Best Nail Color for Your Skin Tone Reviews 2020

Summer here and with summer comes bright vibrant colors. We all want beautiful nails! However, what is the best color for your skin tone. Today we will review all the hot colors that go with your skin tone, weather your skin tone is olive, light, pale, or dark skin tones. Today's nail polish products offer the best the industry must offer. More people are doing their nails at home. With the products available to customers today, and the information on the internet with how-to-do videos, no one needs to pay the high price of nail salon prices! Today's nail polish products offer healthier, strong nails. Nail polishes today are made to fortify and keep your nails healthy and beautiful!


Best Nail Color for Olive Skin - Orange Tones


1. OPI Freedom of Peach Nail Lacquer + OPI Powder Perfection

I have olive tone skin and I found the orange tones just bring out the highlights of my olive skin. The creamy peach lacquer gives me up to a week of wear. The lacquer applies easily on my nails. This process dries in minutes. The peach color is stunning against my olive skin. With the OPI Freedom of Peach Nail Lacquer + OPI Powder Perfection my beautiful nail polish lasts a week before I must polish again. So, I have the most stunning nails, when I use the OPI Natural Base Coat and the OPI Top Coat. My olive skin tone can make it difficult to find the right shade of color. With my OPI Peach Nail Lacquer, the color and the shade are fantastic against my olive skin!



2. BIO Seaweed Gel 132 Orange You Glad

This is a brilliant tangerine orange tone against my olive skin. This gel applies smoothly on my nails with dries with a creamy, smooth finish. What I like most about this gel is I need no heat lamps or lights; the finish dries to the touch in two minutes, and no alcohol or cleaners are needed.  I do not need no base or top coat!  BIO Seaweed Gel is truly an all-in-one product! With my BIO Seaweed Gel 132 Orange You Glad polish, I do not need to buy a top coat, base coat, alcohol, cleaners, and heat and light lamps! I get excited when I think of all the money I am saving.



3. Kiara Sky N465 Egyptian Goddess Nail Lacquer

This polish combines the hues of rich brown crème with brilliant undertones of orange. The rich brown contrasts nicely with my olive skin tone, and the stunning orange sets off my olive tone skin. I used this color when I want to feel special, or that "dress-up" occasion, or when I like a causal look, with a little glam with my Egyptian Goddess Nail Lacquer. This polish finish works with all occasions, a causal date and movie, or an exquisite evening at a 5-Star restaurant and a formal dance ball afterwards. Just a quiet evening with the one I love at home, this nail color works for me!


Best Nail Color for Light Skin-Shades of Pink


1. DND 417 Pinky Kinky 2/Pack

This polish shimmers against my pale skin. When I used this polish the first time, the coat lasted for two weeks! Considering I am an office worker, and hit my nails all the time, my DND Pinky Kinky polish has never chipped! When at home, I am constantly washing my hands, and the " new look " of my polish never wears off! This color really shows off my light skin tones! I wore this nail polish color at all occasions and I receive complements all the time! When I tell my friends it lasts for weeks, they want to know where to go buy this great-looking pink nail polish.


2. Nugenesis NL 12 Pink Fiesta 

I like the jeweled nail art finish with Nugenesis NL 12 Pink Fiesta. This dipping powder looks and feels natural and last much longer than my gel polish. Unlike my gel polish, this product is not as harsh on my nails. With my gel polish, I usually can go about a week before having to polish my nails again. With my Nugenesis product, my nails can go up to six weeks between polishes. I never have to worry about unhealthy nails because this product is fortified with minerals and vitamins!


3. SNS Dipping Powder GC 392

 SNS GC 392 is one of my favorite dipping powders! I love the brilliant, stunning, hot pink color contrasting with my light skin! I really like the dipping powder for several reasons.  SNS GC 392 lasts much longer than gel and traditional type polishes. Lacquer and Gel polishes have sometimes adverse reactions, and overall, can be abrasive on my nails. With SNS Dipping Powders, I can have healthy, stunning, beautiful nails that outlast my other polishes four to five weeks longer between polishes.


Best Nail Color for Pale Skin - Shades of the Ocean Green Sea


1. Kiarasky 448 Green with Envy

This polish looks great against my pale skin tone. When I use this color on my nails, I always get complements and my friends ask where I got that great-looking color! When I tell my friends, I have not changed the color my nails in a month, they are shocked! Believe me, I am hard on my nails with two preschoolers at home. My Kiarasky 448 Green with Envy never fails me! For weeks, no wearing a way of color and no chips on my stunning-looking nails. No harsh chemicals are used in the formulation of this product and does not harm your healthy nails. Not only do I get a great long-lasting shine; the product is made with vitamins and calcium to keep my healthy nails staying strong and sturdy. With Kiarasky 448 Green with Envy, no unhealthy brittle nails for me!


2. DND 435 Spring Leaf Two Pack

This color is unique and just brings out the pale shade of my skin. I work out in my yard a lot and my color and shine still stays on my nails. The quality of this color and polish is second to none. The polish goes on smooth and does not clump up on my nails.  If my nails did not grow out so fast, I could go two weeks without changing my polish. My DND 435 Spring Leaf Two-Pack polish is durable, strong, my DND 435 Spring Leaf Two-long-lasting, and well wearing polishes I used!


3. OPI Nail Lacquer

Stay Off the Lawn is a rich, deep, green that looks good with any outfits or accessories I wear. The polish lasts for days, even with the abuse I give my hands. I love this color against my pale skin tone. The color literally glows and shimmers in any kind of light, natural light, indoor light, and the dim lights of the night. In any situation, this color displays a creamy richness against my pale skin tone! If you have a pale skin tone, don't be afraid to try out this rich, bright, green color. Your pale skin will just complement this color stunningly!


Best Nail Color for Black Skin - Shades of Mint Blue


1. DND DC Collections Gel + Lacquer Combo 032 Caribbean Island

I have dark skin because I tan a lot.  Having such a dark skin tone, I find it impossible to find a color that looks good up against my dark skin tones. My skin is dark black, and I found the best colors are the teal green colors. This Combo Collection gives a rich, creamy, light airy look like the clear teal green seas, giving off a stunning translucent tone to my nails. I always get complements with this color. When I tell my friends, my polish lasts for weeks they are as stunned as the stunning color of my nails.


2. Bio Matching Gel and Lacquer Set 87 Greenhouse

This duo polish set gives off a unique fashion art look of teal and subtle marble traces in the polished finish. When I wear this polish, all my friends think I just got an expensive fashion art manicure. Little do they know, I do my own polish and manicure at home, without the expense of the nail salon shop. My polish lasts for weeks! I spend a lot of my down time at the beach which plays terror on my nails.  Even with my nails exposed to salt water, my polish lasts for weeks! I usually do polish my nails again after about a week of use only because my nails grow out so fast. If I want to change to a different color for a special night or occasion I am still saving money over salon nail shop prices.


DTK Nail Products has all the polishes, gels, dipping powders, and colors reviewed today. If you are not sure how to use some of the new, exciting products our how-to video tutorials we make it easy for you. Our blogs offer tons of useful information. Today we have reviewed the best colors and hues of polishes that work best for your skin tone. Today nail polishes, gels, and dipping powders offer longer-lasting times between polishes. Our new dipping powders offer up to six to seven weeks between polishes and are enriched with calcium and nutrients to keep your nails beautiful, strong, and healthy!



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