Best Pedicure Chairs For A Nail Salon Reviews 2021

Best Pedicure Chairs For A Nail Salon Reviews 2023

To have your clients’ nails done at your salon, they would need to spend at least a couple of hours. It would not be an ordeal if your client would be seated on a comfortable chair that will also allow them to maximize their use of time, even if your client is still waiting for her or his turn to be served, or are just catching up with friends via their favorite social media while waiting for their polish to dry. Note that for many clients spending time at a nail salon looks forward to more than just having perfectly polished nails, but having time to relax and have themselves pampered. Because of this, you need to make sure that they get the most of their time while in your salon will make them long to be there more frequent.

Types of Nail Salon Chairs

How do you find the best pedicure chairs for your nail station? First, we need to establish the functionality of these chairs as designed to be used in nail stations or salons. Many salon owners opt to have their salon chairs customized to fit their workspace as well as their clients’ needs. They install chairs for their staff, chairs for the waiting or lounge area or reception chairs, spa chairs, nail bar chairs or pedicure chairs.

Staff Chairs

These are the chairs that your staff may use while servicing for your clients. As Best Manicure Stool takes a while for them to finish a job, it should also be comfortable enough so best manicure stool they can provide an efficient service without sacrificing their health.

Reception Seating

The waiting area has to exude an inviting atmosphere, as well as allow your clients to seat restfully while waiting for their turn.

Pedicure Chairs

Modern pedicure makers have added features to make each client servicing more sanitized by designing pedicure chairs with a pipe-less jet system, a full-function massage system, disposable liners for foot basins needed for doing a foot spa, and so on.

Things To Keep In mind When Choosing Pedicure Chairs

The type and design of the chair that you choose along with your other salon furniture can make a huge difference in the quality of relaxation, comfort, as well as service that your client may have. Excellent quality nail salon chairs will give them something to look forward to during the day or the week. It may also be a deciding factor on how frequent they will visit your salon, so you really need to put some time to research, review, and decide which chairs you will have for your nail salon.

Manicure/ Pedicure Chair

As always, you need to consider the comfort that each furniture you add to your salon, including the manicure/pedicure chairs. Sellers carry both high end to low-end brands. To keep your nail services competitive you need to consider not only the quality of service you provide but also the comfort that your client will have while seated in your nail station chair. There are different sizes, prices, and functionality that every brand offer. Decide which best suits your space design, your budget, and, of course, the treatments that you would like to provide for your clients. You also want to consider the assembly time for each chair (if it has to be assembled within the area once purchased). Are you looking for chairs that recline, ones with disposable liners, chairs that offer a massage function, or chairs that are hydraulic, rotating or pneumatic? You may also consider the need to check on the maximum weight that the chair can hold.

Pedicure Chair with a Built It, Massager

There are pedicure chairs are designed with a built-in massage system. These chairs are large enough to bear the size and weight of your clients. Look for one that is sturdy enough and offers various modes of operation. Most chairs with a massager usually come with an adjustable (or removable) and reclining back. This feature allows your client to relax while they have their nails done or have their back or feet massaged. There are those that offer adjustable seats, which can be moved forward or backward. You also need to inspect the material from which the seats are made. There are certain fabric or leather that smells, so you need to be aware of the proper maintenance of a pedicure chair that you intend to purchase. Check the overall functionality, quality, and customer satisfaction based on other users will provide you with an idea whether it is the right brand and model for your nail salon.


Most of the clients that step in your salon would also want to have a relaxing foot spa. The foot bath is also needed to dip the feet of your client who need a pedicure to make removal of dead skin and cleaning nails easier. When deciding for a pedicure chair for your nail station, you need to consider these things. Do you want to have one with an automatic water supply or one that does not? Are you looking for a pedicure chair with a heating system or not? Do you want a foot bath with a vibration system or otherwise? Do you prefer having a pedicure chair which completely conceals the foot bath or would you rather have one with a separate foot bath? What materials will your foot bath be made of? Does the seller offer a warranty on the products purchased? Is the foot bath of the right size for your salon?

