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The 15 Best French Manicure Ideas for 2021

French manicure is probably the most classic nail design that have stood the test of time. The term French manicure was first coined back in 1978 and since then it has always been the go to nail art of almost every woman. The classic white tip on a flesh-toned nails is now getting a twist and more reasons to love it. Here are 15 of the best French manicure ideas that you can try this 2021 and they will surely take your manicure to the next level.

1. Yellow-Tipped French Manicure

The main reason to changing from the classic white to a different color is to add some fun in the manicure and there is no better way to do it than to try a funky yellow nail polish that spells fun in all aspect. This pop of color from the conventional white tip is anything but boring.

2. Pink Nails with French Manicure

For the girly and feminine ones who can’t leave their love for pink nails behind, here’s a French manicure for you. Using your favorite shade of pink polish as base then the classic white as tip. The elegant look of pink base coat and the delicate white tips is perfect for any outfit. If you want to give this look a more elegant touch, you can create a perfect crescent frame on the nail.

3. Golden Glitter Glam French Nails

A touch of gold will surely add a new spin to the classic French manicure. Paint the nails with a coat of blush pink that matches your skin tone and use a thick coat of gold glitter on the tip will complete the look. Add more drama to the look by gradually tapping the gold toward the middle of the nail.

4. Colorful French Manicure

Looking for ways to up the fun level of your French manicure? Why not try to paint each nail with different colors as tips and you’ll surely get that colorful vibe that will surely resonate. This look is perfect for the summer and spring and it will surely look good all year round too.

5. Pastel Colored French Nail Tips

Following the same principle as the colorful French manicure but this time instead of using vibrant colors opt for pastel shades and you have an entirely different look in no time. Add some glitters at the tip for a more cute effect.

6.  Angled French Manicure

Give your nail a complete spin by going on for an angled swoop instead of the classic straight-across line. You can either use one color or use two at the same time for added twist.

7. Embellished Pink and Gold French Nails

If you are tired of wearing the same pink and white French mani maybe it’s time to take it to a new level. Accentuate your nails little beads of silver and you now have a subtle nail art that will compliment your jewelry.

8. Bejeweled French Manicure

Sometimes a few is not enough to make your nails shine. The good thing about nail accessories is that you can do anything your heart desires. You can either go for a few bling or go all out.

9.  Two Unexpected Colors French Manicure

Just the title of the nail art sounds absurd but tell you want, it was not bad like this one.

10. Neon Colors on French Manicure

The neon nail polish is making a huge trend this year as it is no longer considered a summer trend but it can also be worn year-round like this nail art idea.

11.  Nail Art French Manicure

This look has tons of different options to try out. Adding nail art on a beautifully painted French nail is cute alone but leaving one nail solely for a nail art is an interesting break from the classic French manicure.

12.  Reverse French Manicure

Instead of putting the accent on the tip of the nail, why not try it the other way around? For a cute reverse French manicure, paint a half moon shape at the bases of the nail instead of the tips.

13. Iridescent French Manicure

Iridescent nail polishes are also a big thing this 2021 and using it on a French manicure is a good idea. This looks like a simple design on the surface, but a great deal of skill would be needed to get it right. This long nail design is squared off at the tips.

14. Metallic French Manicure

If you’ve tried iridescent it’s also fair to try metallic. An edgy metallic tips will level up the cool factor of your French manicure.

15.  Ombre French Nails

Ombre hair is so hard to resist what more on nails? This twist on the traditional French tip nails matches up the latest trend.

French manicure is not only a bridal favorite nail art, it is a nail art for everyone. Regardless if your nails are long or short there is always a style for you. The classic nail art is coming back with a funkier and bolder style that will suit any skin tone and nail shape.



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