LDS Gel Base & Top - 0.5 oz

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LDS Base Gel is a universal adhesion promoter, flexible and soak-off gel polish; this gel polish creates a great surface for your gel colors to bond with and prevents your gel nails from peeling.

LDS Diamond Top gel polish not only does it help prevent premature chips and scratches, but a good quality gel top coat also helps bring out the vibrancy of your nail designs.

  • No need to wipe after cured.
  • Long-lasting for 21+ days with a proper application.
  • Only one layer is needed to apply.

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Ask a Question
  • Can I use regular polish in between the base and top coat?


    I’m not recommended but it still works with regular polish.

  • What color is this top gel?

    The top gel is clear.

  • Do it need the led light to cure?

    Yes. It is necessary. Top and base is in gel. This kind of product can be keep longer and shinier after LED lamp curing.

  • What is this brand and what is the quality?

    I’ve tried this product. For me, it was pretty good!!! It was easy to work with and lasted so long. I was really satisfied with its great price.

  • How long can the top gel effect last?

    I have used it for 3 weeks and it is still shiny. Really really pleased with that.

  • Is there a chemical difference between the top coat and the base coat?

    Yes. The chemical is different. The base gel is not supposed to dry. It's like sticky double-sided tape. It holds the color to the nail. The top coat seals it. You still have to use the nail lamp to cure each layer, but don't expect your nails to be done (not sticky) until the top coat is applied.

  • Can I use this product with different brands of regular gel polish and thermal polish?

    Yes. You can use it with other brands. It is easy to work with all stuffs

  • Can I use any regular polish as long as you use the gel base and coat? Or do I have to also use gel nail polish?

    Yes. You can use any gel base or top coat with regular polish but it won't last nearly as long as gel nail polish. I recomment using these product with gel nail polish, you will get the best result!!!

  • Can I use a DND gel polish with this base and top gel?

    Yes. I used this kind of base and top gel with the other brands of gel polish. It was still very good and good looking when i finished. After that, i tried it full set of LDS. Absolutely love it!!! The result was as what i wanted. So beautiful and long-lasting.

  • Can I use these products with a regular nail polish?


    You can use any gel base or top coat with regular polish however you still need to cure it with the UV led. But it won't last nearly as long as gel color lasts though, so I don't highly recommend using it with the regular nail polish.