Arm or Hand Rest for a Manicure

When looking for the right footrest for your nail salon, you may also need to find a design that is designed with a manicure pedicure and best manicure table lamp. There are many salons that just add in customized throw pillow for this purpose. However, if you want to make your nail salon more professional-looking and attract more customers, you need to consider buying one that is not only more elegant-looking but will also serve this purpose. Like all other features already mentioned, you need to consider the material from which it is made, the functionality, as well as the overall look of the hand rest. Keep in mind that manicures take much time to finish, and if your clients find it uncomfortable while having their nails done, they will not think twice to look for another nail station where the service is more efficient and more competitively priced.

After a thorough research, we have come up with the best pedicure chairs that you may want to have in your salon to enhance the quality of your service and to attract more customers to your business space.

LCL Beauty Hydraulic Pedicure Chair

LCL Beauty Hydraulic Pedicure Chair


This pedicure chair designed with a stylish crosshatch stitching comes with a fully hydraulic lifting mechanism that makes it effortless to adjust the height of the seat up to 7“ more. It comes with a sturdy steel frame, a comfortable dense foam padded seat, as well as a footrest. It is also designed with a foot bath that has has a massage, bubble, and heat functions that each can be done by one of the three settings on it. The massage function of the foot bath can be used with or without water. It also comes with a free matching technician stool. It is still available on Amazon.

Icarus “Crest" Black Pedicure Foot Spa Station Chair

Icarus “Crest" Black Pedicure Foot Spa Station Chair


This pedicure is one of the most practical choices that will serve the basic functionalities of a pedicure chair, yet makes the client feel an air of elegance while seated in a fairly priced chair. It is designed with PVC vinyl upholstery wrapped around dense padding on its adjustable seat, back, and armrest. It is made for your client’s convenience and includes manicure bowls attached to each armrest, a table for foot baths, and an upholstered leg rest. It’s compact, adjustable, and made of solid construction.

Dina Meri Salon Spa Pedicure Station Stool with Footrest and Back Support

Dina Meri Salon Spa Pedicure Station Stool with Footrest and Back Support


Here is another competitively priced pedicure chair that will serve most of your clients’ nail treatment needs. The product comes in black color, however, there are 4 colors for the board to choose from: black, white, cherry and black marble. This chair is made of highly modified ABS plastic, which may not be as tough as a metal frame, but is scratch and smear resistant, and also economical. It is built with a luxury padded vinyl seat, an adjustable padded footrest, an adjustable backrest (in-out up-down), two trays, two side pockets with "tip-preventing" dividers, and a wire support for additional accessories and tools storage. This pedicure chair does not have an armrest and cannot be reclined, however.

Pibbs PS89 Amalfi Pedicure Chair

Pibbs PS89 Amalfi Pedicure Chair


This American-made pedicure chair offers a practical and comfortable seat with it's with a 6-function vibration massage system with remote control and a portable foot bath. It has a regular vibrating foot bath that can easily be cleaned before and after each use. Its luxury seat reclines to provide a more relaxing session for your client, and may also be retracted when not in use.

The pedicure chair measures 33 inches wide, about 16 inches from the floor to the chair seat, 57 inches long when fully opened, and 35 inches long when retracted. This pedicure chair sells at $1,580.00 with free shipping on Amazon. Another version of this brand the PS93 is also available on the same platform but offered for a couple more thousands each. This model comes with a plumb-free foot bath which features dual heating elements, superior vibration, as well as disposable, ultra-hygienic liners that helps cleaning up easier.

Tan and Gold Pedicure Spa Massage Chair

Tan and Gold Pedicure Spa Massage Chair


This elegantly made pedicure system incorporates pipeless jet technology to provide a soothing water massage for your clients. It is designed with two wooden side trays that make every pedicure session easier to manage. Seven different colors flash to illuminate the pedicure station during each nail treatment. It also comes with an adjustable footrest and tapping, rolling, and kneading massage cushions for a more relaxing session anytime.

Your choice of pedicure chairs will contribute to the overall efficiency and quality of service your staff will provide to your clients. It will also enhance the atmosphere within your business space. In deciding which would best suit your need, you need to consider the functionality, the design, the material, and the price for the chairs that you will place in your nail salon to address your clients’ requirements and also to make your workspace more inviting. In this post, we presented five pedicure chairs that we recommend as they prove to be the most accepted based on customer reviews.

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