Top 5 Best OPI Dip Powder Reviews 2021

Top 5 Best OPI Dip Powder Reviews 2021

May 18, 2021

Color-coated nails that keep their color and luster for weeks are now possible with the dip powder system. However, not most are aware of how useful it is to have it as an alternative to the regular acrylics that women are used to coat the nails with. Most are familiar with regular nail polish that takes hours to do, but may just easily peel off or chip off due to hand washing or sudden pressure on the nails. Others may also know of the gel alternative, which lasts longer than acrylics, but requires exposure to UV or LED lights.

With the dipping powder, the process of having the nails coated takes a lot easier and is less time consuming. Nails done with a dipping powder are also more resilient to scratches, pressure, and won’t peel off even up to four weeks.

What Is Dipping Powder?

Well, the name practically describes how it is used. With the best nail dipping system, a base coat is first applied on the nails before the nails are dipped into a pigmented powder to coat the nails. The dip powder instantly hardens once a sealant is applied on top of each application of the powder dip. If the powder dip is correctly applied, it may stay clinging to the nails for up to four weeks. Although it takes longer to have to change a coating, application of the dip powder takes about half the time needed for a regular polish to do. Taking it off also requires shorter time than gel polish. As there is not a need to change coatings with a dipping powder more frequently than a regular and a gel polish, the nails grow healthier and remain undamaged longer.

There are many pigmented powder dips available in the market. One of those that offer the best results is OPI’s dipping powders. It’s a unique nail coating system that is DIY-friendly, easy to do, faster to dry, odor-free, and longer-lasting. With an OPI dip powder, one gets a gel-like shine and several weeks of wear. The application does not even need a UV or LED light curing as it dries instantly once a sealant or a top coat is applied over the pigmented powder dip coating.

How Does the OPI Dip Powder Work?

Nails look more attractive with different shades on them. OPI offers this powder coating in its Powder Perfection line. This unique coating system is available in 29 shades. From the lighter shades like Passion, Mod About You, and more, to the deeper shades like Lincoln Park after Dark, Black Onyx, and Malaga Wine. Color your nails with what pleases you. Let your personality show with any of the colors available for your choosing. Mix and match any of the colors of OPI dip powder to create a unique finish. With the wide range of colors available in OPI’s Powder Perfection line of powder coatings, the possibility is endless.

Is OPI Dip Powder Safer than Acrylic Gel?

More and more women are preferring OPI dip powder over gel and regular nail polish for the reasons already mentioned earlier. It is non-toxic, vitamin E and calcium-fortified requires no harmful primers as well as does not require LED or UV light to dry. As it is long lasting and retains its luster for up to four weeks, there is no need for frequent changes of nail coatings. As the powder coating dries almost instantly, the entire process takes much less time to complete compared with other nail coating processes. Taking off the coating is also quicker as it soaks off easier than other nail coatings. In all, OPI dip powder is the best option for a nail polish.

Intrigue how the OPI dip powder would look on those nails? You can buy one or more of these unique and interesting dip powder kits at DTK Nail Supply. Complete the set with the top and base coat or buy any of the OPI kits containing all the coats and powder pigment needed to have that astonishing powder finished nail coatings.

Here are five of the OPI dipping powder on you may want to try:

Pink and White Trio Kit

Pink and White Trio Kit


For a discounted price of $163.8, you get the following OPI products in one kit: a set of liquid coatings (1 Gel Base 0.5 oz, 1 Activator 0.5 oz, and 1 Gel top 0.5 oz), and three pigmented powder dips in 4.25 oz containers (Clear Color Set Powder L00, Bubble Bath S86, and Alpine Snow L00). Get the classic look without ever having to worry whether you will have a perfect finish anytime. With an OPI dipping powder kit, you get the gel-like finish in less time.

One of the OPI Premium Kits

One of the OPI Premium Kits


When you opt for this OPI Premium Kit, you get 2 liquid OPI products each in 0.5oz bottles (Gel Base, Activator, Gel top) and a set of OPI Colors each in 1.5 oz containers (Princess Rule R44, Got Myself into a Jam Balaya N57, You"re Such a Budapest, Geleto in My Mind V33, Big Apple Red N25, and Do you have this color in stock - holm N47).

You will also get the Clear & base - Pink & White in 4.25Oz (Clear Color Set Powder 4.25oz, Bubble Bath S86 4.25oz, and Alpine Snow L00 4.25oz). The set sells at $308 at the moment (original price is $363). Time to grab this deal while supply lasts.

OPI Matching

OPI Matching


If you are looking for one color that can fairly any outfit, style, and occasion, why not go for one of OPI’s Matching nail dip products like the T02 - Black Onyx. For less than $20, you will have fabulous looking nails that will look well with whatever you are wearing. It is basic black and basically fabulous!

OPI Liquid

OPI Liquid


If you opt to get one or more of the OPI liquid kits for the base and top coat, you can take advantage of the new OPI Powder Deals to complete the set, like the liquid kit that contains six bottles per kit for $48. That’s an instant 10% off the regular price. Make sure that your powder dip system is complete and will be done correctly with a couple of these liquid sets.

You can get either the OPI Base Coat Kit, containing 6 bottles of 6 Powder Perfections - Step 1 Base Coat, or the OPI Activator Kit, containing 6 Powder Perfections - Step 2 Activator.

OPI Color Kit

OPI Color Kit


For more colors to choose from, consider buying one of the OPI Color Kits like OPI Colors Kit 12. This kit contains consists of 12 OPI Dipping Powder Colors, namely:

Tiramisu For Two V28,

Mod About You B56,

Cajun Shrimp L64,

Rich Girls & Po Boy N61,

Spare Me a French Quarter N55,

Taupe Less Beach A61,

Humidi - Tea N52,

Purple Palazzo Pants V34,

Show us your tips N62,

Pink Flamenco E44,

The Thrill of Brazil A16,

Malaga Wine L87.

Color your nails bright with the lighter shades or OPI dipping powder or give your nails a more mystique appeal with the deep colors available on DTK Nail Supply for perfectly colored nails that will shine for weeks without smudging, breaking, or peeling off. Keep your nails healthier, your fingers looking stunning longer while saving with lesser trips to the salon or by just having your nails done at home. OPI powder dip is one of your best options when it comes to nail powder dips.