Best Hard Gel For Nails 2022

Best Hard Gel For Nails 2022 - DTK Nail Supply

May 14, 2021

The first gel polish to be introduced in the mid-1980s is the hard gel polish, which is also known as the traditional nail polish. It came rather later than acrylic nail polish, however. Acrylic polish looks less natural on the nails and also chips and peels off quite quicker than its gel alternatives. There are also other reasons why more and more have opted to have gel coatings on their nails as you will see later on. Although there is quite a big difference with these types of nail coatings, both acrylic nail and gel polish has an acrylic base as its component. However, gel polish lasts longer, gives a more natural and glossy finish than acrylic nail polish.

Best Hard Gel For Nails

What Types of Gels?

There are three types of gel pigments available in the market today: the gel polish, the soft or soak off gels, and the hard gel polish. These gel-type pigments can either be cured under a LED or UV lamp or may just dry off with an application of an activator. Both the no-light and those gel that require curing provide the same durable and glossy finish. The difference of these three types of gel pigments is in the molecular structure of the gels and their molecular weight. Considering the consistencies of the three gel types, the hard gel, when applied would have a thicker feel than that other two types. All three provide an even finish that lasts longer than acrylic polish, however.

What Is the Difference Between Them?

The major difference between these three types of gel polish is in their molecular structure. Hard gel polish has a molecular structure that is more closely held together making it tougher and more difficult to break, hence would not be easy to remove by just soaking or using acetone and other nail polish remover than the other two gel polish alternatives. Soft or soak off gels and gels have higher molecular weights and have an elongated molecular shape. These allow solvents to penetrate through the molecules, making them easier to remove or dissolve.

Moreover, hard gels can get super tough when cured under a LED or UV lamp. This allows them to be sculpted like regular acrylic nails. They offer better protection to the nails from trauma than regular polish, nonetheless. They differ from other gel types as they can be strong enough that they can be formed to be an extension of the nails. An application of hard gel polish can last up to about four weeks before a new application needs to be done. The previous coating can only be removed by filing it off as it cannot be dissolved by simply soaking the nails.

Why Hard Gel Polish Is a Choice for You?

Given this fact, many still consider a hard gel polish as a great alternative for gorgeous looking nails for several reasons:

  • They provide longer-lasting shine to the nails.
  • They can be paired with a regular polish (as a top coat) for a more natural finish.
  • They are formulated with no harsh chemicals.
  • They are odor-free.
  • They are made with nail growth and health-enhancing minerals like Vitamin E and Calcium.
  • They can be applied to form and build nails as they are more durable than a gel and a soft or soak off gel polish.
  • They can also be used as overlays or additional options on top of an acrylic nail polish.
  • They are stored in opaque containers or pots to prevent light from passing through, thus maintaining the consistency of the gel.

When used properly or applied by professional technicians, hard gels can offer up to a couple of weeks or more of gorgeously polished looking nails that will not break, crack, or peel. If you intend to expand the services that you offer to clients, it will be a smart choice to include gel types as nail polish options for your clients. If you prefer doing the nail maintenance yourself, the gel type polish will be a better choice for you.

Top 3 Hard Gel For Nails

For color options, here are the best hard gels for nails that we do recommend:

IBD Professional UV Gel Kit

IBD Professional UV Gel Kit


This package contains everything that you will need for a professionally looking UV gel finish for you or your clients’ nails. The gels are in small pot containers which make it easy to use while placing the gel on the nails. Once applied the gel may not seem to get into the cuticles and level evenly, but it does and will level beautifully once cured under a UV light.

What is in this kit? Each package of the IBD Professional UV gel kit contains the following IBD products:

  • 0.5 oz. Clear Gel
  • 0.5oz. Clear Builder Gel
  • 0.5oz. Ultra White Builder Gel
  • 0.5oz. Pink Builder Gel
  • 0.5oz. Gel Polish
  • 0.5oz. Ultra Seal
  • 0.5oz. Bonder
  • 2oz. Cleanser Plus 4oz. Nail Prep
  • Ultra Fast Nail Glue
  • Gel Glue
  • Gel Brush
  • Nail Wipes
  • White padded Files
  • Cuticle Pushers
  • Nail Tips

The kit also includes a DVD and an Instructional Booklet that will guide you on how to do astunning manicure or pedicure every time.

Young Nails False Nail Trial Synergy Gel Kit

Young Nails False Nail Trial Synergy Gel Kit


This could make the thinnest and strongest nails for you that you can keep for weeks. Many have found this trial kit simply a must have if you want to get your hands on one of the newest trends in nail enhancements available in the market today. If you have brittle nails and have a job that requires much cleaning and use of your hands and fingertips, using this nail gel kit will be a great help. You can check out the pricing on amazon as well as what others have to say about this product.

What is in the kit? The kit contains the base, white sculpture, concealer pink, build, finish, and protein bond. The gels are contained in pot containers that are tightly sealed. However, there is no gel brush included in the package.

Like the IBD gel polish, Young Nails gel polish does not have any time limit before it hardens after application as it only levels and does so after it curing or putting the nails under a LED or a UV lamp. It will not run all over your nails as it is thicker than other hard gels but also self-levels once cured. You will get great looking nails that won’t crack or peel for weeks of wear.

Gelish PolyGel Professional Nail Technician All-in-One Enhancement Master Kit

Gelish PolyGel Professional Nail Technician All-in-One Enhancement Master Kit


What is in this kit? With every purchase of this kit, you get the following gel nail enhancement products that will complete your manicure or pedicure needs.

  • 4 gel full size (2 ounce) colors: Natural Clear sheer shade, Bright White opaque shade, Light Pink sheer shade, Cover Pink opaque shade
  • Slip Solution 240 mL
  • PH Bond dehydrator 15 mL
  • Top It Off sealer 15 mL
  • Nail Surface Cleanse
  • 2 fluid ounces
  • Pro Bond primer 15 mL
  • Multi-purpose PolyTool
  • 4 tube keys

This is an all-in-one gel and acrylic polish hybrid recommended for use by licensed technicians only. It looks and feels lighter on the nails than acrylic polish. It offers a durable and lasting shine that won’t fade for weeks.

A plus for this package, other than the other features that are provided by the other previously mentioned kits, is that it is the only package that contains a multi-purpose brush that is also easy to use. This brush makes the application of the PolyGel a breeze -- just slice and shape with a flick of the wrist for a comfortable and easy application. The brush is designed with a synthetic #10 brush on one of its end and spatula on the other end.

This package is a bit pricey among the three kits, but as you can see you get more of each of the product with the package as you get 2 ounces each of the gel polish, as well as the other products that come with the kit. You also won’t need to look for a separate brush to apply the gel products as well as the package comes with a multi-purpose brush designed specifically for Gelish PolyGel.

This product combines everything that you may need from an acrylic nail polish as well as the things that you may require from a builder hard gel. You can have all nails polished before having them cured under a LED or a UV lamp and still get the same even finish for all the nails as the polish hardens only after curing. The gel is also quite sticky it can last longer than the two products listed. Overall you get a great product that will offer better savings as it needs lesser application time for over three weeks after each application.


If you have soft and short nails and would like to flaunt longer nails with perfectly designed overlays, you may rely on a tougher nail coating alternative that will give your nails the perfect look that can last longer than regular acrylic nail polish (even other types of gel nail coatings). For a wider range of nail color options, you may want to check out for great brands that offer the best color alternatives to keep your nails glowing and looking great day after day.