How to Mantain Dip Nail Manicure

How to Mantain Dip Nail Manicure?

Dipping nail powder is one of the ways to make nails that many women love and choose. This service is very popular today and it is available at almost nail salons. If you are interested in nail powder dipping service, this article will help you find out the most complete way and we will also show you how to care dip nails.

Nail Powder Dipping Service

How to Mantain Dip Nail Manicure


In the past few years, nail services have appeared and have been supplemented with many beauty methods, in which nail powder dipping service brings many unexpected benefits. This is the reasons why so many kinds of dipping powder lines are launched and give customers a lot of options.

When choosing the method of dipping nail powder at the nail salons, the nail technician will directly perform the technique to create a rough surface on the nail and then dip the layers of paint on top of each other to form a powder nail.

The main components of the dipping powder compound are the monomer liquid and the polymer powder layer. Helping customers have a variety of choices about nail beauty styles, hiding nail flaws and creating a unique look on their hands.

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The Process of Performing Nail Powder Dipping Service

How to Mantain Dip Nail Manicure


To create this set of nails is not easy, if you do it yourself at home, it can cause the nails to break and seriously hurt. Therefore, customers should choose to perform nail powder dipping service at Beauty World.

Here the technician will follow the most accurate and perfect process:

  • Remove old paint and trim nails
  • File the nail, remove the skin around the nail (the corner of the nail)
  • Use a sander to clean the nail surface
  • Because the nail and file create a more even shape for the nail
  • Dip the dough (usually customers will be de-oiled, powdered and dried)
  • Use a specialized grinder to smooth the freshly dipped powder layer
  • File the nail again, then smooth the surface of the powder
  • Styling according to customer needs

Advantages of the service

Protect nails from the effects of chemicals

When performing nail powder dipping service, the nail surface will be covered with a layer of powder. Thanks to this powder layer, it protects the nail and limits the impact of chemicals.

From there, customers will not need to worry about nail damage after performing beauty treatments with color chemicals.

Dipping powder helps maintain stronger nails

When choosing and using a good kind of dipping powder color, customers have the opportunity to experience a good time of manicuare and absolutely get the expected results. Most nail dip powder products are added with vitamin E, calcium and other essential active ingredients to help regenerate and nourish strong nails.

Thanks to these ingredients in the process of making nails, customers' nails will be guaranteed, minimizing chipping or breaking due to chemical exposure.

Easy to use and quickly to do

The execution time of any method depends on the skill of the technician, but in general this dip powder manicures only take you about 60-90 minutes to complete.

Long-lasting color retention and maintenance

Unlike other traditional nail polish methods that can only last from 7 to 10 days. Dipping powder nails can be up to 21-30 days. This allows customers to comfortably enjoy the beauty machine without worrying too much about the dipping powder layer that can peel and break.

Easy to clean

Customers can choose nail powder dipping method if concerned about difficult cleaning. With just basic tools, you can completely remove the pigment on your nails without too much trouble.

Nail Care Instructions after Dipping Nail Powder!

How to Mantain Dip Nail Manicure


If you have chosen to perform dipping powder nail, the technician will guide you on how to care after the service to own the most beautiful side nails:

The moisture will help your nails recover after a manicure, which will take away a lot of the nail's natural moisture. You can buy nail moisturizer at the cosmetic or the nail supply store.

Besides, exfoliating the hands, wrists and arms with specialized exfoliating products also helps to add moisture; Makes the skin around the nails softer and stronger.

Specifically 1 day from the time of dipping the nail powder, you should limit direct contact of the nail with water. If necessary, gloves can be used to protect the dipping powder on the hand part.

Do not contact with harsh cleaning chemicals as well as prolonged exposure to water to ensure the durability and brightness of the colors.

Use nail care products

Use nail care products



After doing dipping powder nails, you should find out and choose some kinds of nail care products to take care of your nails.

Besides moisturizer, using specialized exfoliating products for the wrists, arms and hands is also a way to add moisture to the skin around the nails, making them softer and stronger.

Soak your nails once a week with warm milk

Once a week, soak your nails in warm milk. Milk will whiten your nails, remove color residue. It will also strengthen your nails as they absorb the nutrients from the milk.

Use keratin gloves for nail care

Use keratin gloves for nail care



Keratin gloves are an excellent means of strengthening nails after a manicure. Use gloves for the time recommended on the package. You can wear gloves during leisurely activities like reading and watching television.

This is the component that makes up the horny layer of the nail or the outer covering of the hair. It has the function of making nails stronger, protecting nails from breaking when impacted from outside.

Final Thought

Remember to pay attention after washing your hands, dry your nails and apply a sufficient amount of moisturizer on your nails. Always remember to apply moisturizer every day and maybe even on the surrounding skin. Besides, you should also find and use products containing peptides that will help moisturize well and make nails stronger.

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