Top 5 Best Nail Growth Polish Reviews 2021

Top 5 Best Nail Growth Polish Reviews 2021

May 17, 2021

Here is another manicure and pedicure solution that you may not be aware of, but has been around for almost four decades now. It helps your nails grow naturally and safely.  This manicure process has been used to fix split and broken nails. It offers an easier way to coat natural nails with a flexible, thin, soft, and much-longer lasting finish than a gel polish. A coating of this application could last from four to six weeks. It also requires lesser tools to do. You won’t need a lamp to dry off the color or even acrylic brushes to apply the color. A nail technician or you could simply apply a base color, then dip your nails into the powder with the color that you want to have on your nails, then finish off with a manicure or pedicure sealant. The application dries off instantly.

If you are looking for the perfect product to do the job, consider these five dipping powder which we recommend.

SNS Dipping Powder Pro Kit

SNS Dipping Powder Pro Kit


The SNS Pro Kit 6 includes everything that you may need to create beautiful French manicure finish. For those who know the brand, they would agree that this brand could just be the healthiest a client can have on his or her nails. The brand declares that they have added A, E, D3, and B5, plus calcium in their sns dipping powder. Not only will you see a stunning nail finish that will last longer than traditional nail polish, you will also notice that your nails are becoming stronger and healthier because of the vitamins fused into each powdered sns nail colors.

SNS Dipping Powder - Pro Kit 6 comes with 6 powders and 7 gels. Overall it is a brilliant nail solution that not only looks good, feels great, and is also a smart purchase. It sells at $246.6, almost $28 savings when you purchase the powder dip here.

Nugenesis Dipping Powder Starter Kit

Nugenesis Dipping Powder Starter Kit


Sells at a discounted price of $720. Regular selling price is $1125. Make your nails looking effortlessly gorgeous with the shimmering effect of each of the Nugenesis dipping powder that comes with this brand’s dip powder metallics collection. The ease of application, longer lasting and brilliant finish that you are looking for in a polish are all in this sns dip powder. Each package includes 45 exciting colors of Nugenesis dipping powder. A purchase also qualifies the buyer a gift.

To see all the dipping powder colors included in the collection, you may want to visit this page. Nugenesis offers the most fashionable colors that are simple and quick to apply on the nails. They are also healthy alternatives to traditional acrylic and liquid gel nail coatings.

OPI dipping powder Master Kit

OPI dipping powder Master Kit


OPI dipping powder is an easy to use, quick drying, and odor-free acrylic alternative that provides a gel-like finish and up to six weeks of wear without breaking or flaking. The OPI Master Kit contains 24 colors of the OPI Powder Perfection, including the following:

OPI Pink & White: 3 colors

          001 Clear Color Set Powder

          L00 Alpine Snow

          S86 Bubble Bath

Liquids Kit 0.5oz:

         2 Gel Base 0.5oz

         2 Activator 0.5oz

         2 Gel top 0.5oz

The OPI Master Kit now sells for $660. You will save $117 when you buy now at the discounted price through this link.

Kiara Sky Dip Powder Starter Kit

Kiara Sky Dip Powder Starter Kit


This nail dipping powder starter kit offers a stronger, lightweight,  and naturally, longer lasting nail finish. It feels natural on the nails and does not damage the nail bed since applying this product does not require chipping or peeling. It is formulated without harmful chemicals, so it is safe to use. It contains complex bonds that keep the application for as several weeks and keeps the nail colors from chipping, discoloring and flaking.

This special dip powder professional nail package comes with everything required to create elegant French manicures or stunning full coverage overlays in less time than traditional acrylic enamel. This dipping powder kit sells on Amazon.

Nail Dipping Powder Kit

Nail Dipping Powder Kit


Here is another best seller when it comes to nail dipping powder systems. This nail dipping powder kit includes everything needed for fabulous looking nails that look like you have them done at a salon:

  • Nail Prep (15mL) needed to create that perfect surface for the gel application,
  • Gel Dip (15mL) the gel resin that bonds the powder to the nail surface and is also used as a gel top coat that leaves that glossy finish,
  • Gel Activator (15mL)  which is used to activate the gel resin and helps it dry almost instantly,
  • 1 oz. advanced crystal gel powder for the dipping base (easy to use on real nails compared with acrylic powder).
  • Three 1 oz. jars powder colors ( you get to pick your own color selections by sending a message to the seller after purchase),
  • 1 nail file, and  3-way buffer/sander for that perfectly shaped nails.

You also get step-by-step instructions (written and video) that take you through the gel nail powder application process from end to end. So easy, anyone can do it.

Of the products on this list, we found the dipping powder kit to be the most favored and we can see why. It is a complete package that can help even a non-professional user make professionally done nails in a jiffy. The package not only provides the product to do the application, but it also provides the step-by-step instructions in written and video formats (link to the video tutorial provided in the written instructional material), that will lead users through the gel nail powder application process from beginning to end.

This kit is surely the best buy. You can also check what customers think about their purchase of the product when you visit the seller’s page on Amazon

How does Dipping Powder Work?

To use the best nail dipping system, the adhesive (usually cyanoacrylate, commonly known as super glue), which acts as the base, is applied to the natural nail. Then, the wet nail is dipped into an acrylic powder or the polymer.

Usually, this step is repeated two to three times to ensure stronger bonding of the polymer to the base. An activator or a mani sealant is then applied to the powder to dry the glue and bond the powder to create a glossy finish. The nail color dries and hardens quickly. Finally, the nail is buffed to acquire the desired shape.

Dipping Powder is Safe?

Though many have found this nail color application quite interesting still, many cannot help themselves but voice out their concerns about the effect of the dipping powder on the users’ health. Powder dips are made of resin, activators, and finely milled acrylic powders which make them almost odorless. In addition to this, manufacturers have also found ways to infuse ingredients that make the power dips healthier. As the application does not require an acid-base primer, and no splitting, peeling, and lifting is necessary, dipping on powder color applications create less damage on the nails.

Unlike the gel polish, dipping powders dries off almost instantly. Finally, as the application lasts longer than gel polish, it lessens salon visits. In essence, with dipping powder, you get the same richness and gloss as that offered by gel polish, but it offers a longer lasting finish and an easier way to apply the colors on the nails.

Dipping Powder is Easy to Clean?

Removing nail colors from nail powder dips is a lot easier to remove than you think. All you need is a buffer or nail file, cotton balls, aluminum foil, and acetone nail polish remover.  First, file all of your nails. Then cover your them with pieces of cotton dipped in acetone polish remover and wrap around each of your fingernails.

Leave your nails covered for about 10-15 minutes. When the time has passed, check if your nail colors have already lifted from your nails. If there is some residue left, buff them off and wipe with cotton doused with acetone. Once done, you may need to apply some balm or cuticle oil on your fingernails to re-hydrate them.

Flaunting beautiful nails is now easier with the nail dipping powders available online. It is quicker to apply, requires lesser tools, and even easy to remove. You also don’t even have to worry about the health of your nails as dipping powders are specially formulated to include vitamins that will make your nails stronger and healthier for each use. If you want to try out one of these dipping powders, go ahead and bring your nail treatment to the next level. 

Already tried one of these dipping powders? How was your experience? We love to hear from you. Connect with us the comments’ section below. 

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