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The Best Nail Shape For Your Hand Reviews 2021

Flattering your nails with the finest nail colors and nail designs will make your nails look more astonishing. When paired with the right nail shape, your hands and fingers will look even more impressive as the silhouette of your nails not only complements your nail design, but it will also flatter your nails. In this post, we will help you find the best nail shape for your natural nails.

nail shaped

There are twelve interesting nail shapes that have evolved since nail enhancement and nail polish became available to those who may want to have their nails done either at home or at a salon. Now you can choose from the more conventional oval, almond, round, and square shaped nails, to the more daring and unusual nail shapes, such as squoval, ballerina (a.k.a stiletto), coffin, mountain, flare, edge, and lipstick shaped nails. Which of these nail shapes do you think will best suit your hands?


1. Oval Shaped Nails

This is the egg-shaped nails that will look perfect for short and wide nail beds. It is long and slightly tapered from the nail bed to the tip of the nail. This is more like the almond-shaped nails but with a softer and blunter tip. This can be done with those who have long nails.


2. Almond Shaped Nails

Nails with slimmer sides with tapered and rounded tips are what define almond-shaped nails. This sophisticated and lovely nail shape works best with long nails and is perfect for those with thin nail beds. Even if you have short or wide fingers, you can always keep your nails longer and have them take on this chic nail shape.


3. Round Shaped Nails

 For those with short or chubby fingers, this nail shape will be the best choice. It follows the natural contour of your fingertips. Rounding your nails will make them look longer. It is the most favored choice for those who don’t have much time to spend for a salon finished nails. It is quite easy to do and maintain even if you are just trying out polishing your nails for the first time.


4. Square Shaped Nails

 The is perfect for the classic French manicure. It is a bold statement and creates strong sidewalls. The nails are trimmed perpendicular to the side walls. The nails also have sharp rounded tips. This nail shape will make smaller nail beds look shorter and wider. It looks best on fingernails that are short, narrow, and with long fingers. Those with thin hands, long and slim fingers will absolutely love this nail shape. It is easy to maintain and will be a perfect choice who finds going to the salon or having their nails done more frequently a burden. It looks neat yet trendy. This nail shape makes the fingernails stronger, hence they will not break easily.


5. Stiletto Shaped Nails

This is a shape with the pointed tips (more drastic than the almond- shaped nails) and is rather long. If you want your nails to really stand out, you can have this nail shape done anytime you want. Just be sure that you won’t be doing anything that will require you to use your hands, except to flaunt them. This is a popular nail shape for those who are in the entertainment industry. You will see several unique nail designs on top of the nail polish that make the nail an eye-catcher.


6. Coffin/Ballerina Shaped Nails

 Nails with this shape are made long, slim, and tapered off at the tip to take on the shape of a coffin or a ballerina slipper. It’s chic and sophisticated, but it can only be done on nails that are long and strong.


7. Squoval Shaped Nails

This is a combination of the more defined and strong square-shaped nail and the more delicate oval-shaped nail. The curved portion of nails with this shape is not too round or sharp. Instead, it’s shaped to be flattering enough for any hand shape and size and is perfect for the new-age woman that resembles strength and flexibility with a touch of classic femininity.


8. Flare Shaped Nails

  Also known as the duckbill-shaped nails, this nail shape flares upward and outward at the tip of the nail. Its wide flare at the tip makes it look like a duck bill, thus its name.


9. Mountain Peak Shaped Nails

 The mountain peak shaped nails look like the stiletto shaped nails, only shorter and more pointy than the former. This is the perfect choice for a dauntless look. This will be perfectly done with artificial nail extensions, however.


10. Edge Shaped Nails

 This nail shape resembles the arrow-shaped nails, only with shorter and less fierce-looking nail tips. Many find this an interesting nail shape. It looks like a three-dimensional design as it is made with a free edge formed by two planes to form a v-surface towards the tip of the nail.


11. Lipstick Shaped Nails

 You guess it right. The name came from the silhouette of the nail that looks like a newly opened lipstick case. This unconventional nail shape is best suited for those with slender fingers. It conceals big palms and makes short fingers look longer.


12. Arrow-head Shaped Nails

This nail shape also resembles the stiletto but with a shorter and softer point. Its silhouette looks more like the head of an arrow.


Each of this nail shape, when matched with your chosen nail color and design,  will create a different effect on your overall appearance.


For the DIY lovers, you can find always find ways to do the best nail shape for your hand even at home. But if you really want to do it the right way and without having to resort to trial and error, you can always visit a salon and have a well-trained nail technician do the job for you.


If you want to do it on your own, always remember to match your nail shape with your nail beds, nails, as well as with your hands and your fingers. The easiest way to determine what shape your nails should have is to consider the shape of your lunula, the small half-moon shape near your cuticle. The contour of the lunula should also match the tips of the nail shape you have chosen. Make sure to take in consideration your lifestyle as well. If you are the more active type who love to engage in activities that require you to make use of your hands most of the time, it is best to consider having shorter nail shapes than otherwise.


There is no right or inappropriate nail shape. However, there are more appealing options for each particular nail shape.


To help you decide, consider these suggestions:


1. Best nail shape for long fingers

 For those who have long and slim fingers, you have several options to go with your manicured or designed nails: square (for narrow nails), squoval (for wider nails). The coffin-shaped nails, almond-shaped nails, and other pointy-shaped nails will also be good to pair with long fingers, however.


2. Best nail shape for fat fingers

 Even fat fingers will look interesting with these nail shapes: oval, round, squoval.


3. Best nail shape for big hands

 Big hands, when paired with these nail shapes, will look fabulous: flare shaped nails, oval, lipstick, and edge.


4. Best nail shape for chubby fingers

 For chubby fingers, you can opt for these nail shapes: oval, round, almond, and coffin. These nail shapes are sure to make your nails and fingers look longer and will hide the chubby fingers underneath the tip of the nails.


5. Best nail shape for short fingers

 These nail shapes will work best with short fingers: almond, round, oval, stiletto, and other pointy nail shapes.


6. Best shape for natural nails

 For great looking natural nails, you can always follow the shape of the small half-moon shape near your cuticle called the “lunula.” For a more rounded lunula, you can opt for rounder shaped nails like the oval and round nails. For a flat or a squared lunula, a square or squoval shaped nail will be the best option.


Deciding which will be the best nail shape is an essential part of your salon visit. Even if you have already picked the right shade and design for your nails, you still need to decide what nail shape should go with your polish and nail design to complement your nails and fingers. Your manicure will be more powerful if you are able to match the shades and design on your nails with the shape of your nails. With a perfectly matching nail shape and nail color, your hands can actually speak for themselves.


Whether long or short, tapered or blunt, soft or strong, round or square -- any nail shape when worn with the right nail length and other related finger conditions, will not only boost the appeal of your nails but your whole being as well.



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