How to Make Thick Nail Polish Dry Faster?

How to Make Thick Nail Polish Dry Faster?

Wet nail polish can be irritating. So, would you love to know some electrifying solutions to make your thick nail polish dry quickly? So let us discuss some exciting ways to dry nail polish. Don't worry. We will not discuss the time-tested method of curing nail polish under a UV lamp because everyone knows it. Therefore, here are some innovative ideas that can do a fantastic job of drying nail polish quickly.

How to Make Thick Nail Polish Dry Faster?


We shall start with some ideas you can do to prevent getting thick nail polish on your nails. So, the best way to dry the thick nail polish faster is to avoid having thick nail polish.

Ways to Make Thick Nail Polish Dry Faster

Be wise with your color choice

How to Make Thick Nail Polish Dry Faster?


Do you know that dark colors take more time to dry than lighter hues? So, if you have less time, go for lighter shades. First, the metallic hues are the best because they dry quickly with fewer coats. Secondly, choosing light colors means you make fewer mistakes.

Increase the time interval between two successive coats

A nail manicure requires you to have much patience. But patience is a rare virtue today. However, it is better to allow your existing nail polish coats to dry before you apply the subsequent coat. Therefore, increasing the interval between successive coats can help avoid getting thick nail polish. Besides, waiting two to five minutes between two coats prevents bubble formation.

Despite that, if you have a thick nail polish coat, here are some excellent ways to dry it faster.

Use a hair dryer

How to Make Thick Nail Polish Dry Faster?


You must have visited a nail salon for your manicure. How do they dry nail polish? Do they not use a blower fan? Similarly, you can dry your nail polish using a table fan. Alternatively, a blow dryer like the hair drying machine can do a fantastic job drying your nail polish. The best part is that you can use the cool settings on your hair dryer to dry your nail polish. It prevents bubble formation and melts the nail polish. But please keep it at a distance because it can disturb the nail polish and dry the areas around the cuticle.

Cold water is an excellent remedy

How to Make Thick Nail Polish Dry Faster?


Are you surprised that cold water can dry your nail polish faster? Yes. It can because it is a very old trick. Dipping your hands in cold water can dry your thick nail polish. However, we suggest you fill a bowl with ice cubes before painting your nails. The ice cubes will melt when you finish the manicure, and the water will be at the perfect temperature for drying your nail polish. So, dip your nails in cold water once you are through with your manicure. Your nail polish will become dry in no time.

Your freezer can do a similar job

If cold water can dry your nails, your freezer should be able to do it too. The freezer is full of cold air. So, it can perform the same job that cold water does. So you can put your hands inside the freezer for two minutes to let the cold air dry your nail polish. But we know your hands would be freezing. So, do not use this process for more than two minutes. This procedure will dry the top layer of the polish quickly.

Fast-drying topcoat is an excellent alternative


Why do dip manicures dry immediately without requiring a UV lamp to cure the topcoat layer? First, dip manicures have a quick-dry topcoat that dries within one or two minutes. So you can add a few drops of quick-dry topcoat and brush it gently over the nail polish. The exciting aspect is that your nail polish does not dissolve in this solution. But it dries quickly. Secondly, the topcoat layer gives a glossy finish to your nails and makes them look attractive.

Olive oil can work wonders

How to Make Thick Nail Polish Dry Faster?


Sometimes, old tricks work well. We have seen it with cold water. Similarly, olive oil, or even baby oil, can be excellent for drying your nail polish coats. A few drops of oil should dry your nail polish in a minute or two. The best part is that the oil does not stick to or smudge your nail polish. You can leave the oil for a few minutes and rub it with a dry towel. You can feel your nails now. They would be tacky and dry.

Have you tried hairspray?

How to Make Thick Nail Polish Dry Faster?


Hairsprays are excellent for drying your hair. But do you know they can dry your nails quickly? Buy a decent hair spray from the nearby store and try it on your nail polish. It is one of the quickest ways to dry your nail polish. However, there is a significant drawback. The hair spray dries the topmost layer of your nail polish, but the layers below remain as they are. So, this mode is effective only if the topmost layer is the only wet layer on your nails.

Fast-drying nail polish is handy

How to Make Thick Nail Polish Dry Faster?


The heading says it all. Fast-drying nail polish is the best solution to dry your nail polish faster. Various quality brands are available on the market. You can paint your nails with these products and see the layers drying before you apply the next one. However, we advise you to close the nail polish bottle tightly. Otherwise, the polish will dry inside the bottle, making it unusable.

Drying drops are good alternatives

How to Make Thick Nail Polish Dry Faster?


Drying drops are available at almost every cosmetics store. Have a couple of bottles handy inside your manicure kit. They are excellent for drying your nail polish quickly. Besides, these drops can condition your cuticles and hydrate them. But these drops do not penetrate your nail polish layers. So they dry the top layers alone.

Final Thoughts

We have discussed ten exciting alternatives to dry your thick nail polish faster. However, we state that the best way to dry thick nail polish is to avoid getting them thick. Instead, it is best to apply thin layers and see that they dry properly before you apply the subsequent layers.

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