect little set of accessories include the liquid monomer, the top coat for a high-gloss finish, filer, brush, acrylic nail powder, primer, filer, and nail glue to get the best effect on your nails with acrylic nail finish that every beginner needs. This kit transforms nails as per your needs and makes sure to offer an effortless way to get the perfect acrylic nails on your fingers as the professionals does. You can use them effortlessly and apply the acrylic nails at home giving the perfect look to shine.


3. New Professional Acrylic Powder Nail Art Starter Kit

This is another perfectly assembled acrylic nail art kit for beginners that let the beginners work out with acrylic nails by using the high-quality acrylic nail products.

The kit includes acrylic nail powder, nail color powder, brush, filer, buffer, stones, and embellishment for nail art and the nail liquids to get the professional touch on the acrylic nails.

You can work with any style on your acrylic nails with the liquid monomer, dappen dish, acrylic nail tips, the top coat, and the pink, white and natural acrylic nail powder that not only give a shiny finish but also help in giving strength to the nails and style as you need.


4. Mitsutomi, 42 Professional Acrylic Kit

Mitsutomi professional acrylic nail art kit includes the deco acrylic nail tips, the stones, nail art tools, nail color powder, nail liquids, nail colors, the dappen dish, brush, and all the nail art toolsets that offer a professional finish on the nails with the design, look and finish that not only give style but also offer strong color and strength for the nails as well.

The use and application of the nails are easy and does not require any professional experience for the use and application. You just have to follow the simple steps and you can get the true acrylic nail look according to your desired color and accessories that dazzle your nails.


5. Acrylic Nail Kit by TP Nail Care


A starter or a beginner needs a simple solution to perform the acrylic nail application. This kit is the perfect gift for beginners who need to apply the acrylic nails with a professional touch so that they never have to go to a salon for getting the professionally applied acrylic nails.

The acrylic nail powder kit requires no extra effort and it offers a formula that never discolors the nails after application and removal.

The superior adhesion and consistency offered by the nails make sure you will always get a professional result no matter if you never have done it before. The products come from the Us and offer 100 percent money back guarantee so that you always get the perfect professional touch with the shine and strength you always look for.

It includes the acrylic powder, the acrylic liquid, bond primer, buffer, nail file and nail brush for an easier and smoother application like a pro.


6. Lookatool 42 Acrylic Nail Kit

The Lookatool offers the complete set of 42 nail art and color toolkit for getting the acrylic nails on your fingers while staying at home. This toolset and acrylic nail kits work perfectly fine for the beginners who are looking for a complete and compressive solution to help people get the acrylic nails applied as the professionals do. The nail kit includes acrylic nail powder, nail color powder, the dappen dish, acrylic monomer, top coat and primer, and glue for acrylic nail tips.

The clipper, filer, and buffer along with the nail brush make sure you can file, trim and groom your nails and apply the acrylic nails with complete perfection and smooth finishing that last for a longer period of time without damaging your nails. With this kit, you will never have to worry about what you want to do with your acrylic nails.


7. Beauty Secrets Odorless Acrylic Nail Kit System

This is an odorless acrylic nail kit system that is perfect for the new users who are not familiar with the acrylic nail application so much. This makes sure that the user will not feel much issues while applying them on the nails. The powder offers a bubble resistant application and makes sure to offer clear and glossy finish on the nails. The liquid in the kit provides enhancing effects that make sure your nails will not get yellowed after use.

The kit includes 30 nail forming, 40 quality made nail tips, nail file, acrylic nail brush for an easier application that encourages the beginners to let the nails glow as they need.


8. Nsi Attraction Nail Acrylic Sampler Kit

This NSI acrylic nail system offers the perfect yet simple to use acrylic nail application. NSI provides the simplest solution with the kit that includes the acrylic nail powder, nail liquids, and primer with the acrylic nail powder that includes the natural pink and brilliant white so that you will get the acrylic nails with the gloss and shine you have been looking for.

The tri-monomer in the kit make sure the nails are formed and adhere without causing any damages to the natural nails.


9. Nail Art Deco, 21 in 1  Misaky Professional Acrylic Nail Set

This acrylic nail system is the complete kit including the white and pink acrylic nail powder, clear UV nail gel and all the essential tool you may need for your acrylic nail finish. Rhinestones, cleaning brush, buffer, acrylic nail tips, sanding file, dappen dish, French tips, acrylic nail liquid and curved trimmer for the nails are there for you to groom the nails even if you are not familiar with the process as well the essentials. You can still get [perfectly finish acrylic nails in an effortless manner.


10. Pro Acrylic Nail 24 in 1 Full Kit

The pro 24 in one acrylic nail kit is a full set of essentials that every beginner would need for acrylic nail application, that includes 3 acrylic powders including clear, pink and white color acrylic powder, nail cutter, liquid pump dispenser,12 acrylic nail powder. Adhesive nail stickers, wood sticks, nail brush for cleaning, toe fingers separator, silver rhinestones,   practice finger, colored rhinestones, sandpaper, buffer, French white nail tips, tweezers, and nail pen brush.

All these essential in one places make sure beginners get what they need and will never need to look further for the perfect acrylic nails.

The essentials make sure the application and finishing is a breeze for the starters and will give a chance to improve their confidence in the application of the acrylic nails.

Here we have discuss the best acrylic nail starter kits that are suitable for the beginners who need a professional look on their nails. Though it is important to make sure that the acrylic nail powder, liquid and monomer are harmless to the natural nails, you should always look for a suitable solution that offers high0quality acrylic nail powder and liquids. These kits come up with essential French white and pink acrylic nail powder and other nail art kits so that beginners can get the solution for their acrylic nail application in an easy way.

It is better to apply the acrylic nails as per the provided system by following the steps and products provided with the kit so that the smooth shiny and strong acrylic nail finish can be obtained without a mess on the nails.



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